5 Mistakes That Make Your Home Dustier

Good ole allergy season is sneaking into the dust piles of our homes, but we can easily prevent it from setting up shop in our homes by….. learning the mistakes we may be making while dusting.

The welcoming Austin weather has made it more inviting for us to chill outside more. Oak seems to be the first welcoming host though. Whether we are masked up or not, what we do outside can still have a lasting effect on the dust we bring inside of our homes.

Dusting is already a tedious task, and yes I’d rather chill outside than dust, but we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to make dusting more efficient and easier and I hope it helps your home dusting techniques become more efficient for you too.

So if you’re an allergy suffer or can’t understand why your home may be dustier than usual, let’s see if these mistakes may be part of the cause.

Fluffy Fuzzy

Those cute fluffy fuzzy floor rugs that really can’t be vacuumed thoroughly are a dust trap.

Fluffy fuzzy is not good for the allergies because they harbor more dust than flat rugs or carpets.

This also goes for curtains, pillows and throws. We use them often, but clean them thoroughly rarely.
✅Dry clean the drapes
✅Toss the pillows in the dryer
✅Schedule a professional rug cleaner for your hard to clean rugs.

Dusty Dingy

Cleaning with thin rags or old dusters are the best way to just move around dust. Use thick microfiber rags and lambs wool dusters that attract and trap the dust you wipe. The rag shown above is a good example of a rag that’s not effective in dusting anything. A rag needs to have thick fibers to lock in the dust. While providing our Austin Cleaning Services, we use specific color coded rags that are replaced very often to stay efficient

Skippy Sloppy

Don’t skip over putting an entry mat outside your front door, and then also inside your front door. It can be the first stop to trap dust from entering from shoes. Think of all the slop you’ve skipped around in all day, including that green Austin pollen. A nice swipe on your door mat from your shoes is better than skipping over and slopping that all into your home.

Crusty Musty

I really look forward to attending the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden Party in June again. There’s so many reasons to just enjoy the outdoors more after the turmoil we all have faced. But remembering to remove our shoes once we get home is just as important in scheduling fun outdoor activities that you can look forward to. It’s a must to keep the outside dust from becoming crust in your floors and carpets.

The person that got gas before you probably spit on the ground that you’re now stepping in.

Then you go home and stomp crust that into your floors and more.
Carpet odors and shoes go hand in hand.  After trampling through the outdoors, we walk that into our carpets indoors in an enclosed box we call home. The smell of musty carpets has nowhere to go but to hover around until you can vacuum them efficiently to remove the dust. CLICK FOR US TO DUST FOR YOU

If you’d rather spend more time collecting moments outside, we can sweep on in and routinely care for the dust before it piles up. Our Miele vacuums have the best HEPA filters, and our procedures are detailed in trapping dust to remove it.

Suck at Sucking

Using a vacuum that has leftover dust and debris from the dog and more can clog your vacuum over time causing you to spread more dust out while using it. Check and change your vacuum filters and bags before every use to ensure they don’t suck at sucking the dust up.

Is Getaway Hill Country Worth Exploring?

I’m sure my phone was listening to me scream “I need a getaway” for the last couple of weeks, so of course I wasn’t surprised when something titled Getaway House Hill Country barely an hour outside of Austin popped up on my social media feed. What made me book was the affordable pricing and the image they showcased. Once we stayed, we realized why the price was so affordable and what the image meant to a visitor. It’s not foreveryone, so don’t be like me and let the showcase image or paid bloggers posts make you leap into it. Here’s some inside scoop into our Getaway in Wimberley in between juggling our Austin cleaning services and trying to exhale at the same time.

Getaway House Hill Country Location

No, this picture is not from the Getaway House Hill country, but it was from the drive there. Passing so many Private Property, No Trespassing Signs made me want to know the story and history behind the stone walls and Iron Gates. Let’s just say if you want to hide out here, it’s easy to do that!
​A nice scenic drive barely an hour outside of Austin was great but bad at the same time. Since it’s the covid-19 pandemic time, it was sad to drive by so many places that looked worth stopping in (Like The Deep Eddy Distillery) and some cute antique shops, but we had to stay focused on getting to Getaway. They sent us a map and some local hot spots to check out while we were in the area like Jacobs Well and Blue Hole, but trying to get away from people with the thought of so many people at those hot spots made my daughter make the executive decision of NO. Here’s the link they sent us with places nearby https://journal.getaway.house/explore-get

Arrival Procedures Down The Unknown Dirt Road in Wimberley

If you’re like me, I like to know who, what, where, when and why. So this whole not knowing what we were driving up to had me leery. I’m just glad we came during the daylight.
All communication was done through text and email. A code was sent prior to our 3pm arrival to the door and they were welcoming in asking if we needed anything to just reply back.
We arrived early and kind of scoped out the area. We were thankful that someone stopped and asked us of our reservation and let us check in early. They post that they don’t allow that, so I wouldn’t bank on it, but I was grateful that some personnel were driving through to keep an eye on things.

Wimberley Tiny House/Cabin/Trailer, I don’t know?

I don’t know if we want to call this a cabin since it’s on wheels but the inside pine wood and simplicity in design made it feel cabin-like.

The Neighbor Vibe 40 Cabins
Deep In Getaway House Hill Country

There were 40 other “cabins” around us. We barely saw anyone or heard anyone unless they were walking their dogs (dogs allowed no cats lol) we all had our own 4 chairs, bench, and fire pit to cook, but since they asked for the fires to be out by midnight, it seemed that we all shut down too early to hear any ruckus if any was being made. Oh and the metal fine note was another reminder to not get too drunk by the campfire or else lol

I think a lot of us were trying to walk around the area to find the suggested nature trail that was showcased on our map through the campsite area but none of us really found that, so the dirt road gave us a workout. My daughter and I ventured to the only water we saw and found obvious clues of alive, well, and moving nature, so venturing anywhere after that kept us close to the “cabin” area.

What GetAway Hill Country Offers and What They Don’t that we noticed

They have a Provisions Kit of which they tell you about prior to coming that has items to purchase.  

We brought our own food, wine and only used a few items on their list.
The best part of what they offered was the S’mores. It was a freebie for us to enjoy, so that sweetened the idea to fire up and use the wood they provided (starter log too) to set the cabin mood.  (Bundle of wood cost $6.50) 

Tip: check the Provisions items when you arrive to see if the quantity matches what is there. We were charged for items we didn’t use. I remember seeing tea on the list and saying Yay until it wasn’t found in the basket. It however found its way to my bill  w/4 tea bags $2.50 uh no ma’am. Refunded and appreciated but take note of that. 
The Pot, pans, dishes, silverware (including sharp knives, lighter, kettle, books, and deck of cards,  were great.  

The bathroom had small toiletries as well in the shower and towels. 
Note that no face towels were provided. 
A hilarious find was the Red Emergency Kit by the toilet paper holder. What would you think would be in an emergency kit? Yeah me too? Bandaids, etc. nope.  Ours had tampons, 4 to be exact. 

I was reminded I was camping when I looked to brush my teeth and wash my hands after using the bathroom. The only sink is in the kitchen area outside of the bathroom. So toothbrush time may need to be done in the shower. 
Oh, and the only mirror was a very small mirror that would fit in your junior high school locker that was tucked in the kitchen cabinet.  So if you’re trying to come here for the Instagram photo session honey bring a mirror.  lol 

 A dog bowl, foil, dustpan, and small sweeper were hidden under the sink for use too. 

So basically if you come for a night with nothing but the clothes on your back, you will be just fine. 

The water from the faucet states “drinking water” so I’m guessing that was filtered to use but of course, we didn’t risk that one and brought our own.  ​

Overall Personal Experience 

Well for $99 a night, barely an hour drive, and what they offer inside and outside of the Getaway House I would say yes for me. I guess it’s personal and about the expectations, you have for a full Getaway. Notice I didn’t mention they have an entry lockbox on the table for phones. I for one would like to have my phone on me in the middle of no damn where for the just Incase moment. I would also like to have a few friends rent Getaway Homes next to me for us all to camp out and have a quick getaway house time together.  So take my advice and others and personalize it to what you want and GetAway if you feel it’s a good fit. 

The Trick To Cleaning Pendant Lights.

Sometimes I don’t think home designers consider the living that goes into each room when they design it. Like who ever thought to put pendant lights that you can’t easily undo easily to clean in a home like the picture below? I’ve literally been on a ladder with a screwdriver, wishing for two more sets of hands to catch what I can’t hold of the light in the second picture.  Here’s an example of a pendant light that the designer most likely didn’t think we would need to know how to easily take it apart to clean.  

Now imagine cleaning this pendant light with one set of hands! It’s a risky situation but can be done and was done for a new home sale from our realtors at www.gottesmanresidential.com/ When they list a home, we take pride in their realtors relying on us to detail clean the home.

The Downside of  Pendant Lights In The Kitchen.

Most range hoods above the stove have an exhaust fan that removes airborne grease, smoke, heat and steam. Have you also noticed that you don’t have to have the fan on to see the accumulation of grease above the stove? Whether it’s the cabinets, wall, or in this case pendant lights, if it’s high in the kitchen, and close to the stovetop, it’s going to catch grease too.
The downside to hanging any kind of pendant lights in the kitchen is that they will quickly and easily accumulate a coating of airborne grease too.

The Trick To Clean Pendant Lights.

We’ve been providing Austin home cleaning services for over 24 years, so we have had to battle many greasy situations. Kitchen pendant lights can’t be dusted! They have to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out to shine by hand wiping.
There’s three tricks to know about cleaning pendant lights. ( Oh and be mindful that a lot of Austin maid service companies cannot allow their staff on ladders taller than a step ladder to clean due to insurance purposes)

Turn all lights off in the area and clean them at a time that the sun is also not shining directly on them. Lights and sunlight quickly warm your cleaning solutions up, which will cause an immediate streak.

Use a dry microfiber rag. Never use a wet or damp one because it will streak. For these pendant lights in the Topic Image,  I used three microfiber rags. I folded them in four and used all four sides of the folded rag to wipe my cleaner on.

Use a glass cleaner that foams so you can spray directly on the outside of the light fixture. ( Be sure to cover any areas below that you don’t want the foam cleaner to get on)

If your pendant lights have a clear to reach opening like these ones, you can clean the outside first and then use the dry rag side to now spray the cleaner on the rag and clean the inside. ( You may want to read that again, as it’s an opposite step to clean the outside from the inside!)
Don’t wipe over an over again! Wipe one time and go to the next area so you don’t reapply the dirt.

Some pendant lights require you to use a screwdriver to remove them. For this I suggest bringing them all down and cleaning them in a sink of dish detergent. If you have hard water, this will only work if you polish them with distilled water after to remove all residue.


How Hotels Keep Allergens To A Minimum

Let’s talk dirty in the bedroom for a few minutes since we are a day after Valentine’s Day and we may be washing sheets and making coffee. Here’s a quick read to shock and educate you quickly at the same time. There are not too many things that can shock a housekeeper the day after Valentine’s Day because let’s be real, we are all humans and the bedroom is where werelax, relate and release after a long day. One thing that can be really shocking to people about the bedroom is…many allergies start there.

The Hotel Housekeeping Secret

Have you ever gotten into a hotel bed and wondered why is it tucked so tight? And how do they get it tucked so tight, anyway? Hint: this can sometimes be a three-step sheet process!Maybe, maybe not. Most of us are too exhausted to care, or just wanna relax and don’t notice. This hotel secret however is the way hotels keep their comforters clean and dust levels to the bare minimum in any bedroom.
It’s all in the sheets! 
The thread count isn’t a factor here, but the number of sheets is.
Most hotels use a three-sheet process to protect the comforter and occupants in the bed from dust.


Personal Experience In Keeping Allergens to a Minimum

I went to grab my black eye mask on the side of my bed and was shocked at my own bedroom secret. I travel to our Dallas location using the Vonlane Bus at least weekly and use this eye mask to sleep. It had a light coat of grey dust. I was immediately grossed out. I dust often and change my sheets weekly, but didn’t expect there to be dust on an eye mask I use weekly. 
That very moment took me back to when our house cleaning in Downtown Austin Condo clients taught us how to make their bed. 🤓
I know it sounds funny to hear that after providing cleaning services in downtown Austin for over 24 years that I’d need some instruction on how to make a bed but I was schooled quickly.

The Secret That Hotels Use That Our Client Taught Us Too

So if the eye mask is collecting dust in a week on my nightstand, imagine the dust collecting in a comforter on the bed. We wash the sheets often, but the comforter is protecting the sheets from the dust and collecting it over time.
In 24 years I’ve had two clients with this three-sheet process and today I truly know why they implement it.
STEP 1. Place fitted sheet on the bed.
STEP 2. Place a longer flat sheet on the bed but fit it to where it will cover over the comforter and sheets and fold back to the design or embroidered top area of the sheet.
STEP 3. Place comforter and top sheet over the comforter.
STEP 4. Fold the sheets over the comforter and hospital corner tuck them in to make a secure fitting.
Sleep 😴

Who Has Time For That?

Small decisions we make daily are the reasons we live the way we live. As we all know, our health will stop us in our tracks without warning!  We know you want to stay healthy but you probably don’t want to move to a hotel permanently (by the way, Hotel ZaZa in downtown Austin really knows how to make the sheets perfect for a fantastic night’s sleep). 

​So, if a small change to washing your duvet more often, or implementing the three sheet step hotel secret to your own bedroom is not high on the priority, then you can just click and call us to do that routinely for you.

5 Alarming Germ Facts About A Pedicure

Flexibility in reaching our toes, let alone flexibility in time, kind of makes us rush to the nearest 💅 nail salon. The rush to relaxation, cheap mimosas, and a massage chair sometimes makes us overlook the 5 alarming 🦠 germ facts about a pedicure.

So before you pick a color and have a seat, check the view on the other guests to see if this salon may send you home with a sparkling ✨ new color infection or not.

Say No To Shaving Before A Pedicure.

Come on, we’ve all gone at least two days without shaving right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ the rush of the need for a pedicure can make us forget that we should not shave 🪒 at least 2 days prior. Freshly shaved legs 🦵 have open pores and nicks you can’t see🔍. Reminds me of the above video when I had fresh shaved legs in the salt water Ocean. The memory that burn was a lesson learned for life! 
A USA TODAY article stated facts that a mans legs were amputated following a pedicure infection. Serious infections are rare but why rush even a small infection. 

Ask For New Buffers & Filers Only!

Unless you see them open a package in front of you don’t trust what you don’t see. Only non porous tools can be properly disinfected. These items are cheap and part of your pedicure cost.

Don’t Dip 🦶In Unless You’re Protected.

Of course salons should be disinfecting basins between each client, but there’s a hidden fact.
🔍A hospital grade disinfectant should sit in the basin for 10 minutes⏰
Whirlpool spa basins should have the disinfectant ran throughout the system, then the unit should be drained and rinsed with clean water. 
Opt for a basin cover or select a salon that doesn’t use whirlpool tubs. Think about your own jet tub 🛀 at home. Have you ever cleaned it and seen the disgusting crap that settles out of it😷 ? I will never forget when our RoundRock Cleaning Service Client was selling her home and she ran a jet cleaning on her in home tub.  I could hear and feel her disgust through the text of what she saw come out of it.  Unfortunately Jet cleaning is not part of our routine Austin cleaning service check list and it may not be part of your nail salons in between customer check list either.   Now imagine ever foot 🦶 that has soaked where your feet are? Next imagine what could be lurking in those whirlpool jets ready to attack your freshly shaven legs and more.

If 💅 Nail Salon Walls Could Talk.

If the pedicure chair you’re sitting in has built up gunk around and behind it, imagine what’s coming out of the water pipes inside it?
When picking a nail color, take your time and check out the condition of the walls and floors. This quick check of cleanliness could save your nail health.

Save The Cuticles. ✂️

Opt to push them back rather than cutting them at a nail salon. Cuticles protect the nails and skin from infection.  One snip ✂️💅 can cause more than a burn, and that’s a lesson you don’t want to learn.



The invisible Worker We Tend To Ignore

I will gladly pay extra for Guacamole 🥑 but when I 👂 hear the knock 🚪 of the…

Housekeeper at my Hotel Room I immediately feel rushed and the last thing I am thinking about is my extra time is causing someone an extra long day.

It Starts With The Guest And Ends At The Front Desk

I stayed at the www.junghotel.com/ in New ⚜️ Orleans recently and my room was of course not ready 🙁. I mean it’s New Orleans so I could go grab 🥃 a drink but not once did I think of why my room wasn’t ready🤔. The last idiot guest 😤who drank one too many New Orleans Coctails on Canal Street may have caused more work than usual in a first room.


causing the Housekeeper 💁🏻 to work extra hard and extra fast. This may have caused the work to get behind, and the front desk to have to break the news to me that my room isn’t ready. 🙁
Yes they are being paid an hourly wage 💰 but that extra work is now cutting into her personal time ⌚️ and threatening her job. Time is money. ⌚️ 💰


The Hotel Housekeepers are typically allowed 15 minutes 😳 to clean a stay over guests room and 30 minutes when you check out😳. Imagine doing that 30-40 times a day and what you may run into along the way. 😩



The Lost Personal Connection

It’s customary to tip the car valet 🛎 because you personally gave them the keys to your car 🚗 and they personally delivered the keys 🔑 and car 🚗 back to you. It’s also customary to tip the 🛎bellhop 💁🏽 as they personally take your luggage and personally bring it to your room 🚪 But the invisible work of the housekeeper 🛏who arrived to do her job and finished ✅without making a personal connection is lost in the rush.⚡️


If you’re a Mom👩‍👦‍👦 you can empathize with being an invisible worker. Yes we do laundry but the pre treating of stains, emptying crayons out of pockets and separating is not seen. Just the finished job.


Now that we can empathize let’s realize that extra costs extra. So the next time ⌚️you ask for a late checkout think about the Housekeeper 💁🏻that now has a longer day😴. Guacamole 🥑 is extra so why isn’t the extra time ⌚️of a housekeeper💁🏻.
Yes they have an employer to designate an hourly pay rate for the average job but we all live different! So tip the invisible worker and join the PayItForward movement.💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰




Thanks to Jeffrey Fry for the life quote on Facebook and Daron K. Roberts for sharing with Facebook that his Dad taught him this way of life and he lives it.


Before we even step foot inside to provide Housecleaning and Apartment cleaning services in Austin and Dallas we meet the client and space in person. We can guesstimate the time it will take but we can’t guesstimate how your day may be before the housekeeper arrived and how that may cause extra work and time. It’s just nice to be nice so if you know your home isn’t in its usual shape and needs some extra time leave something extra to make your Housekeepers day. A little goes a long way!

How To Put On A Duvet Cover Easily!

​If you have googled “how to put a duvet cover on” you are probably frustrated, annoyed, and just want to simply climb in the unmade bed and toss the duvet!

Well, I’ve PERSONALLY been there, so let me show you the Personal Touch on how to easily put a duvet cover on a duvet without sweating, cursing, or tossing it!  You can even get this task done in less than 3 minutes.  Please continue reading for a video and step by step instructions!

Steps To Put On A Duvet Cover Easily

​1)Lay the duvet cover INSIDE OUT with the opening on the bottom of the bed, flat to all four corners of the bed.

2)Next lay the duvet directly on top of the duvet cover lining up the corners and tying the four corners or pinning them if necessary.

3)Roll the duvet cover on top of the duvet from the top and keep rolling it down to the bottom of the bed where the opening is.

4)Once you get to the end of the bed, take one corner of the rolled up duvet cover and use the opening portion to cover the entire rolled up corner of the duvet roll.

5)Then repeat on the opposite side.

6)Pull the duvet all the way across the roll in the middle to now align the opening at the bottom.

7)Then simply unroll the duvet from the bottom to the top.  Pull the excess duvet down to the bottom as you go so you don’t have to shake out a heavy duvet.  You can just pull it when unrolling.

Lastly, button or zip the end of the roll.WE’LL TAKE CARE OF THE DUVET AND MORE FOR YOU!Pour a glass of champagne because this is a celebration!  You can share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the success of putting a duvet cover on without cursing, being frustrated, or tossing the duvet out the window.

Or better yet…If you are too busy to change your own duvet, you can always holler our way!  We’ll be happy to help you out with this and many other cleaning details in your home.  Simply click here or call (512) 248-0097.

How To Clean Your NutriBullet or Blender

So you decided that this is your year to get in shape, eat healthier, and make use of that blender or NutriBullet, the dust collector on your kitchen counter.

Mornings are usually the busiest times in the household and rarely does the thought of cleaning come to mind. Then you get home from work and see the crusty blender in the sink.  Maybe you have put it in the dishwasher and it still has Chia seeds stuck in the blades.

Ugh….we understand, but so do the bugs that crawl around when you are nowhere to be found.  Bugs love crawling out of the drain into the unclean blenders left in the sink to nourish their own insect bodies….

OK – enough joking….

Let’s get to the point:

How to Clean a Dirty Blender

Just as you blended your healthy mix together, you will use this same method in cleaning. 

  1. Put in your ingredients: Water (halfway fill the blender) and soap (a small amount – at least two squirts).
  2. Press blend and mix the heck out of it. (You can even press chop.) The water and soap will cause a mix of cleaning genius by getting into all the crevices and hiding places where the juice remnants were planning on hiding.
  3. Rinse and air dry

How to Clean a Stinky Blender

Maybe you don’t like the smell of your husband’s whey powder when you want to make your own mix? Maybe your blender just has a smell that you can’t quite put your finger on? Well – no need to try to figure out the smell. Let’s just get rid of it!

  1. Cut a lemon in fourths.
  2. Add water and soap as described in the Dirty Blender steps above.
  3. Press blend, mix, chop, or whatever your fingers desire.
  4. Rinse and air dry.


How to Clean a Stained Blender

If you use berries of any kind, turmeric, spinach, or any other dark colored veggie or fruit, over a period of time the blender will become stained.
The only way to reduce this from happening is to use the Dirty Blender step each time after every use.

If you use Chia seeds or any other seeds please note that they will scratch the surface of the blender after a while. In addition, the coloring from the juices will settle into the scratched plastic surface. Unfortunately, there is no going back after plastic has been stained this way.

We recommend using the Dirty Blender steps which take no more than 2 minutes after each use.

Clean and Dry

Also, when air drying your blender or NutriBullet, do not put it in an open space face down on a surface.  It needs to air dry and breathe, so place it on a rack that has a drip pan halfway on your counter or in your sink leaving an area of air to let it actually air dry.

Cleaning Questions? We Have Answers

We hope this helps you keep your blender or NutriBullet clean so that you can stay healthy!  Do you have other cleaning questions that we can help answer?  We clean residential and commercial properties throughout the Round Rock, Austin and Houston, Texas areas.  We love to clean!  So, please leave your questions in the comments section below and we will try and help.  Also, please make sure and check out our blogs often for more helpful how-to cleaning tips.

How To Clean Your Yeti or Tervis Cup

Maybe you were gifted with one of the most sought after 40 oz Yeti tumblers and it’s progressed from keeping your coffee hot in the winter to keeping your beer cold in the summer!

Another scenario could be that you have a special hand painted wine glass or Tervis plastic tumbler and you found out after you put it in the dishwasher that it is not dishwasher safe!

Either of these could result in a stain or an odor.  Let’s see how to get rid of those stains and odors so you can enjoy your favorite Yeti, Tervis, or special cup longer!

How To Remove Stains From Your Favorite Coffee Mug

In between providing cleaning services in Downtown Austin I slipped into the Yeti Flagship Store on the corner of Congress Ave to speak directly to one of the Yeti staff members on How to Keep A Yeti Clean.
Of course I googled How To Clean A Yeti first and was simply shocked at what people were saying to do to clean them.  From Ammonia to Bleach to other chemical based cleaning methods everyone was proposing, I was set on making sure my Earth, Pet, Human Cleaning methods were also Yeti Approved.

How To Clean A Yeti or Tervis Cup

Whether your goal is to remove a stain or an odor in your favorite cup, here is the best trick:

1. Don’t use the dishwasher! Yes, a Yeti is dishwasher safe BUT that is more for routine cleaning of it.  Hot water will make all odors and stains set in the Yeti Cup and it’s top!  If the goal is to get the stain out then step 2 is for you!

2. Get a Non Scratch Sponge. Pour some baking soda on it.

3. Put 1/2 Cup of White Distilled Vinegar in the Yeti. 

4. Dip the sponge with baking soda in the Yeti to make a paste with the White Distilled Vinegar and scrub.

5. Rinse thoroughly! To get into the crevices, I have found that a baby bottle cleaning brush bristles are great!


You know that black seal that keeps the Yeti from spilling? It needs to be removed and cleaned. Anything you’ve drank out of your Yeti that has a sugar base will hide in the crevices and cause a smell and bacteria build up over time. So don’t be afraid to remove the plastic ring and thoroughly soak and clean it and it’s area it is attached to.


The Yeti Flagship store in Austin, TX is about to get a makeover that makes sense. Wanna customize your cup? It’s coming to this store!!! Wanna customize your Yeti cooler? Bring it in and get it customized with drilled in or stickers on personal touches on site for a small fee.

Cheers to tips on how to keep your Yeti alive!

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

We all want a clean bathroom…but none of us really wants to get in there and clean it.  After all, that’s the dirtiest room in our home!  But, we all know that we need a clean bathroom.  So, why not take some simple easy steps to keep your bathroom sparkling clean all of the time.  

photo credit: lizzie.datify moods-senator via photopin(license)

1. Squeegee

​Buy a squeegee.  Get one with a suction cup so you can keep the squeegee in sight after using the shower. We all know the saying “out of sight – out of mind”.  If you’re keeping your squeegee under the cabinet with the rest of the cleaning supplies, it’s hidden. So is the thought of cleaning until the build-up makes you cringe, so keep the squeegee easily accessible.  Use it after every shower to keep hard water from setting into the glass shower doors and walls. 

2. Flush The Toilet

Flush, and also scrub, when you see the grime accumulating rather than waiting.  Flushing prevents the yellow stain from setting into the toilet. (By the way, that yellow stain is a build-up of urine. Ew!) The longer it sets in, the harder it is to remove. Scrubbing prevents lime, calcium, and well hardened other icky substances from setting in.

3. Clear The Counters

When you use something, put it away. Clear space makes for a clear mind. 

4. Air Out  

Leave the shower door or curtain OPEN to prevent mold and mildew from having a hot steamy non-airy place to grow.  When getting out of the shower, simply leave it open and close it after getting dressed. Fresh air does us all good at times – even showers. 

5. Empty Often  

The items we place in the trash can breeds germs, so it’s best to keep a trash can in the bathroom with a lid and empty it often. Keeping waste liners in the trash can itself keeps the trash can from getting dirty. Who thinks of cleaning out trash cans – right?  Usually this chore doesn’t come to mind until it’s really filthy, so the liners really help in this regard.  

Bonus Tip: Hire!

Hire a housekeeping service to maintain your bathroom at least monthly to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Gain your time on the weekends and enjoy your bathroom more when someone else has cleaned the dirtiest, most used room in the house. We can help with that!  Simply call us at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here today!

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