5 things you didn't think need to be tossed before school starts

The one thing that really made me mad when my Kids finally moved out and went to college was that they had held on to so many things they didn’t need for years in their rooms and our house, and I was left to deal with it. Geez, thanks. 😢 I thought we were outgrowing our space, but we just needed to get rid of things! And I mean a lot of things. Here are 5 things that made no sense to keep throughout the years.

Halloween Costumes 👻

Can someone tell Hobby Lobby to chill on their excitement of the holidays? Two weeks into August and 💥you are greeted with Halloween Decorations when you walk in the door. They get 5 Stars for always being prepared in advance. However, life outside the Hobby Lobby doors is hectic. Unless you think you can recycle a Halloween costume on another kid without them throwing the temper tantrum of “I don’t want their hand me downs” then stop by Goodwill and bless someone else.

Small 👟 Shoes/ Clothes 👕

Yep that’s me… 3 or 4 years old in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
Crocks, flip flops and more, are probably all lined up by your door, but do they even fit. Save yourself a headache this school year. Picture the screaming that they wanna wear their ruby red Boots from two years ago to school that you know they don’t fit. Ditch the old shoes 👟winter jackets, and clothes now and bless another child. If you’ve
got some great gently used items, consider Texas Baptist Children’s home for donating. They have many families with children that could always use some gently used items for their new beginnings in life.

Sport Equipment ⚽️/Band Equipment 🎺

Most parents of a middle school aged child can empathize with me and this violin that My Son played for a year only. I’ll admit that he’s 23 years old and I still have this 🎻violin from his 7th grade year. I’m not perfect, I just write about perfect scenarios. 😂
Before your garage turns into a cemetery of old sports and band equipment, google your local donation place for this items. Play It Again Sports and your local Facebook neighborhood group page are the fastest way to try to at least get some of your money back from their phase of middle school.about:blank

Books/Filled Coloring books 📚

When my Kids moved out of the house I was surprised at how many books they left at home. All of those Scholastic Book Fair Times Of “Mom I just have to have this motorcycle book please” and Judy Blume series books become dust collectors. Make your kids go through their book collections yearly to save you the tears I shed when my kids went to college. I guess some books just serve purposes for some specific times in their lives and that’s it.
Filled Coloring Books
How many coloring books are just adding to the pile of books in your house. Sneak and toss them. The great thing about this throwing away situation is that most coloring books are recyclable. So you’re doing yourself and the planet good.

Socks 🧦

It’s less expensive to just toss the socks out in their drawers before school starts than to play the “find the best socks” challenge when school starts.
Academy and Target 🎯have become hip to this idea. They always have the socks in bulk on sale around back to school shopping time. Home Cleaning in a Teravista is off to a good start because one of our Moms there inspired this blog 😊. She had so many bags outside her door when we showed up to clean. When we asked her what she was doing, she said she was clearing so we could clean. Made sense ✅

This post was written in memory of Gentry Mason. The Lovely Harris Family Featured on our Blog Post was created because of Gods Plan and your existence.No matter where we end up providing home cleaning in RoundRock, Austin, Lakeway, and Spanish Oaks we notice the same thing time and time again. Moms are busy and kids are messy. It’s just life and sometimes life is happier with a little mess rather than everything being so organized. However, getting rid of what we have outgrown helps the transition into the next phase of life. Whether it’s 1st grade or Junior year, we all need to let go to grow.