Your vacuum and your Christmas tree are not friends!

When you choose to purchase a fresh live Christmas tree it comes at a cost, and I don’t mean the purchase price. It sheds coming in, It sheds while it is up for decoration, and it sheds going out. Our vacuums tend to get a ton of use during the holiday season mainly because of the shedding of the christmas tree. However, this is in no way a good idea for the vacuum’s life. The pine needles are very thin and tend to clog the vacuum within minutes of vacuuming. You may not see the clog but that is where the danger lies. If we don’t unclog the unseen pine needles quickly it will cause the vacuum to work harder and eventually make the engine stop working altogether. This usually happens 2 months or so after Christmas so we tend to forget the major usage the vacuum got during the past season. You can empty your bag or canister, but you do need to unclog the hose and check underneath the vacuum where the main dirt intake is to remove all extra pine needles. I recommend using a shop vac every time for the removal of Christmas tree pine needles rather than your vacuum. Trust me I’ve broken a vacuum or two by vacuuming pine needles in my 14 years of business. Hard and expensive lesson learned! Serving Austin and surrounding counties with Eco friendly maid service for over 14 years.

Before you paint that room think about your health.

I walked into a potential clients home recently and the fumes from the paint gave me a severe headache. I asked her when the house had been painted and she said 3 weeks ago. This could have been avoided if she would have opted for Eco friendly paints. They are not restricted on the colors or finishes so why not choose this option for your health. Make sure to do some research on the paint that you are choosing even if it states “environmentally friendly”. You must first understand what VOC’s are (volatile organic compounds) and how they make a difference in our personal surroundings. VOC’s are carbon containing, unstable compounds that evaporate in our air and react with other chemicals in the air to create the ozone layer in our homes. This of course causes air pollution in our homes making us sick with issues like breathing problems, headaches, eye and skin irritations and in the most extreme cases cancer. I have another client that was having her home painted while our company was servicing her home. We did not detect a paint odor at all just because the home owner used Eco friendly paint. So before you paint that nursery for your newborn baby or any room in the house, think of your health and your families health. Round rock maid services. Austin maid services

Are your lightbulbs causing unwanted heat in rooms?

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in our homes. These rooms retain heat and moisture from not only the shower but lightbulbs. Old fashioned lightbulbs not only use too much energy but they produce too much heat for such a small space without us even knowing it. To fix this problem buy energy efficient light bulbs for every light fixture in your home. Consumer Reports studies have shown that the top rated energy efficient brands for bulbs are Eco Smart, GE energy smart, Phillips Energy Saver, and Feit Eco bulbs. For a complete listing of the reviews of these bulbs and many more check out the Consumer reports magazine for October 2010. So the next time you are brushing your teeth or applying your makeup in the bathroom, reach up and place your hand a few inches away (NOT DIRECTLY ON) from the bulb and see how much heat your lightbulbs are producing. The next smart move would be to go to your local hardware store and stock up on Eco friendly light bulbs to save you money in the long run and reduce your sweating in the bathroom. Austin eco friendly maid service. Round Rock Eco friendly maid service

You cant expect your dirty washing machine to make your clothes clean

Take a moment and look inside your washing machine. If you have a front loader open the door and look in the creases of the opening where the rubber part meets the door. If you have a top loader bend down and look right under the rim. I am 100% sure that you see scum. A dirty washing machine cannot really clean clothes properly. The build up is made of detergents, fabric softeners, and old dirt that has stuck to the detergents. To clean your washing machine first get a clean damp rag and tooth brush and scrub the creases inside and around the rim of the machine. You will find gunk that will gross you out for sure. Take the soap dispensers out where you fill your detergents and fabric softeners then scrub the film out. Finally run an empty load by using vinegar instead of detergent. Let the water clean the machine without soap and see how much soap actually forms while this load is rinsing. Once the empty cycle is done re wipe out the crevices and now you are ready to actually wash clothes and know that they are clean. Austin eco friendly maid service Round Rock Eco friendly maid service

Non touch soap dispensers are the new best thing!

I have noticed that Lysol had recently put on the market a non touch soap dispenser. It is the first one of it’s kind that is in the price range of under $20 (around $10 if you can find coupons). I do not like the harsh Lysol soap but the dispenser is a great idea. I bought a non touch soap dispenser from Bed Bath and Beyond from the common household brand Simple Human. Its cost was around $20 to $40 depending on the size. You add your own soap to the dispenser and batteries then place your hand under the dispenser and soap automatically comes out in just the right amount. It reminds me of the non touch system in the public restrooms. It would be awesome if I could find a faucet dispenser for this price range, my bathrooms and kitchen hand washing station would be a germ free zone. The handle on the kitchen and bathroom sinks and soap dispensers get extremely grimy and full of germs. They are the first things we go to grab before washing hands and the last things we touch after we wash our hands. So are we defeating the cleansing purpose? Not if we have a non touch soap and water dispenser!! I recommend buying and kind of non touch soap dispenser and adding your own eco friendly hand soap. Austin eco friendly maid service Austin eco friendly maid service

How to start a compost system at home without burning your house down

I had some clients recently who were becoming more aware of their everyday habits and how they were impacting our earth. They decided they would get the whole family involved in starting a compost system. They began the process by adding a container by their kitchen sink and putting compost products in there such as egg shells, coffee grinds, left over fruits and veggies ect… That container would then be emptied into the main compost container on the side of their home. this cycle went on for months until ONE NIGHT…… My clients neighbors called them and said their house and fences were on fire. Everyone was home and got out safely and fast enough to put out the fire that had actually started in the compost. They did not know why the compost set on fire. This bewildered me because I thought they had done the proper research before starting such a system that seems so easy and care free but is really time consuming and hard. A composts main objective is to transform organic materials into a stable usable product. However there are steps that need to be followed in order for the compost system to work. The two main steps are to use a container that is made specifically for composting. They are not as cheap as a plastic bin or trash can but they are made of materials that can handle what is going on in the compost system every time something is added to it or it is turned. It needs air to work so it needs to be turned frequently. If not turned the components will get hot and overheat. Thus causing a fire like the one that transpired at my clients home. So if you are thinking of taking a green approach to your gardening needs, do some research on the methods. It may seem cheap and easy but it really is a costly startup with a lot of work needing to be done in between. Round rock eco friendly maid service Austin eco friendly maid service