Two glasses a wine while downtown Austin is in the background

Imagine walking into your favorite hotel suite that’s freshly prepared for your arrival. They’ve thought of everything, and maybe even personalized some things for your stay.
This whole set up that you’ve walked into, sets the mood.
The sight, the scent, the luxurious feeling of the bedding, and personal touches have been made to create a memorable experience for you to come back again, and again.
You can quickly do this in your own bedroom for yourself, your significant other, or the both of you.
The goal is to make it memorable and personal, so let’s dive into the personal touch.


Forget the cleaning for a minute, I know it’s weird for me to say that since I own an Austin Home Cleaning Service, but trust me on this. The task of clearing is going to be more important in the bedroom than the sweat of cleaning the baseboards.
Clear the entire bed ✅
Clear the nightstands✅
Even if you get a box or container and stuff that crap in there to set the mood of a clear non distraction area ready for play, I promise the baseboards and blinds can wait.
A quick lightbulb change can also help in this task.
Changing your bulbs to a softer tone or even taking a few out can help for when the lights actually have to go on after the experience.


Everyone always thinks sheets have to be soft. Well let’s talk about the mattress.
Flip it! Yes, flip that mattress at least every 6 months for even wear.
If you don’t have a new set of sheets, the feeling of not laying in the same indentations on the bed can make a huge difference before you even consider what sheets you’re dressing the bed in.


Instead of adding a fabric softener or dryer sheets to your sheets, add white distilled vinegar and baking soda instead.
It’s time to strip the sheets of the build up of laundry soaps, body oils and more.
​They will look brighter and feel lighter.
Check your duvet covers and comforters too. Some are machine washable and could use a shaking in the washing machine or dryer to feel softer.


Now this gets real personal.
Scents have a lot to do with arousal.
Don’t overdo it here.
That’s why I suggested washing the sheets with items that removed build up of scents and soaps.
I like to switch in between these two options for scents for my blankets if needed.
The Laundress and Le Labo signature Santal 33 detergent is a nice sexy lingering scent that is known for sensual arousal.
If I’m not adding scent to my blankets I’m going for the option of candles to set the mood.
Again I’m going with Le labo but the calzone 17 for a light fresh scent.


Less is always more. It’s more about the personal touch than the abundance of pillows on the bed, sheet thread count, and roses. A simple personal touch in your bedroom ambiance can make a big difference.