5 quick things to do around the house to make her smile

Any kind of housework doesn’t seem like a sexy thing to do for a man, but there’s a secret to the sexy part. It’s all in….the idea of doing things that go unnoticed, but require a mans touch. Housework shouldn’t really be a sexist chore, but it can be sexy and easy at the same time. Thank me later by anonymously sending me wine to my office with a note 📝 that this blog was a winner 😉


Men, If you haven’t realized it already, lighting matters! Whether it’s for a selfie, or applying morning makeup, it matters to most women. Take a moment and look around your house and change the lightbulbs that are out. There’s so many different kinds and places that they are hiding, that they end up just getting overlooked. The rangetop on the stove, outdoor lightbulbs and more can get you a smile for sure if you change then. 💡

How To Make The Dryer Dry Faster Could Get You To The Bedroom Easier.

Ask her how the dryer is working lately and if you need to take a look at it. You don’t have to call a technician 👨🏻‍🔧 first if the dryer isn’t drying well when you’ve got a flashlight 🔦 and muscles.😉
A clogged vent trap and low circulation of air is a big problem in the laundry room that rarely gets detected till it doesn’t work. Check behind the dryer to make sure the flexible ducting isn’t kinked. Sometimes if flexible ducting is too long it makes the dryer work harder as it isn’t a direct line of heat out the wall but a kinked line of heat mashed up against the wall. When all else fails don’t be afraid to google it. Extra heat can damage clothes and start a fire and the only fire you want is in the bedroom between you two, not in the dryer vent.

It’s Not Just The Trash That Stinks

Taking out the trash is appreciated, but we all know that going the extra mile makes a woman smile. Take the trash cans around the house outside and spray them down with a household disinfectant. Then spray them with the hose and let them air dry. By this point she’s going to be shocked at the effort you’re putting into things around the house with your own chore list. Making her smile now just might make you smile later in other areas of the house 😉

Do You Know How Many Filters Your Home Has?

We all usually think AC air filters when someone asks have you changed your homes air filters right? There are at least 4 filters that your wife would love for you to change for her on a regular basis.
1. The Air Filters on the walls and in the Ac Unit.
2. Range top Filters above the stove that catch grease in the air while cooking.
3. The Refrigerator has a water filter that should be changed at least once every 6 months.
4. The Household Vacuum has a filter that traps dirt and smells that needs to be changed, washed and cleaned at least once a month or more depending on use.
I know it sounds silly by this point, but remember that you’re fixing problems before they exist to make her smile. When she sees you doing things routinely it makes her feel helped happy and grateful.

Hiring Help Gives You Back More Time

We can only do so much before we wear ourselves out. Don’t wait till Mothers Day, her birthday, or the day she’s thrown a grown woman fit, to realize she’s worn out and needs help. You spend a lot of time working and the free time you have shouldn’t be wasted on cleaning blinds and baseboards when it can be shared together making each other smile. Sharing household responsibilities can be appreciated but before you wear yourself out trying to show up and show out, feel free to reach out to us for help. We’ve been providing Home Cleaning Services in Austin for 23 years. Understanding every homes personal needs helps us provide a personal touch to bring your home peace.