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Happy New Year to You, your family, pets and homes! 

Our homes have some items that get used more than others 365 days a year so let’s break down the most forgotten about items that need to be replaced and make a To Do List now to replace them this week!

The week after the Holidays is one of the slowest retail weeks of the year.  That’s why during your Holiday shopping most stores give you your receipt and a coupon to use the first week of the year. 

Take a moment out and look online for some Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot Coupons today because with my list those are the stores to shop at for the best sales for the items needed this first week of January.

We take care of hundreds of homes yearly and notice many overused and overlooked items.  So we have made a list of 7 Overlooked and Overused Items To Replace in Our Homes The First Week of 2014.  

New Toilet Seats

When you have guests coming over most of us spruce our guest bathrooms up for the arrival of company however you can’t spruce a toilet seat up! You most likely need to simply replace it.  Replacing it not only makes your toilet area look cleaner it makes it smell cleaner.  Have you ever cleaned your bathroom extremely well but seemed to still smell that urine bathroom smell?  I can guarantee you that your toilet seat holds the appearance of it being used more than your everyday walking shoes.  Toilet seats average around $20-$40 and are quite easy to replace without tools.

New Air Filter’s

Air Filters are usually replaced monthly or every few months in most homes.  However most of us get so busy we forget which month we changed them last time.  Why not go out and buy them in bulk at the beginning of the year so that monthly you won’t have to put it on the grocery store list.  You can even assign this easy task to a teenager or other member of the family to do monthly.  Assigning tasks to everyone in the house helps spread out the To Do List tasks and eases the pressure off of just one family member.  Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

New Light Bulbs

Before a bulb goes out in 2014 and you realize you don’t have that exact size why not buy them in bulk.  Eco Friendly, long lasting bulbs are best at lasting and not causing too much damage to your electric bill yearly.  It’s just such a hassle when a bulb goes out and you have to search the house to see if you even have the right size!  Most homes use an average of  5 different size bulbs.  I can guarantee that they all will go out at different times and needing different sizes.  Run to the closest Hardware store with a list of bulb sizes and buy at least 2 each to prepare for a lights out moment. 

New Bed Pillows

Pillows help us get a good nights rest and are used 365 days of the year in most households.  They hold onto facial and hair oils and some of that simply doesn’t wash out! I know we all get so used to that one pillow that we don’t want other people to even use our pillow but replacing it often is ideal.  If you suffer from facial acne breakouts and have tried every product on the market I recommend replacing the one thing you lay your face on most… Your pillow.  Check the brand of pillow you use and search online for the best coupon to replace it.  Don’t forget about the kids pillows too!

Bed Sheets

Sheets see the naked truth more than some of our family members!  They hold on to oils, body fluids, pet slobber and crumbs of things we shouldn’t be eating in bed.  They too are meant to be washed on a very high powered heat to disinfect and get rid of dust skin mites so a yearly replacement is best to keep them comfortable.  Try to search for an Egyptian high thread count at a discount store first for a great price and excellent quality.  

New Bath Towels and Face Towels

Another item we use more than twice a day 365 days a year on our face and bodies is our daily towels.  Everyone in the house uses and shares these items and we all believe that a hot wash and some soap will disinfect them which in most cases is true.  However the more washes and uses they get the less fluffy they become.  From our face towels to our bodies we use them more than twice a day so why not grab a sale and replace them.  This is one of those unspoken personal happy moments of getting out of the shower and using a nice fluffy towel to dry off.  It can exist in your home too and not only be a hotel luxury!  

Entry and Exit Rugs

If you don’t have rugs to catch the everyday dirt you’ve walked on throughout the day now is the time to buy them.  If you do have entry and exit rugs now may be the time to spruce them up.  Outside ones get ruined by the outside element. Elements such as the Neighbors cat that most likely sleeps on it at night that you don’t know about, and the mud from the last storm.  They take on a lot of dirt and save our carpets and floors from extra build.  Replace them yearly so they can continue to do an effective job of catching about 80% of dirt on our shoes before our shoes enter our homes.

We all get so busy throughout the year that a lot of household items get overlooked.  Try to keep a list on a family calendar or the fridge of items to replace.  Most likely throughout the year the list will grow with additions from all family members.

Remember it’s a New Year for our homes too so let’s appreciate those most used items and replace them today.