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We can all agree with the phrase “I deal with shit 💩 at work all day so that’s the last thing I wanna deal with when coming home 🏡 !” Well the shit 💩 you …..constantly bring in your home 🏡 adds up, and until you clear it out you’re going to feel clogged eventually 😳. Now let’s get the plunger of life going with three steps.


IN THE CLOSET: You’ve been in a “I’m gonna go to the gym” thing every🙄 Monday for the last year.🔜 If it isn’t a size under or a size over TOSS THAT SHIT🎯 The thought of going through everything is overwhelming so just give yourself a commercial break time out. ⌚️ 1 bag for each closet in 5 minutes. If you can fill the bag in 5 minutes of unused shit then you have unclogged a part of your personal life✅ to make you happier. 🍾
UNDER THE SINK: If it doesn’t fit ✖️in a handy cleaning caddy that can be moved from room to room with ALL cleaning supplies inside TOSS THAT SHIT 🎯Cleaning solutions expire!🔚 Keep it simple.
Maybe it’s Maybelline or maybe it’s EXPIRED!💊💄💅 If you don’t know when you bought it TOSS THAT SHIT🎯
IN THE KITCHEN: I mean how many coffee cups ☕️does one mouth 👄 need. Grab a box 📦 and give yourself 10 minutes ⌚️to open and remove unused items. ✅Don’t stop…. remove that shit all the way to your car. 🚗 🎯You know it’s just going to sit in the box if it’s not removed all the way. TOSS THAT SHIT 🎯

Our 🥅 goal while providing Maid services in Austin is to provide ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Star Hotel Like services. We find the inside scoop on your favorite hotels and bring that service to your home. Think of the feeling of a hotel like Fairmont Austin. You walk into a VISUAL feeling of clean first. Then the scent of clean hits you followed by the touch of clean.
​You too can have that feeling at home but it first starts with removing the shit to uncover the happiness!