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So you have decided to make the capital city your home!  Austin has great weather and is the “Live Music Capital of the World”.  We Austinites like to keep it weird, and since we have so much to offer, you are bound to have guests come to visit.  However, you are too busy to even think of cleaning on a regular basis, let alone when company is coming over.

Of course, I am going to suggest emailing to set up a routine cleaning service to stay on top of the cleaning rather than the last minute comment to yourself of “oh no – let me search for someone to come clean.”  However, life is busy and finding a cleaning service after you move in usually begins when the dirt has become bothersome and out of control.  So here are 6 items to consider when you are choosing a cleaning service in the Austin area.

1. Do They Have Insurance

If they break something or clean something the wrong way causing damage, will they own up to it and pay for it?  Find out if they are insured and get it in writing so that you have proof.  You are too busy to deal with the “oops” moment of their day.  So if they cannot pay for anything damaged by them in your home (by not being insured), then you should not hire them!

​2. What Supplies Do They Use

Are they bringing in a vacuum that cleaned up after a college dorm occupant who got sick from a night out or a previous client’s animal’s hair?  Am I going to walk into the scent of what’s clean to me or what’s clean to them?  I think we can all agree that the scent of Pine Sol and bleach isn’t the scent of clean to everyone. And, by the way, it’s NOT the scent of clean to Penny’s Personal Touch as well. Some scents can cause headaches and allergic reactions to sinuses, so double check on what they are using to clean your home.  This is not only to make sure the surfaces in your home are cared for correctly, but for your health.

​3. Dependability

This is the difference in hiring an individual or a company.  Yes, we understand you have been paying a cheap rate for an individual and that she is like family, but is she dependable in arrival, work, and communication? 
So to alleviate these questions, hire a company – unless you are willing to deal with personal issues between you and the individual.  You then become the Human Resources Department of your household, as those are the kind of problems you might very well have to deal with. 

​4. Are They Pet Friendly

​If you have pets, they are more than likely home while you are gone, so there will need to be a plan in place.  When housekeepers that your pets do not know will be coming into their home, with loud, scary vacuums, there should be a discussion prior to beginning services on how this will be handled. 

​5. Referrals and Reviews

​Like anything else we aren’t familiar with, we search the Internet. So why not “Google” the cleaning business you are thinking about? It’s important to really research them.  Look at their Google reviews, social media pages, and find out who exactly is cleaning your home. We invite you to read our Google Reviews as we are proud of the service we provide. 
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We service all types of properties: residential, commercial, tiny houses to mega-mansions, suburban living, urban living, etc.  
And, we service multiple areas: Throughout Austin including Downtown Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and beyond.  As well as Houston and Dallas.FOR HOUSEKEEPERS IN AUSTIN – CHOOSE PPT!

​6. Overall Personal Relationship

​When you hand over your key and household dirty secrets, you want to at least establish a personal relationship with who is caring for your home.  Ask the company the first and last names of the housekeepers to keep it personal.  You will want to know who is turning your key when you are not home beyond just a company name.  Personal relationships last longer than business ones as well.  

We tailor our service to your property.  This is why we give in-home estimates instead of over the phone. We want to see your home, the care needed for your belongings, etc.  We talk to you as the homeowner so that we ensure that expectations are understood and met.  

And, we are pleased that we often hear about the cheerfulness of our employees when they arrive at the property.  There is a reason we put the word “Personal” in our company name!

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We hope these tips on what to consider when choosing a cleaning service in the Austin area are helpful.  We would be honored if you chose Penny’s Personal Touch for your cleaning service needs.  Please contact us today at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here.