girl sleeping in a sleeping bag that looks and is shaped like a pizza slice

One statement we hear over and over again from our clients with teenagers is to “Please excuse our teens room we rarely go in there” However they leave the dirty work up to us to go in there and we find the most disgusting things in the most beautiful homes. I understand they are in the teen phase and don’t want you, their parents ,invading their privacy but I strongly suggest you do it! Don’t wait till they move out to discover pizza and dirty socks under the bed. Every week it saddens us to see teenagers destruct their rooms because they have lack of respect for their homes. They haven’t been taught the value of their rooms and just eat, sleep, watch T.V and clean only when you make them. Take a moment out to speak to your teens about the value of their rooms and if they leave trash and left over food particles they most definitely won’t be sleeping alone for long. It’s hot and the bugs and other animals outside are not only looking for a cool place to nap but to eat as well. Trash goes in the trash can and dirty laundry goes in the hamper. Two major rules every teen should master