tile fireplace surround with white mantle

While at a clients house recently My ladies noticed it was very hot in her living room and every other part of the house was cold. It was as if a heater was on in the room. After doing a thorough inspection of the room with the client we noticed the hot air and smoke smell was coming from the fireplace. It smelled as if the fireplace was actually burning. After checking to see If the gas knob had been turned on the client discovered that her chimney chute was actually open. It was now the middle of summer and she had been throwing money up the chimney by letting the hot air in and the cool air she was paying for out. Grab a flashlight and look into your fireplace. Double check that the chute is closed. I also recommend having a chimney sweep company come in and professionally clean the chimney so that your home Is ready for a safe clean wood or gas burning fire in the winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Austin Eco friendly maid service Round rock Eco friendly maid service