Toilet with a football inside of it

Prior Proper Planning Prevents PISS Poor Performance is a great quote of the blog on this one and we don’t even need to play on words for you to get where this is going. (wink.. wink). 

No matter who you are rooting for to win the 2017 Super Bowl, if you are planning on entertaining at your home for the Big Game it’s time to plan like the coaches are.

There are 5 must have items every bathroom needs at least two of, so here’s to your countdown list.

TOILET PAPER/ WET WIPES seem to be an obvious but let’s be specific on this one. This Game Day Weekend is not the time to buy on the cheap my friends.  No one wants to be a guest at anyones home and realize while in the bathroom that the homeowner uses the thinest toilet paper in the world. 

AIR FRESHENER/MATCHES that control smell rather than masking them are best at this time.  Especially since your bathroom may be getting more use during the game than it most likely has all month!  Everyone doesn’t want to smell cinnamon and flowers so keep the fragrance at a minimum on the Air Freshener.

HAND TOWELS really aren’t a good option for many guests to use but if you are using hand towels then make sure to at least have some back up ones handy.  Disposable hand napkins or simply leave a roll of paper towels in the bathroom to use and toss are more safe for germ spreading. Let’s admit everyone doesn’t wash their hands correctly.

TOILET BRUSHES seem to be the least likely item on a Super Bowl list but in between guests either you or your guest may want to or have to use one as to not embarrass themselves or the home owner. 

FUNNY QUOTES either in a book or hung where one can get a giggle can be a Personal Touch of your own.  Hanging a white board in the bathroom with a quote can be hilarious, especially after guests realize there’s a dry erase board for them to anonymously leave a note of Super Bowl crap talking on.

Enough playing on words for us as we sure you get the point.  Whether you plan to Host the game watching  in your Downtown Austin Apartment community resident hang out area, or at home make sure to stock up wisely, and add a Personal Touch to such a personal space will make your Super Bowl Party memorable.