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Good ole allergy season is sneaking into the dust piles of our homes, but we can easily prevent it from setting up shop in our homes by….. learning the mistakes we may be making while dusting.

The welcoming Austin weather has made it more inviting for us to chill outside more. Oak seems to be the first welcoming host though. Whether we are masked up or not, what we do outside can still have a lasting effect on the dust we bring inside of our homes.

Dusting is already a tedious task, and yes I’d rather chill outside than dust, but we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to make dusting more efficient and easier and I hope it helps your home dusting techniques become more efficient for you too.

So if you’re an allergy suffer or can’t understand why your home may be dustier than usual, let’s see if these mistakes may be part of the cause.

Fluffy Fuzzy

Those cute fluffy fuzzy floor rugs that really can’t be vacuumed thoroughly are a dust trap.

Fluffy fuzzy is not good for the allergies because they harbor more dust than flat rugs or carpets.

This also goes for curtains, pillows and throws. We use them often, but clean them thoroughly rarely.
✅Dry clean the drapes
✅Toss the pillows in the dryer
✅Schedule a professional rug cleaner for your hard to clean rugs.

Dusty Dingy

Cleaning with thin rags or old dusters are the best way to just move around dust. Use thick microfiber rags and lambs wool dusters that attract and trap the dust you wipe. The rag shown above is a good example of a rag that’s not effective in dusting anything. A rag needs to have thick fibers to lock in the dust. While providing our Austin Cleaning Services, we use specific color coded rags that are replaced very often to stay efficient

Skippy Sloppy

Don’t skip over putting an entry mat outside your front door, and then also inside your front door. It can be the first stop to trap dust from entering from shoes. Think of all the slop you’ve skipped around in all day, including that green Austin pollen. A nice swipe on your door mat from your shoes is better than skipping over and slopping that all into your home.

Crusty Musty

I really look forward to attending the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden Party in June again. There’s so many reasons to just enjoy the outdoors more after the turmoil we all have faced. But remembering to remove our shoes once we get home is just as important in scheduling fun outdoor activities that you can look forward to. It’s a must to keep the outside dust from becoming crust in your floors and carpets.

The person that got gas before you probably spit on the ground that you’re now stepping in.

Then you go home and stomp crust that into your floors and more.
Carpet odors and shoes go hand in hand.  After trampling through the outdoors, we walk that into our carpets indoors in an enclosed box we call home. The smell of musty carpets has nowhere to go but to hover around until you can vacuum them efficiently to remove the dust. CLICK FOR US TO DUST FOR YOU

If you’d rather spend more time collecting moments outside, we can sweep on in and routinely care for the dust before it piles up. Our Miele vacuums have the best HEPA filters, and our procedures are detailed in trapping dust to remove it.

Suck at Sucking

Using a vacuum that has leftover dust and debris from the dog and more can clog your vacuum over time causing you to spread more dust out while using it. Check and change your vacuum filters and bags before every use to ensure they don’t suck at sucking the dust up.