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The leaves of fall remind us of the weather change that is going to have us all spending more time indoors – rather than outdoors. We probably have cleaning items on our “To Do” list that we have neglected all year while we were out playing in the sunshine.  So, let’s check some things off our checklist to get our homes winter ready.  Here are 7 things you can clean now that were probably missed all year.  ​


Fall is a great time to get the windows washed.  It’s usually a slow season for most window washers and they offer better discounts now than in the spring.  Window washers should clean all inside and outside windows and clean the tracks of the windows as well.  This helps remove all cobwebs and bugs that have tried to make a home and will eventually enter our homes for the winter chill. ​


Fabric curtains, couches, and any soft surface like area rugs should be cleaned thoroughly.  Use your vacuum attachments on the low setting to remove the springtime dust that has settled.  Don’t forget under the cushions.  You may find some things you lost throughout the year! Curtains can be vacuumed on low settings as well or dry cleaned.  Toss the rugs in the washer and air dry.  From the front door mat to the rugs throughout the house, they have been holding onto nearly a year’s worth of odors and dirt.



Grab a magic eraser and walk around and look at the walls anddoors.  We tend to get so busy cleaning everything else that by the time we notice the walls and doors, we end up having to paint them.  Save yourself some money and grab a family member to help wall check!


We try to remember to clean the ceiling fans but what about those light fixtures that hang from the ceiling fans?  Most come off with a screwdriver and with two people it can be an easy job.  Once that dust sits on for a long period of time, it becomes sticky and harder to clean.  Have a sink filled with hot soapy water to soak them in and dry before replacing.


This is an area of the fridge we don’t use, but if it is not cleaned often, it can lessen the lifetime of the refrigerator. The vacuum attachment should work just fine at removing the builtup dust.  It comes off easily and can be soaked in a bathtub of hot soapy water to remove the sticky dust.


How many school papers, bills, and candy you didn’t want the kids to see are hiding up there?  I am sure some dust settled with the foreign objects, so take out the unwanted papers and wipe it clean.


We all see the front side of the TV, but the backside collects more dust than other flat surfaces in your home because electronics attract dust. Do not use any type of cleaner, but simply take a rag and wipe.  If you can get a vacuum attachment in the back, that is even better!

As you can see, taking just a little time to clean these 7 areas of your home that have probably been neglected all year can truly make a difference.  You can clear clutter, improve air quality, extend the life of your home from wear and tear, and simply make your house a cleaner place to call home. 

And, if you want your home to sparkle all year round, call in the pros!  We here at Penny’s Personal Touch Services ENJOY cleaning (we know…that’s a little quirky…but, it’s true).  We know that you want to spend your valuable time at home doing what YOU enjoy…not cleaning.  We would love to meet with you, give you an estimate, and help you keep your home beautiful throughout the year.  Please call us at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here today.