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The dishwasher is not only a time saver, but its temperatures reach the level to disinfect our kitchen items so we assume we should toss everything in there.  But not so fast…

Nine Items You Should Never Put In The Dishwasher

1.  Knives
The agitation of the dishwasher’s cycle makes the blades dull over time.  If you have been gifted or gifted yourself that wonderful block of Japanese Knives and you don’t want to spend another $300-$800 on more, don’t toss them in the dishwasher.  Any other knife that has a plastic handle is also not meant for the dishwasher, as it will eventually melt off in time with the constant heat.

2.  Cast Iron Skillets
Water causes cast iron to rust! If you have ever tossed one of these in the dishwasher there is no going back. The beginning use of a cast iron skillet is all about seasoning it. So if you use any kind of soap (and let’s not mention cooking it in an enclosed heated soap and hot water stripping mechanism like the dishwasher) your cast iron has been cast to the dump.

3.  Fine China
Simply stop at the word “fine” and break that word down to mean exquisite, beautiful, rare, delicate, AND NOT MEANT FOR THE DISHWASHER. China that has any kind of delicate rim of color or paint, or anything of that matter, must keep its fine self in your fine hands to be finely handed by you personally.

4.  Wooden Spoons and Spatulas
Any wood item that mixes with hot water or any water for too long will crack, warp and loose its finish.  Check the manufacturer’s instructions before dipping your wooden utensils in the water of the dishwasher.

5.  Crystal, hand painted glass, and any thin wine glass
Crystal is heavy, but not made for the heat of the dishwasher or the beating of the water!  Hand painted glass will lose its beauty if tainted by the harshness of the extreme pressure and temps of the dishwasher.
Your favorite wine glass may get daily use (I’m not judging), but requires attention by hand and not by machine.

6.  Non-stick Teflon pots and pans
If any pot or pan has a coating on it and you put it in the high temperatures of water and heat combined for a long period of time, it eventually won’t stick, and will malfunction.

7.  Disposable, (so-called) Reusable Plastic Containers
Let’s admit it…we all tend to reuse those plastic containers from time to time.  They however are disposable for a reason. They will melt if they are under high temperatures of water and heat and will cause more damage on your other dishes, and even sometimes the heat coils of the dishwasher itself.  Ever smelled a burning dishwasher? It’s most likely something plastic that is touching the heat coil and is now melting.

8.  Cans or Bottles
I know you just want to recycle it and don’t want to waste time and water rinsing to remove the last contents that are stuck inside.  Your good deed could cost you an arm and a leg with your plumber.  The glue that stuck the label on can come off and clog the water jets or pump causing your dishwasher to malfunction.

9.  Disposable Aluminum
Those lovely cheap one-time use cookware containers are meant for just that….ONE TIME.  So many people toss them in the dishwasher, trying to save $1.99 and wonder where the black marks come from on the inside of the dishwasher or on their other items inside.  The heat brings the black color out of the aluminum causing it to rub off on anything it touches while hot.LEAVE THE DETAILS (INCLUDING THE DISHES) TO US!

1 Item That Should Go In Your Dishwasher

Sponges hold onto a lot of bacteria and get reused as if they are just automatically going to disinfect themselves if you add soap.  NOT!
The hot temperature of the dishwasher is the best and easiest way for you to reuse that sponge for the rest of the week. Then toss it in the trash.

Stay Clean…The Right Way!

We hope this list of what you should not put in the dishwasher (and the 1 item that you definitely should) has been helpful.  And, remember for the items that are great for your dishwasher, there is even a proper way to load it to ensure they all come out sparkling.  Check out our previous blog article on “How To Load The Dishwasher.”

We want your home, including the dishwasher safe and non-dishwasher safe items, to be cared for properly.  And, if you would like the professionals to come in and take care of all of those details for you, then please give us a call at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here.  We look forward to servicing your home or business!