Glade carpet and room and OxiClean Pet Fresh

If you want to save the environment and money at the same time buy a box of Baking soda instead of these carpet odor masking bottles that cost at the most $5. These popular carpet fresheners are dangerous! They harm your pets, clog your vacuum and change the air quality in your home. When we have indoor pets we tend to sprinkle this on the carpets to freshen them, however they tend to just mask the odor built into the carpet fibers. If you are experiencing odors in your carpet first steam clean them at least once a year to pull the odors out without using any chemicals. For regular maintenance sprinkle Baking soda on the carpet and let sit as long as possible, usually overnight, then vacuum. The baking soda is not harmful to pets or humans. Baking soda does not mask the odor it rids the odors from the carpets and the air. It will not clog your vacuum either. Save the environment, your pets and breathe easier today by buying a box of baking soda. Austin eco friendly maid service Round Rock eco friendly maid service