energy efficient light bulb

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in our homes. These rooms retain heat and moisture from not only the shower but lightbulbs. Old fashioned lightbulbs not only use too much energy but they produce too much heat for such a small space without us even knowing it. To fix this problem buy energy efficient light bulbs for every light fixture in your home. Consumer Reports studies have shown that the top rated energy efficient brands for bulbs are Eco Smart, GE energy smart, Phillips Energy Saver, and Feit Eco bulbs. For a complete listing of the reviews of these bulbs and many more check out the Consumer reports magazine for October 2010. So the next time you are brushing your teeth or applying your makeup in the bathroom, reach up and place your hand a few inches away (NOT DIRECTLY ON) from the bulb and see how much heat your lightbulbs are producing. The next smart move would be to go to your local hardware store and stock up on Eco friendly light bulbs to save you money in the long run and reduce your sweating in the bathroom. Austin eco friendly maid service. Round Rock Eco friendly maid service