cartoon image of a turkey with a pilgrim hat on

We all prepared our homes for Thanksgiving with the pre company clean up efforts right? Now everyone has left, and you are left with the post Thanksgiving clean up. Here a few major things to tackle now before they get neglected until the next holiday.

1. The oven: From Turkeys, to hams, pies and dressings, that oven has been used with minimal clean up in between. Let’s clean it the Eco friendly way so that your next holiday feast doesn’t have the after taste of oven cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda in a generous amount in the bottom of the oven. So much so that you can not see the bottom but all you see is baking soda. Then get a spray bottle with hot water and spray the baking soda so that it is completely saturated. This will need to set overnight to do it’s magic. Go back a few times and re spray the baking soda as it will dry into clumps while removing the grease. Slice a lemon in half and sprinkle Sea Salt on the sliced lemon. Use this sliced lemon to scrub the back and sides of the oven. Keep adding the Sea Salt as it will come off on the surfaces it is scrubbing. Let this set overnight and in the morning you basically just have to wipe it clean. No fumes, no chemicals, no harm done to the next meal! 2.You can also use a sliced lemon (with or without the sea salt )to remove any stains on your counters from cranberry sauce!

3.The beds. Don’t just change the sheets after company has come. Now is a good time to wash those mattress pads and take the comforters and blankets to the cleaners. So they will be fresh for the next set of company.

4. Clean your disposal by using ice, baking soda, lemon wedges and vinegar. Put the ice in first, then the lemon wedges and baking soda. Pour the vinegar down the drain and nature will make its own chemical reaction. Flip the disposal and all your Thanksgiving crumbs are now gone taking the odor with them down the drain without chemicals!