large dog sitting in a white chair

We all love our animals however our house guests may not. Everyone that comes in your home may not be so tolerant of the animal hair that’s on your couch or the dander in the air. One of the causes of allergic reactions to pets is not the animal fur but what is under the fur (dander, old skin scales) that our pets shed constantly. Sure we vacuum and dust on a regular, but if Fido or Kitty is hanging out on their favorite spot on the couch then the dander just sets into the fibers of the couch which could cause a massive allergic reaction to the next person that sits in that same spot. We can’t evaluate everyone’s allergies before they enter our homes, but we can give Fido or Kitty their own comfy lounging area. If you live in Austin you should check out Austin Metro Dog in the Domain. They have very stylish comfortable cushions, couches, and blankets for your furry animals to claim as their own. Now you can claim back your couch for you and your house guests. Serving Austin, RoundRock & Pflugerville for over 15 years with Eco friendly cleaning