Got marble or granite? Then read this!

Whether it’s on your counter, floor or shower it was an expensive decision and can be a more expensive fix if you aren’t informed. Natural stone is like a woman…. simple. (But is in fact complex). Pretty to look at but if you don’t understand how to maintain it’s beauty it could be a costly decision.

The 5 Major Do’s of Cleaning Marble and Granite

1. Understand what natural stone you have.
2. Find out if it has been sealed/or if it has a soap residue on it. To test for soap residue use water on a rag and go in a circular motion. If it’s soapy then you need to use a natural stone soap scum remover. To test if it needs to be sealed use water again. This time get a few droplets of water and watch and wait 5 minutes. . If it absorbs and darkens quickly you need to reseal it.
3. Buy a specific NATURAL STONE cleaner to clean and or remove any pre existing build up.
4. Buy and assign a specific microfiber rag for the routine cleaning of the stone area
5. Clean often


The 5 Major Don’t of Cleaning Marble and Granite

1. Don’t use any generic or common household product like Windex, vinegar or acidic based cleaners.
2. Don’t use a scouring pad to scrub
3. Don’t put anything hot directly on the surface.
4. Don’t cut anything acidic like 🍋 lemons or oranges 🍊 on the counter.
​5. Don’t assume that the person you hire knows how to properly clean the surface. Better to ask than to be sorry. 



Don’t stress because the answer is YES! Call a natural stone care cleaner in your area. They can assess the damage and determine if it needs to be resurfaced or simply buffed out. THE MORAL OF THE BLOG IS: DON’T TAKE YOUR GANITE FOR GRANTED! IT MAY BE STONE BUT IT’S NOT THAT TOUGH!