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When you’ve cleaned your bathroom and it still smells like urine I can guarantee that you haven’t cleaned at least one of these places. We all know the phrase that men sprinkle when ….they tinkle so let’s start with the toilet.

🚽 The Toilet (thoroughly)

We all should have a toilet brush to clean the inside bowl of the toilet but what about the places that the urine drips on and around? The outside of the bowl has two fasteners that hold the toilet to the ground. Remove and clean around them.
Also note 📝 the sides and the back. This is pretty much a hands and knee job because we rarely are around the toilet on our hands and knee unless we are in a 😷 sick situation.

The Toilet Seal

The sealant in our shower 🚿 is the same as the sealant on the toilet. 💧 Water in the shower drops down and settled in the sealant and you eventually have to recaulk. The same goes for the 🚽 toilet sealant. Urine drops down from the use of the 🚽 toilet and settles in the caulking sealant. Try the method of sprinkling baking soda all around the sealer. Then spray it with white distilled vinegar ( every floor cannot take the acidity of vinegar so you may have to reseal it instead) let the baking soda and white distilled vinegar bubble as it eats away the odor and wipe away. It’s best to leave it at least overnight to let it seap into where the urine was hiding.

The Shower Curtain

Looking at the positioning of your shower 🚿 curtain and toilet this part is pretty much self explanatory. We 🤔 think to change our inside shower curtain liner because we can see the mold build up on it while we shower. The outside shower curtain usually has a decorative design and hides the sprinkles of urine. Wash it once a month on cold and just hang it back up to air dry. Or dry clean it if it is decorative.

The Trash Can

Trash 🗑 stinks and this is where trash goes, but this is also an area usually close to the toilet that gets sprinkled on by urine. Clean it out monthly not only on the inside but the outside. Having trash liners helps keep this cleaning process to a minimum.

The Grout

When I checked into my hotel 🏨 in Austin recently, the smell of urine was very strong in the bathroom. The bathroom appeared to have been freshly cleaned until I looked 👀 st the grout around the toilet. A simple mopping won’t get this clean. We recommend utilizing a floor cleaning specialist to thoroughly clean what the mop can’t.