6 things your guests wonder while using the bathroom

Even if they aren’t in their for ⏰ long it doesn’t take a guest 🙍🏼‍♀️ long enough to …..see👀, touch🖐🏽, smell👃🏽 and notice 😳things. Not that they are nosey but these are our human body senses kicking in with a combination of using the bathroom. So before you get overwhelmed😩 let’s address two things. Whether they are using a designated guest bathroom or your bathroom in your apartment. Either way, there’s quick fixes to the 🚶🏻‍♂️Guests potty 🚽break.

I Wish You Had A….

Toilet Scrub Brush, because just because I want you to think I’m going number ☝🏾one, number two 💩 💩hit me when I sat down😓! Your guest doesn’t want you to know they had to go number 💩💩two, so leave the toilet scrubber 👀visible for their just Incase ✅use.

Oh Crap 💩 “HELP!”

Is the last thing you want to hear 👂 from your bathroom guest. Just Incase the toilet decides to not cooperate with the amount of whatever was dropped in ❌ the commode it’s best to keep a plunger 👀visible.


What’s That Smell 👃🏽?

Soft surfaces hold onto scents. 🤔 Let’s think about it for a minute. When was the last time you washed your shower curtain🤥? Is the shower curtain by the toilet🤭? Does a Man Sprinkle when he tinkles🤐? Wash any bathroom rugs or shower curtains often to remove odors✅. It’s also best to leave an Odor Absorbing Spray 👀visibly handy because no one wants you to smell that they were there.❌

Where’s The Toilet Paper?

Take a note from 🏨The W Hotel Brand of “The BackUp Plan” roll of toilet paper that is visible on every toilet in their hotel rooms. Our Austin and Dallas Maid Service Teams always 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️leave a Personal Touch Roll on our clients toilets too. I mean no one wants their bathroom guest to have to rummage 👀through their cabinets. Who knows what they may find or see?🤐

You Should Probably Replace That!

While waiting in PortaPotty line at UT 🏈 Football Tailgate recently we asked people what they noticed in bathrooms that disgusted them. The number one thing that disgusts both men and women in their visits to their 👫 friends guest bathrooms was the Toilet 🚽 Seat! It’s a cheap quick fix but rarely thought about. A man lifts the toilet seat up, tinkles, then it sprinkles and drips. Causing a stain to set in that eventually looks horrible 😷 I’m sure an AUSTIN Amazon order could be delivered to your door by tomorrow if you place an order now. 😉

How Many People Have Wiped Their Hands On This?

if we rarely go in our guest bathrooms we most likely rarely replace the guest towel😷. It’s best to have disposable paper towels or disposable hand towels on hand in guest bathrooms✅✅. Everyone doesn’t wash their hands thoroughly enough! Just knowing that, is enough for me to make sure disposable hand towels are present and ready for my guests use. I love swinging into 💚HomeGoods or my local ⭐️ AUSTIN favorite Breed & Co. to grab some paper hand towels with my initials on it. It’s my Personal Touch 😉