About Us

Meet Penny's Personal Touch

I  started Penny’s Personal Touch in 1996.  It seemed to me that finding an Austin Home Cleaning service that cleaned beyond the surface with a trustworthy reliable approach was hard to find in a company. Once you found an Austin Maid Cleaning service that was up to your standards, their pricing didn’t match the quality of work performed consistently.



I researched my competition before going into business for myself in 1996 to understand the customer and to also understand the staff and what they would have to deal with on a daily basis. I personalized the experience on both ends and created Austin’s personalized Home Cleaning Service.


As for our staff…


We hire self motivated, trustworthy, non-smoking, dependable staff that go through a thorough background check and detailed training before servicing homes.


We pay our staff a higher than average hourly wage and they value their jobs as much as our clients value their homes.

Do We Serve Your Neighborhood?

Penny’s Personal Touch has been providing trustworthy, dependable, and affordable cleaning services in Austin, TX, as well as its surrounding areas since 1996. Check out the map below to find out if we serve you.

Austin, TX

Round Rock, TX

Cedar Park, TX

Spanish Oaks

The Hills of Lakeway

Hudson Bend

Avery Ranch

Downtown Austin


Pemberton Heights


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