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Spring is always a sign of new beginnings not only for our earths environment but our homes environment.

We can help get your home ready for Spring.

Fresh green leaves are blooming on the trees, new weeds are showing their heads in the grass, Spring flowers are blooming that we thought would never bloom again, and with all of that brings spring allergies. Did I forget to mention that we have to spring up an hour earlier every morning! It can all get a little overwhelming with all the adjustments but let’s break some things down to help us all Spring into Spring!

Let’s Spring into spring one section at a time in our homes. We will cover 5 tips to Spring into Spring and rid our homes of Winter blues without overwhelming our weekends!


1. Change your air filter as close to the beginning of the month as possible. Before you place the new air filter in write the date in permanent marker on the air filter itself so that the next month you change it you can see the consistency in monthly change dates. Sometimes you can buy the air filters that only need to be changed every three months. Use your Smart Phone calendar and put a reminder in for 3 months to change your homes air filter.

2. Change your homes vacuum filters. If you have pets this is a major thing to do! They hang outside quite often and come inside and shake off Spring in the house where ever they step. Your vacuum should have a Hepa Air Filter which traps most of the allergens however if you don’t change it often e it won’t work efficiently and will become clogged making your vacuum cleaner work harder and not efficiently.

3. Clean your dryer hose out! Not just the lint filter but the hose. Now is a great time to pull your dryer away from the wall and remove the hose attached to the back. Inside you will find a lot of dust and debris that has gotten clogged and can’t get out just by changing your lint trap. You may also find a lot of dust bunnies behind and on the sides of the dryer.

4. Your garage has also gathered some Fall leaves and winter bugs that have most likely found a hiding place. Take your blower and blow Fall out of your garage. If not a lot of the debris will eventually make it’s way into our homes one door opening at a time.

5. Hire a window cleaning service. Make sure you hire a service that actually cleans the tracks on your windows as well. Not only will this help your windows shine but if you choose to begin to let some Spring time air into your home you don’t have to worry about also letting the spring air blow in the leftover debris stuck in the crevices of your windows.

Without overwhelming yourself I think you are now on a good path to springing into spring. Most of us work 40 hours or more at a regular job and come come to children and pets that need a lot of our attention as well. Caring for our homes is usually a weekend task and we all know that we barely have time for ourselves so taking care of the 5 things we mentioned usually gets shoved under our own mental rugs. So I hope our steps broke down some important areas to help your home clear the air and make it shine a little bit more for the Spring Season! Now that takes care of some major steps in ridding your home of Fall and Winter and we should be on our way to Spring into Spring!