Black Keurig coffee maker on a table

Last time, we talked about the first item in our kitchen that needs our cleaning attention, the sponge.  Today, our important first cup of morning coffee is considered…

Dirty Keurig

Reports have come out concerning the Keurig not being made with a proper way to take it apart and clean it. But at least 1 in 5 households have one, so we need to come up with a good cleaning solution.

The filter, if not changed, adds non-needed bacteria, lime scale and rust to your coffee. The water tank is holding onto water where bacteria and mold will grow. 
The cup holder has holes to catch drippings, but it also holds onto the coffee and heats it up.  So, let’s keep it clean!

How To Clean A Keurig

If you do not change the filter every 2 months or every 60 tank refills, you are adding in lime scale build-up and rust to your coffee.  That surely will change the way your cup of coffee tastes.

​The water reservoir also needs to be emptied and left to air dry after each use.  Who wants to use water in their coffee that has been sitting in a confined space where bacteria is growing?

​Also, the bottom holder where the cup sits usually has holes in it to catch the drippings of coffee.  Take that apart and wash thoroughly after each use, as it holds onto coffee and creates bacteria like a Petri dish. ICK!

More Kitchen Cleaning Tips Coming Soon

Next time, we will look at the third area in our kitchen that could be making us sick.  And, it is something that you and your family use all of the time.  Stay tuned…