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It shocks me when potential clients reach out to us for service and they just want a blind estimate over the phone based on square footage and a little information they can give, in their opinion, of the things that need to be cleaned.  Price is most definitely a deciding factor; however, I think the company’s knowledge in what you need cared for should be an even higher deciding factor than price. Does the term “You get what you pay for” sound familiar?When you hire a service provider you trust that they are knowledgeable in the areas that they service.  You are either hiring them because they are accredited and licensed in their field or you simply would rather hire someone rather than to do it yourself.  But there’s another saying that goes “If you want something done right you’d better do it yourself!”  In order to get your Housekeeper/Cleaning Company to do things your way you’d better set a time to meet them before handing over your key. This way you can go over your specifics so that things will be done the way you want it.  Let’s look at 5 questions you should ask a cleaning company or housekeeper before you hire them to make sure that things are done right!

1.  What Type of Cleaning Products Will You Use?

Just because it’s in the cleaning aisle doesn’t mean it should be used in your home.  Some cleaning solutions are cheap, overly fragrant, and used by many cleaning companies.  Try to get an exact understanding of what supplies they will be using so you aren’t alarmed by their idea of the scent of clean when you return home after a service day.  Cleaning solutions, if not diluted properly, could also leave a residue causing more work to be done in the long haul of removing the product applied that was supposed to clean!

2. Are You Knowledgeable About The Caring For Certain Types of Surfaces?

When we buy our homes we put a lot of thought into the types of tile, carpet, wood, and even the sink faucets.  If you hired a company to install or upgrade certain surfaces in your home, they most likely left you with a list of recommended products to use to keep those surfaces looking next to new.  If those recommendations are not followed you may also void the warranty on them.  So make sure to be extremely clear of your cleaning company’s knowledge of the surfaces in your home before they put their finger on the spray trigger!

3.  Are You Using My Vacuum or Yours?

Cleaning teams can clean anywhere from 4-6 homes a day.  You may know your cleaning ladies come in with a smile and do a great job – but are you sure they are using a vacuum that you would approve of for your rugs and carpets?  For example, if you have a shabby pile rug in your home, make sure their vacuum can match your rug’s needs in order to clean it without ruining it!  There are thousands of vacuums out there and no two are really alike.  If your cleaning company is going to be using yours, be sure to alert them of any settings they need to know in order to use the vacuum efficiently!  As you might expect, our vacuums get a workout.  We use them to make sure that our client’s rugs and carpets are well-maintained. 


4.  Do You Know What Goes In the Dishwasher, Washing Machine, and Dryer – And What Doesn’t?

Cast iron skillets, expensive knife units, delicate wine glasses…these are all things that get used often, but not everyone knows that they can’t be washed in the dishwasher.  So, if you have inherited your great-grandmothers cast iron skillet or invested in a lovely set of kitchen knives be sure to educate before you have to compensate

When washing clothes, towels, and sheets does your Housekeeper/Cleaning Company understand the settings on the washing machine and dryer and how they apply to the fabrics in your home? Everything can’t be washed on Super High Heat!

5.  Are You Insured For Damages or Accidents?

Accidents happen and they tend to happen a lot when using water.  Make sure you ask the company the “What If?” questions before hiring. If a housekeeper falls, cuts, or breaks something – how does the company handle the expense or do they do anything at all?  Not only are you hiring someone to care for your home, but you are trusting that it is done with a professional approach when the “What If” and “Oops” moments arise (which they may).

Educating Our Staff Improves Our Service To You!

Continually educating our staff of new products and routines is crucial to stay on top of the understanding factor that it takes more than glass cleaner to make your home shine.  Homeowners are constantly buying new items for their homes to either upgrade the home or re-design a room.  So, the knowledge to keep those items in as new a shape as possible is quite important.  Cheap isn’t always best – especially when hiring someone to care for your home.