key hanging on a doorknob that says A key for Santa

While you are busy packing for your upcoming holiday trip think twice before checking into your local airport or updating your status on your favorite social media site.Thieves not only look for piled up newspapers as a sign of vacation, they view your comings and goings online as well.
So with all the excitement of the holiday season stay alert and keep your home and it’s valuables safe by not letting the thieves know you are on vacation. Post pictures upon your return.
Set automatic timers on lamps inside your home.
Stop the newspaper service while you are gone.
Ask a neighbor or two to be on the lookout for your home and any suspicious activity.
Make sure your trash cans are not left on the curb for days.
Most of all just be aware and also make your children aware that posting your personal whereabouts on Facebook or any other social media sites not only let our friends know where we are but also strangers.Santa isn’t the only one watching.