Refrigerator with an ice maker

Last time we looked at the fourth in our series of five things in the kitchen that can make our family sick.  Please click here to review.  Today, we will look at the last in our series, ways to keep our ice maker germ free.

Sludge In The Ice Maker? Ew!

When a restaurant goes through a health inspection, did you know many are closed down due to the sludge found in the ice makers? Now ask yourself when was the last time that you cleaned your own ice maker?

What you don’t see can make you sick.  The ice comes down the chute of a compartment that no one really sees.  It drips down into a holder that can easily be removed from your fridge and it harbors grime, mold, and bacteria as it grows in a tightly enclosed space.

How Do I Clean The Ice Maker?


At least monthly take a hot soapy rag and place it through the ice chute.  You can do this by opening the ice maker door and removing any lodged ice. Then make sure your rag can fit through and pull it down through the front side of the door where the ice comes out.  You are simply using it as a cleaning scarf.  Now take the dish off the ice maker door and soak it in vinegar to remove the build-up.  Spray a vinegar and water solution to clean the mold that has built up where the dish usually sits.


Clean Often, Clean Properly, Stay Healthy

​Routine cleanings are key in keeping your kitchen germ-free because most germs are hiding in places and growing invisible to the human eye. Illnesses never tell you where they came from, but before blaming a co-worker for coughing on you, check your kitchen for these 5 bacteria growing situations and routinely clean them.

Come Back Soon!

​We hope you learned a lot from this series.  We have covered how important cleanliness of the kitchen sponge, the Keurig, the kitchen sink, the fridge, and the ice maker are to our family’s health.  Keeping these particular areas germ free can really make a difference!  Please check back soon as we will continue with tips to keep your home clean and your family healthy.  The next stop…the bathroom.