piece of paper and a pen with the words back to school written on it

The iconic symbol to the unofficial end of summer is Labor Day and it is quickly approaching.
“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” for our children’s success in the school year so let’s get the 6 most important things planned for an easy start to the school year.

1. School Supplies

The dreaded list that the school provided for our children with some odd item that we can never find has been received.  The best way to plan this trip for supply pick up is to either pre-order the supplies through your school or check out online before stepping into stores.  Office Depot seems to always have every single item my children have needed from pre-K to Senior Year.  However during the mad rush to get supplies a lot of stores have those BIG BIN sales where everything is tossed in and it’s a grab for all.  If you don’t like that kind of madness

2. Morning bathroom rush hour schedule

A. Time schedule
If your children share a bathroom the morning rush hour during the school year to use the bathroom may be your first issue of the morning.  Speak on the situation before it becomes an issue.  Set a morning schedule up for each child to use the bathroom for pre school preparation, especially if you have a boy and a girl sharing the same bathroom.  I suggest allowing the boys to prep first since we all know that young ladies usually have more hair and longer routines. This time schedule can also be used for bathroom cleaning assignments.  Make each child accountable for cleaning the bathroom on certain days so that everyone is involved in the clean up process
B. Time Glass
Another great idea is a time glass.  This is great use also for small children when sharing bathrooms together. They can all have one and that time glass gives them their own personalized time to utilize each sink for brushing teeth. It again can also be used for cleaning times in the bathrooms.  The main point of cleaning the bathroom is disinfecting.  Leave a bottle of mixed vinegar/Water/TeaTreeOil in the bathroom as a non toxic cleaner for each child to use to disinfect the bathroom on their assigned scheduled day.

3. Everyone works better in a clean room

You now have a week to go through your children’s rooms and closets and to get rid of the old and unused and prepare for the new items the upcoming school year will bring in.  Go to a container store and grab some containers to ONLY keep items that you feel you will want to see 5 years from now from the past school year.  Take that container and place it in an area that is not in the child’s room so they too can see there is now room for more growth. Don’t forget about the closet too.  Take out old shoes, and go through the closet with your child to see what they may have stashed in the back to hide.  Who knows, you may find an old sandwich or lunch box from last year!

4. Family Calendar

The school year becomes more of a routine lifestyle than the summer, but with so many people needing to be in so many places daily it’s easy to get so busy that we forget.  Make a large family calendar and leave it in the mud room or side of the fridge for all to see and write on if any changes are to be made. That way the whole family is aware of what is going on and where everyone is during the week.  Don’t forget to put small reminders on their like “Give Mom and Dad a Hug” because we get so busy with driving and running around to activities that we forget to love on each other!

5. Gas up the cars!

Mornings are going to be busy so I suggest checking the cars gas gauge on Sunday evenings.  No one likes to jump in the car in the mornings with a load full of yelling children and an empty coffee mug realizing that you have to stop and get gas!
It’s always better to get gas at night anyway because it’s still as hot as it was in the summer.

6. Take time out to love

The first day of school is a moment of excitement, pictures, and routines.  Start a morning ritual with your children to show them you love them so that no matter how busy the school year gets they know that secret handshake or special kiss on the forehead is a quick sign of “Hey Kid I love ya”.