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Have you ever heard the term “less is more”? Well this saying is very true when it comes to washing our clothes, sheets, towels and everything else that requires soap. As you can see in the below picture every one of these products contains a fabric softener. If your laundry detergent has a fabric softener you don’t need to use dryer sheets. With the new appliances out today the amount of laundry detergent needed to run a cycle has changed. It really should not have taken new appliances for us to reduce the amount of detergent we use. Try washing a load with your normal amount of detergent, then rewash the load without adding detergent. Check for signs of soap in the second wash. If you see soap bubbles then it’s time to reduce the amount your using unless you want to wear soap. I recommend changing not only the amount of detergent used but also the brand. Try and Eco friendly washing detergent. They contain less scent and soap. If you are washing items with a mildew smell or any odor instead of adding more soap add a few drops of tea tree oil to the cycle. The tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant Less is more!
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