red car hood that has do not wash will get dirty again lol written on it in dirt

Spring is here and so is the green dust. It is coating our cars, driveways, BBQ pits and pools. It is so prevalent that there is even a Facebook page dedicated to it titled Rinsing off my car every morning because of the freakin’ pollen!

When it rains it’s a good thing because it at least knocks the pollen off of the trees causing less of it to fly freely in the air. However, it does not stop the attack of the green dust all together. Although it may seem nice, cool and breezy outside now is not the time to open your windows to air your home out. If you do this you will encounter an attack of the green dust all over your possessions in turn causing a major allergy attack. Change your filters regularly and blow out your garage and your front & back door areas so that you don’t track any extra green dust in your home. Remove your shoes before walking on the floors in your home. If you don’t practice this you will just spread the green dust into the fibers of your carpets eventually causing a buildup of allergens in your home. (depending on how regularly you vacuum) Serving Austin & surrounding counties with Eco Friendly Maid service since 1996