Got a stained coffee cup?

Coffee is kind of like an on-again/off-again boyfriend with me.  We tend to break up in the spring and make up again in the fall…weather related relationship issues, I guess.  But no matter what the season, my coffee cups and pots always seem to get that nasty stain of the sitting coffee mark.  I call it the “6, 10, and empty syndrome.” 

At 6 am I pour a cup and then I get sidetracked.  Later, that same cup of 6 am coffee gets warmed up at 10 am.  The sitting of the coffee in the cup and the reheating causes a yucky stain that the dishwasher does not seem to understand how to scrub out. I think the heat from the dishwasher makes the stain set in more.  But, what do you do if that is your favorite coffee cup?  You know the one…your child painted it in kindergarten, or you got it as a souvenir on a wonderful vacation, or it says some cute saying that reminds everyone to stay away until you’ve had your much needed caffeine.

We need to tell you about two ingredients to remove stains with no harsh chemicals involved.  And here is the best probably already have the two ingredients in your home right now!  Convenient and easy…doesn’t get much better than that!  So, please keep reading…

The Only 2 Ingredients You Need To Clean Coffee Stains

So what are these two wonderful ingredients you ask?  Drum roll please…
white distilled vinegar+ baking soda
These two ingredients should be named the “Jack & Jill Cleaning Team.”  They are not harsh and they complement each other in many cleaning processes.

So, here is what you should do to save that favorite mug or your coffee pot…pour 1/4 baking soda in the cup or pot and fill the remainder with white distilled vinegar. 

Bubbles will overflow from this dynamic duo cleaning reaction, but those bubbles are scrubbing the stains away. You can choose to let the mixture set for an hour or more depending on your stains.

If your coffee pot has years of built in stains, you may want to try using less vinegar and just make a paste with the two ingredients.  This will make a non-abrasive solution to scrub the stains away effortlessly.LET US KEEP STAINS OFF EVERYTHING IN YOUR HOME!

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See…wasn’t that easy?  Who knew 2 simple ingredients that you probably already had could do so much? We did!  And, now you do too.  We all have that favorite coffee cup that even if the handle breaks we still use it.  So why not use an easy way like this to care for it?  This will allow for many future reheating coffee days!

And we want to send a big “Cheers” to Austin Monthly magazine and their February issue updating us on many local Austin coffee hot spots.  If you don’t want to scrub a coffee pot or cup, please check out page 69 in the February issue for a new place to go.  We would love to hear from you as to your favorite coffee hangout in the Austin, Texas area.

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