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These 5 products remind us of a Diva 👨‍🎤 Glam Girl. Packaged up quite nice 🎁 and seem easy 👌at first until you get dirty. 🙄


The maintenance on this thing is bonkers! Priced between 😱$300-$900 😱for low suction and just not for everyone. If you don’t know how to set up your own wifi 🤳don’t bother investing the money. ❌If you’ve got a long haired constantly shedding fur baby 🐶get ready to empty the dust compartment daily or it will break before you get your monies worth❌. The reality is the cost isn’t worth the maintenance to replace parts, filters, empty compartments and productivity it gives. You can hire a housekeeper for cleaning your whole house 🏡for 4-5 months for less than this thing is even worth.


If we one step clean our bodies with soap, why would we want to use three products or more to clean our bathrooms.🤔 If you’ve got tile and grout issues, a simple All Purpose Bathroom cleaner makes more sense than an individual cleaner for tile, grout, and glass. Sometimes simple ventilation as in leaving the shower door/curtain open can remedy the consistent tile and grout issues. Don’t let specific bathroom cleaners waste your money, time and space in your home. Hydrogen peroxide, ✅Baking soda ✅and white distilled vinegar ✅cost less 💰with minimal 👊🏽elbow grease than all the wasted specific cleaning products that are wasting space after they wasted your money.


We think windex and we think shiny ✨so we automatically think we can spray it on most shiny surfaces to keep them shiny. ❌WRONG.❌ When they came out with the disinfecting windex 😏 we saw a lot of clients using it in between our scheduled cleanings. It can permanently damage granite 😱and dull the shine over time❌. It can damage tv screens ❌and just is a waste of $3.29. 😳A touch of water on a microfiber rag are the best replacement.✅


Downy Unstoppable and other liquid softners smell nice but they add more than scent to your clothes over time. It creates a buildup not only on your clothes, but your dryer vent with continuous use. Instead add White distilled vinegar✅, baking soda✅, washing soda✅ or borax✅ to whiten, ✨brighten ✨and keep clothes lasting longer.


Is a complete waste of cleaning time and money. 💰💰💰💰For $12.99 to $24.99 for a dry and wet starter kit you find yourself rebuying the cleaning pads that don’t even stay wet on the floors for long at all. ❌Buying a washable mopping pad system saves you money ✅on the rebuying plan swifter sets you up on. Apply your own home made cleaner👍🏼because your dog doesn’t deserve to lick dried up swiffer cleaning solution on the floor anymore.👎🏽 The swifter dusters are the same waste of money with the automatic rebuying process 👀attached to the only a few uses and done plan. A rag assigned just for dusting can be used and washed and reused for little to no cost.✅

Wouldn’t you rather waste money on a bottle of 🍷 wine than overpriced and overvalued items like these. Some could need more maintenance than they are worth, possibly damage a surface over time, show up as being not effective ,or adds more steps than needed to get a job done? I’d rather wine 🍷 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
While providing cleaning services in Austin we’ve seen 👀every kind of cleaning tool collect dust and break that you can think of. We hope we’ve saved you some money✅ by rethinking how you spend money on cleaning items. We are on standby to give you back your time with a personalized cleaning estimate for your home.