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We all want a clean bathroom…but none of us really wants to get in there and clean it.  After all, that’s the dirtiest room in our home!  But, we all know that we need a clean bathroom.  So, why not take some simple easy steps to keep your bathroom sparkling clean all of the time.  

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1. Squeegee

​Buy a squeegee.  Get one with a suction cup so you can keep the squeegee in sight after using the shower. We all know the saying “out of sight – out of mind”.  If you’re keeping your squeegee under the cabinet with the rest of the cleaning supplies, it’s hidden. So is the thought of cleaning until the build-up makes you cringe, so keep the squeegee easily accessible.  Use it after every shower to keep hard water from setting into the glass shower doors and walls. 

2. Flush The Toilet

Flush, and also scrub, when you see the grime accumulating rather than waiting.  Flushing prevents the yellow stain from setting into the toilet. (By the way, that yellow stain is a build-up of urine. Ew!) The longer it sets in, the harder it is to remove. Scrubbing prevents lime, calcium, and well hardened other icky substances from setting in.

3. Clear The Counters

When you use something, put it away. Clear space makes for a clear mind. 

4. Air Out  

Leave the shower door or curtain OPEN to prevent mold and mildew from having a hot steamy non-airy place to grow.  When getting out of the shower, simply leave it open and close it after getting dressed. Fresh air does us all good at times – even showers. 

5. Empty Often  

The items we place in the trash can breeds germs, so it’s best to keep a trash can in the bathroom with a lid and empty it often. Keeping waste liners in the trash can itself keeps the trash can from getting dirty. Who thinks of cleaning out trash cans – right?  Usually this chore doesn’t come to mind until it’s really filthy, so the liners really help in this regard.  

Bonus Tip: Hire!

Hire a housekeeping service to maintain your bathroom at least monthly to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Gain your time on the weekends and enjoy your bathroom more when someone else has cleaned the dirtiest, most used room in the house. We can help with that!  Simply call us at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here today!

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