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There’s no need to go crazy disinfecting and cleaning daily unless someone is actively sick, but there is a crucial need for every member of your household to change the way they enter the home from here on out.  
After finding out how the coronavirus can last on surfaces, and realizing that the City of Austin and surrounding counties, feels it safer for us to be in our homes than outside of our homes to stop its spread, let’s revisit how we enter our homes daily.

Let the Coronavirus pandemic change the way you live your life before you relax at home with these five steps.

Why Removing Your Shoes At The Door Matters.

(Personal shout out to my Brother Immanuel who  didn’t know I was sneaking a pic behind him) 
I’m going to keep this one simple. Did you use a bathroom today? Did anyone else use that bathroom before you? Ever seen someone spit on the ground? Does your dog pee outside? I’m sure that’s more than enough solid info for you to see the reason removing your shoes at the door is crucial.  There is no  solid evidence of this new coronavirus strain to say it can be transmitted from clothes or shoes but, the soles of shoes are mostly made of materials that it sticks to for quite some time so why take the risk?

Why Washing Your Hands As Soon As You Get Home is crucial.

If you just removed your shoes, chances are your hands touched them. So you’re washing your hands from the daily grime and from removing your shoes that held more grime. Before you hug your wife, hold the baby, or touch that remote…. wash off the outside grime on your hands.

Why Properly Storing Dirty Clothes Matter w/a Virus.

Personal confession time ( I have a chair) you know what chair I’m talking about. The chair that seems to get the daily clothes and jackets of the day. If you’re in the healthcare field, or around many people that possibly may be sick with any kind of illness, it’s always best to properly store dirty clothes.

Why an Immediate Shower is a Must When You Get Home.

You’ve been outside around many things you can’t see on your clothes that have attached themselves. Imagine all that green pollen piling up on your car. I’m sure you have a dusting of it on you as well. Showering all of the outside dirt off makes sense to relax in your clean home.

Why Hiring A Routine Professional Cleaning Service is Crucial during cold/flu/virus/allergy and LIFE season.

Routine cleaning from a professional is totally different than an everyday pick up from yourself. Owning a professional Austin House Cleaning company myself, I understand busy and sacrificing time. We just wrapped one of our new company smart cars with a new quote that reads
“ You work too hard for everyone else, be smart & let us work for you”
You deserve the assurance in knowing your home has been cleaned with the right products so that you can maintain it in between if needed. Our Austin Home cleaning services has a very detailed approach in thoroughly cleaning each room. We understand cross contamination and details matter to you and your health.

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