4 unsexy pillow talk facts you need to know

There’s nothing sexy about this pillow talk but it could save you from being sick. While no one has timeOr cares to take their pillow to a microbiologist, sicknesses usually creep up on us and make us make time for ourselves.

Most of us are so attached to our pillows and how we think our sleeping has personalized them that we are forgetting one thing. Our sleeping 5-8 hours on the same pillow for more than two years can build more than a comfy relationship. It can build a nesting ground of sweat, organic matter, bacteria mold, and dust mites.

Why Do Pillows Have Yellowish Stains?

If you’ve ever lied down with wet hair, had a sweaty night in bed or noticed your nighttime facial cream on your pillowcase then you should be washing your pillow at least twice a year (depending on the type of insert the pillow is made of)
We wash our sheets and pillowcases, but as you can tell from a mattress without a mattress cover, things seep past the sheets. So just imagine what’s seeped past your pillowcase? Bacteria and Mold grow in moist places. Our body heat on a soft surface for at least a few hours creates a very moist place. Then it’s covered and sealed by a pillowcase.

Why Does My Pillow Smell Moldy?

Have you ever taken a spare pillow out of a closet in a hotel and it just didn’t smell fresh? That would never happen at www.1hotels.com Closets can be hot boxes if not left open for air to come through. If you are storing pillows then I suggest always having them in a sealed bag with a dryer sheet.

Can My Pillow Make My Allergies Worse?

Unsealed Pillow Case equals a dust mites party central. Dust mites eat flakes of human skin and love humid conditions. If your room gets dusty, then can you imagine where the dust is settling in your soft pillow? Then you add the sweat, and non-washing and 💥 bam. Dust mites!
I suggest covering every pillow with a pillow protector. I like Suregaurd Protectors which can be purchased on Amazon. This will save you the time of having to wash your pillows and the stress of possibly getting sick from what’s sleeping in your pillows.

How Often Should I Replace My Pillows?

Pillows should always be replaced every two years, especially if they don’t have pillow protectors on them.

While providing cleaning services in Austin,TX we have noticed that most homes have about 3-4 beds. We recently did a poll on our Austin Instagram Story to see how many pillows most people had on their beds. The average pillows in Austin Homes were 5-10.
We see many different pillows, and and leave our client’s personal touch notes when we notice certain things that could harm their health. Austin’s allergies are a complete year-round struggle for most of us. Taking the time to understand, while providing home cleaning services in Austin that dirt isn’t always visible is part of our detail cleaning.