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The Kids are out of school and most are out of work but let’s not only enjoy this day off but understand and teach our children why it is a holiday.  History is taught in schools but rarely at home and I do believe the more we teach our children the definition behind the holidays the more they will understand it’s just not a day off. Let’s keep it simple and break it down to 3 Reasons why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is more than a day off of work and school.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January.  It is a day to celebrate the achievements and life of Martin Luther King Jr.,  He began many campaigns to end racial segregation on public transportation and for the overall racial equality of the United States.  He was so much more than his I Have A Dream Speech.  He was a man of action that wanted and strived to make his Dream a Reality.  Unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to see that his efforts were a part of the starting point of a major change in The United States. However his efforts were not void and the Dream became a reality!  Start the day off by giving your children an overview of your opinions on how you recognize his efforts and what they have done for our society.  Show them what our schools and cities could possibly be like if he didn’t make a stand and then teach them to recognize how his efforts did make a difference in how we all live.  No matter what race we are Martin Luther King Jr. made efforts that changed all of our lives.

Now that we have recognized his goals and achievements lets celebrate the now equal rights of all Americans.  In most cities there are parades and marches  which have encouraged the communities to come together and acknowledge and respect  those that have marched for equality before us. Some lost their lives, dealt with humiliating behaviors, all just because they wanted to help make a change with Martin Luther King, Jr. for the better of their lives.  We have to come together to make a difference in anything we want our communities to agree on in order to see a change.  This is definitely a day to come together to celebrate and also address where we can today make a difference together united in our own communities

Make a Change
Martin Luther King, Jr. made a difference as one man standing firm on his beliefs.  I believe we all have an “I Have a Dream” speech in us but it takes an organized approach to make those dreams a reality.  One person raising their voice on an issue that we all know needs to have some change is a start.  One of Martin Luther King, Jr. first organized approaches was against the bus transportation system.  This Boycott was a non violent raising their voices approach called the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Teach your children and families today about the struggles that were addressed on this boycott. Our children need to understand why even today it’s important to non violently speak up and make an organized approach to making a better environment within their schools and lives.  Setting a goal in making small changes is a start.  Where will you start today?