5 things your houseguest needs in their bedroom

Hosting People Can Be stressful and fun at the same time, but if you place yourselfin your guests shoes, it won’t take long for you to be able to personalize your GuestRoom for your specific guests.

The W Hotel In Austin BackUp Plan

No I’m not suggesting you drop your guests off at The W Hotel In Austin. I am however suggesting that you take this tip from inside their guest rooms. On every toilet they have an extra roll of toilet paper in a bag called the BackUp Plan. 😂 www.ruelala.com has the cute bag for sale online. When we provide cleaning services in Downtown Austin and surrounding areas, we always add an extra roll of toilet paper 🧻 to every commode for our own Personal Touch Back Up Plan. ( I felt like Alicia Keys in the part of that song “You Don’t Know My Name” where she tells the guy 🎶 … And you always order the special, with the hot chocolate … But I always use some milk and cream for you

Fresh, Fine and Fluffy 😳

You don’t need to know everything that goes on in your guest bedroom, and you sure don’t need Aunt Louis yelling for a towel from the 🚿 shower either. Stock your GuestRoom with towels specifically for guests. You know the kind that are fluffy and fresh without being used by the entire household. The Jewel Song comes to mind 🎶 “ You were meant for me” where she randomly says Don’t leave the keys in the door I never put wet towels on the floor anymore ’cause Dreams last so long, even after you’re gone
I know that you love me💙💚

The Unspoken Truth Of Matches

Candle scents can change a mood and so can the smell of 💩 number two. Let’s keep it real and straight to the point. Keeping a set of matches and a candle in the bathroom allows your guest the personal right to hide their lingering scents. If your guests have children then I wouldn’t leave matches around for sure. It’s all about personalizing the space to make your guest feel at home and welcomed.

Sometimes Things Don’t Flush 🚽

We clean about 340 toilets a week when providing RoundRock maid services. One of the things we require clients to have in each bathroom are toilet scrubbers. It’s not sanitary for us to drag a toilet scrubber from one side of the house to the other to scrub poop 💩 Your HouseGuest May have an oops moment that won’t flush. The last thing someone wants to do is scream the toilet is overflowing tampons and 💩 🤦🏻‍♀️ Every guest bathroom should have a visible toilet scrubber and plunger.

A Personal Touch Every Guest Will Remember

If you’re inviting someone into your home, we can guess you know them pretty well. Personalizing a welcome gift 🎁 can be as simple as leaving your LSU fan a University of Texas Longhorn shirt on the bed 🛌 Now that’s memorable and will be talked about for years. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be right!

A Personal Note From Penny 🙋🏻‍♀️

​I’ve learned a lot from each home we’ve cared for over 23 years. Every home is as unique as the people that live there. Even if your home may be the same floor plan as your neighbors, your guests will experience a different vibe in your home for sure. Make it memorable and personal by personalizing your GuestRoom to meet your guests needs.