dirty air filter with a clean air filter next to it

It’s October! Fall is here in Austin Texas and so are the cooler mornings. I am sure most of us are opening our windows to let in some new air into our homes. This is all the more reason to change your air filter inside your home this month. A lot of my clients are telling me that they have 3 or 6 month air filters and they seem to forget to change them every 3 to 6 months since it’s not a monthly chore. I myself prefer the 30 day air filter to remind myself that every first of the month the air filter must be changed. Here’s a great tip that one of our clients has done to remind them to change their filters…. Got a smart phone? Does it have a calendar alert system? If so, put “Change Air Filter” in as a recurring calendar event. Austin maid services

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Yes we are changing air filters and cleaning homes all over the area! Spread the word!