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Every household has certain areas that seem to remain messy and unorganized.  Yes…that’s right, the clutter you have been trying to hide, thinking that you were the only one who needed better time management skills to organize everything…no, that’s everyone.

We at Penny’s Personal Touch Services clean and help organize a lot of homes and commercial properties.  So, we thought that it would be helpful to go over some of these common household problems.  It turns out that with some simple cleaning and organizing tips from the professionals, you will be able to relax in your beautiful home in no time.  Let’s look at each common household problem and it’s solution.

PROBLEM:  My Cleaning Supplies Get Lost Under The Sink!

The space under your sink is usually swamped with leftover flower vases, cleaning supplies you rarely use because you can’t see them, and maybe even a leftover plastic bag or two.

Place a clear shoe holder over the back of a closet door in the laundry/utility room and place your cleaning products in there.  You don’t have to worry about small children reaching them and you can actually see what you have.

PROBLEM:  A Spill, A Stain, Oh My!

Someone has spilled red wine, the dog threw up or had an accident, or the kids have managed to spill a juice box onto the white rug. Accidents don’t have to be permanent. But sometimes throwing something into the washer on high heat and drying it can make a stain permanent. SOLUTION:
Baking soda and white distilled vinegar are the perfect couple to react with stains on most colors and surfaces.  They won’t bleach the problem which can damage, but rather they cause a reaction together with the stain to gently remove it.  It’s a slow process, but works wonders.  Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and saturate the stain with the vinegar. Let it sit and gently rub or scrub the stain in a circular motion. Use a microfiber rag to remove as much vinegar out of the stain as you can. You will see that the vinegar takes the color of the stain until it is all removed.  Repeat the process over and over until it is gone!


PROBLEM:  My Home Has An Odor I Can’t Remove!

When you enter someone’s home has your nose been greeted before your hand has been shaken or your feet have walked through the door? Odors stick to soft fabrics such as carpet, drapes, soft furnishings, and fabrics.  Most use a spray to mask the odor, but eventually it comes right back.
Zeolite! Yes it’s a weird word, but it’s kind of like activated charcoal.  You can buy either scented or not and you sprinkle it on the musky area such as carpets. You will need to let the Zeolite sit for at least a day so we suggest you sprinkle it on before you go to work. Later, just simply vacuum it up. The odors are absorbed into the solution and once vacuumed up, so is the odor!  You can also purchase the product at Long’s Vacuum and Appliance on South Congress in Austin. 

PROBLEM:  How Do I Organize My Child’s Clutter?

Clutter isn’t always a bad thing.  Kids and our animals actually need to have the interaction of toys around to make their space livable to them.  There’s no need to always have a clear floor, but it’s nice to show the kids how to clean up their favorite area in a timely manner.

Place a designated tub or basket at the bottom of the stairs or in a closet and set a time before bed for each child to place their fun toys in the basket.  This assigns a task of responsibility and gives you a clear space at the same time.  Animal toys should also have an assigned basket. Just be sure the doggies and kitties can access their toys without your help.

PROBLEM: Cleaning The Baseboards, Blinds, and Fans

Life is too busy with work during the week and too full of fun and relaxation on the weekends to worry about fully cleaning and disinfecting your home.  Tidying up and cleaning are clearly two different things!

Outsource the work. Hire the pros who know how to clean professionally in a timely manner that will let you get back to work and also have fun without the dirt of life getting in the way of your busy days.

We would be honored to service your home so that you take back your time for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our “Green Clean Machine” come to your home, take care of the cleaning for you, and you can just walk in and relax?Give us a call today at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here.