3 common hardwood floor cleaning mistakes

For some reason we associate shiny to….clean. Have you ever seen a woman with too much highlighter/contour and wonder why did she do that? That’s what I think when I see glossy wood floors.

How Often Should I Clean My Wood Floors?

Did you know that when you’re cleaning your wood floors you are not actualy cleaning the wood? ? Most wood floors have a chemical finish on them that acts as a protective layer on the wood. So wiping a spill quickly rather than waiting till you pull the mop system out is imperative to keeping the finish shiny. Vacuuming wood floors weekly rather than sweeping removes the dirt and debris from the cracks of the wood.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Mistakes

The only time you want to opt for shiny wood floors is when a company is reapplying the protective coat on them.
1. Stay away from oil based floor cleaners – oil attracts and traps dirt.
2. Stay away from cleaners promising a gloss or shine – you will have to remove the build up like nail polish on your nails over time.
3. Don’t ever use Vinegar even if it is diluted! Vinegar is an acid so it will break down the finish on the floors. Vinegar can cause floors to look dull.


Personal Confession

I’ve learned a lot of lessons over 23 years while providing House Cleaning Services In Austin and surrounding areas.
I’ve used diluted vinegar and seen floors dull over time while providing housekeeping in Round Rock.
I opted for shiny cleaners in the cleaning aisle and saw a build up form that we couldn’t mop off while providing maid services in Lakeway. ? Recently we removed a rug while providing maid services in Spanish Oaks and realized one of the fur babies was peeing constantly on it. When the rug was moved we found a dark stain on the wood. I realized that the chemical in the pee reacted to the wood floor finish ? and soaked all the way to the wood. Lesson learned to search for our fur babies pee spots and clean it with a Ph neutral cleaner quickly.
So my lessons were costly over 23 years but we’ve come to understand surfaces and that every All Purpose Cleaner isn’t meant for every surface.