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Most people would assume the bathroom and kitchen are the two areas that need to be spring cleaned because they get the most use.  Well, believe it or not the two areas in your home that need the most spring cleaning attention are hidden – but used daily.  They hide products we use for daily regimens and store dangerous outdated items that could do more damage staying stored than good.  Have you guessed the two areas that need your spring cleaning attention yet?

The Pantry

The pantry is everyone’s go to source in the house! But if you look waaaaay in the back I am sure you have a can of condensed milk that you bought for a few Thanksgiving’s ago.  Sometimes it can take longer to clean a pantry out than the ENTIRE HOUSE!  

The first thing that needs to get out of your pantry is your trash can!  Imagine if you walked into your local grocery store to grab some boxed macaroni and it was stored above a trash can? Would you buy it?  I didn’t think so.  You see…no matter how enclosed the trash can is, it can attract bugs.  To add to the disgusting factor if it is stored in an enclosed area whatever is inside is given a few extra degrees to build mold and an odor.  So now your pantry will hold the smell of trash and cereal all mixed in one.  Ew!

Start shelf by shelf…Week by week or day by day….Don’t overwhelm yourself!  Take items down, wipe and disinfect the storage areas, and regroup items by the same variety. Don’t forget the storage of the bottom of the pantry is the most important.  Things get lost back there and die!

When in doubt go to the Pros….The Container Store has some great storage ideas for pantries of any size.

It may be a great time to recycle those grocery store plastic bags in your local store’s recycle drop off can during your next grocery stop.  I’m sure you have at least 10 stuffed in your pantry.  If you can’t find a way to reuse them, then recycle them and get them out of your way!

The Bathroom Closet/Drawer

We can clean our bathrooms to disinfect them every day but spring cleaning is about removing all of the unused items of seasons passed.  Let’s open those bathroom cabinets and drawers… 

Here’s some advice from Denise Bell of Denise Bell Skin Care.Get your products in order.  Nothing is more frustrating than rummaging through a drawer of incorrect, half-empty, and/or expired products. Twice a year take stock of what your have and get rid of what
you don’t need. 

I’ve seen mountains of products in clients’ homes and all it does is stress them out. Get your area organized with the products you need and nothing else.  Having the correct products right at hand makes your routine easy. Then, there’s nothing to think about. You just do it.


If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can schedule a consultation with Denise at your 
home to personally go through your skin care products and needs with you.


Penny’s Personal Touch Services can recycle and clean out those now cleared out areas.  You will be organized and we will get everything sparkling clean for you!  How wonderful does that sound?

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