5 Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time!

We all wish we had more time to do the things we enjoy…but more time for cleaning may not be at the top of your list.  We at Penny’s Personal Touch actually enjoy helping keep your home clean and tidy.  But, we realize not everyone loves to clean like we do.  So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cleaning tips that can save you time.  Try each of these and then sit back and relax.

  Burnt, Stuck on Food In a Greasy Pan

Place a dryer sheet in the pot, pan, or skillet.  Add hot water to fill the item and let it sit overnight.  After 6-8 hours you can toss the dryer sheet and easily wipe the pan clean.

  Faucet or Shower Head Doesn’t Spray Properly

Lime and calcium build-up prevents water from going through properly. Get a Ziploc bag and fill it halfway with vinegar.  Place it over the faucet or shower head and tie it there to allow it to sit overnight. The vinegar will eat away at the buildup and your shower is now unclogged! ​FOR THE BEST TIP OF ALL – CLICK HERE!

  Clean The Oven Without the Self-Cleaning Oven Smell 

Sprinkle baking soda in the oven and spray vinegar on the baking soda thoroughly.  Let it sit overnight. Spray the vinegar again in the morning and simply wipe it out.

  Toss The Broom

Brooms are old school cleaning methods that stir up allergens in the air.  Get a canister vacuum or small vacuum for hard floors that can reach hard to get places. This saves time and lets the vacuum work for you!  Every pet owner should toss their broom!


Save time and let the cleaning professionals come up with a routine cleaning checklist for your home so that you can spend more time enjoying your home rather than cleaning it! ​If you are in the Austin, Round Rock, Houston, or Dallas areas, we would be thrilled if you would let Penny’s Personal Touch service your home.  We enjoy taking care of the cleaning so that you and your family can spend time doing what you enjoy.  Please give us a call at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here today.  We look forward to speaking with you!

How To Get A Glass Stove Top Streak Free

Cleaning anything glass is never really about the elbow grease applied but the tools used. After cooking a meal on a glass stove top the last thing anyone wants to do is clean before eating right? Especially when you know it’s not going to be an easy task. Well I’ve found the easy in this task and I’m excited to share! First thing you want to do is ….

Consider What You’re Using Before Using It!

Think about the hard water building up in your shower. Glass holds onto everything from dry lint to what’s in the water itself. So choose to use distilled water in the dilution we are about to make. We are also going to use Distilled White Vinegar. This one bottle of cleaner is one of three steps on making your glass stove top streak free.

The Best Cleaning Solution To Make Your Glass Stovetop Streak Free

You will need a clean and clear spray bottle. Use one part Distilled White Vinegar to Three Parts Distilled Water. Mix together and keep it handy. (Oh you can toss any other glass cleaners you use for other glass cleaning projects out because this inexpensive glass cleaner not only will save you money but time.)

The Most Important Step In Getting Your Glass Stovetop Streak Free

Cut lights off that are above the stove top! This includes any lights shining on the stove top on any way directly. The light will heat up whatever cleaner, soap or spray, that you are using and cause streaks. That’s right, light is one of the main reasons that while cleaning that you can’t get your stove top streak free!

Now Let’s Clean Before We Shine

Grab your favorite soap or Glass Stove Top Cleaner and use a non scratch sponge to scrub away any grease and grime. Use a razor blade lightly to remove any baked on areas around the burners that the sponge won’t get off. Wipe off with a rag,that’s wet or dry, any soap left over.

Lets Get This Glass Stove Top Streak Free To A Shine

about:blankI figured I’d show you better than tell you in the most important steps so that you can see to understand that it really is that easy.

Can I Recycle Candy Wrappers?

Halloween is less than 24 hours away and our children are going to come home with a lot more candy than you can imagine!  We can use this fun time to teach our children a valuable lesson on recycling.  So, when you decide to dump all the candy on the table to sort, here’s a valuable lesson to share.  

When items are dumped off of the recycling truck they go through a sorting process.  This process is kind of like how you dump your Halloween candy to sort the good from the bad.  Let’s face it…some candy is just better than others.  Let’s look at the “good” recyclable plastic versus the “bad” non-recyclable plastic.

Recyclable Plastic Versus Non-Recyclable Plastic

Everyone has candy on their minds this time of year.  Good luck trying to keep yourself from devouring a few of those tasty treats.  But, just like recycling, they will be sorted between the good and the bad.  You don’t want to be the last one to the plastic pumpkin treat bucket only to be left with the candy no one wanted.  For example, (and yes…we are going to learn about recycling but a small public service announcement on good candy never hurt either), no one likes Necco Wafers.  (They taste like orange chalk and seem to always be in bulk supply in the assorted cheap big bag candy bags).  Don’t be THAT family that gives away those bags please!  I beg you.  However, almost everyone loves a Snickers.  So, let’s break down the recycling process of Halloween candy wrappers by considering the Necco Wafers versus Snickers bars.FOR NO TRICKS – ALL TREATS…HAVE US CLEAN YOUR HOME!

Necco Wafers Versus Snickers

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Plastic cups, bottles and containers are the “Snickers” of the recycle sorting process.  These items are high volume recyclable and the plastic they are made from is like pure chocolate.  It is easier to break this sort of plastic down to reuse it.

Candy wrappers are like the “Necco Wafers” in the recycle sorting world.  They are made from many mixed materials and become too expensive to break the materials down to recycle the good materials out.  Thus, the recycling center won’t accept them.

As you can see…the recycling truck goes through the same process as your plastic treat filled pumpkin.  It is important to sort the materials carefully – from the truck whose load is sorted between that which is recyclable and that which isn’t to the bag of candies that are your favorites to those that you give to your parents to take to the office.

Please Do Your Part

Most people think that all plastic is recyclable.  However, all plastic really isn’t 100% plastic.  Items such as candy wrappers, candy bags, lollipop covers and chocolate wrappers are not.  (And we are about to see a whole lot of all of those!)

Sometimes an uneducated toss of plastic in the recycle bin can cost more than the gesture of trying to save and reuse.  So, I hope this comparison of favorite candy versus the candy left in the bucket until next Halloween gets you thinking about how to better sort your plastics.

We service homes throughout the Austin and Houston areas.  But, for more information on recycling in Austin, please visit the Austin Recycling website by clicking here.  For information regarding Houston recycling, please visit their recycling website by clicking here.  Many cities offer curbside pickup as well. Please visit your city’s website for more information.

Our children have a big job ahead of them of learning how to care for our planet Earth.  So, it’s our job to teach them easy lessons that they can relate to daily and apply to their future.  What better way to teach them than with Halloween candy?  Have a very safe and Happy Halloween and please recycle!

How To Clean Granite Countertops

All Purpose Cleaning Sprays are not meant for All Surfaces especially Granite. That’s of course on the back of the bottle in the finest font that you can barely see. 🧐 What you can see over time however is the damage that the All Purpose spray has done. 😳
Granite is installed in kitchens and bathrooms with a high gloss applied to the stone to protect it from stains and heat, but it does not protect it from acidic items such as cutting limes for your margarita or red wine spills that have set overnight. Most of us know this part, but what we don’t know is that the cleaning solutions under our sink could be damaging the protective shiny coat on the counters.

How To Clean Granite

If you have hard water please don’t use it to clean the counters. Use a spray bottle filled with:

  • 3 parts distilled water,
  • 1 teaspoon of mild eco-friendly soap,
  • 1 part rubbing alcohol.
  • dry microfiber rag

Rubbing alcohol has antiseptic cleaning properties to disinfect the chicken juices that may spill while cooking dinner. But, it is also safe because the pH balance of 7.0 is the same pH level in water and won’t dull your granite.

f you notice your granite has become dull over time you should call a stone care Pro to reseal the surfaces. This will bring the gloss that wore off from abrasive cleaners over time and add the protection back to the granite.

Why Does My Granite Streak When I Clean It?

Granite streaks because a cleaner has dried on its surface. You want to spray and wipe it immediately! Using a dry microfiber rag, turning it a few times to basically buff it dry. Wet rags leave dry surfaces streaky.

Remember that although granite is shiny, it does need to be disinfected and not just polished. So before you go and look for that cleaner that promotes shiny new gloss to granite think about E.coli, Salmonella and the flu viruses. Then, spray to disinfect and wipe to buff out the stone’s sealants gloss.
If you have a stain that has set in (like red wine) we recommend using a baking soda and hot water solution combined to make a paste. Rub the paste into the stain in a circular motion until you see it lightening. If the stain is still there, call a professional to buff it out. If you aren’t able to do that (financially or otherwise), then simply move a decorative item to the stained area to hide the blemish.

How Not To Clean Granite

Windex, anything with bleach, or any so called All Purpose Chemical cleaner is too abrasive for the sealant applied to the granite.
We’ve been providing housecleaning in Behrens Ranch and Walsh Creek in RoundRock for over 10 years. The picture below is of our clients counters that we’ve helped maintain. She’s never had to reseal them because of our knowledge in how to care for them.
With proper maintenance your granite will stay shiny and streak-free for many years to come. You can be proud of the beautiful stone in your home!

Do you have questions about how to clean your granite countertops? I would love to hear from you! Please leave your question in the comments section below.


Is Your Fridge a Sticky Situation?

Check expiration dates and throw away items shelf by shelf so you don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s easier to see that the mushrooms are turning brown when opening and closing the fridge daily but the mustard has an expiration date as well!
Now take the left over items out and organize them on your counter.  Leave them there until the last step has been completed.

Do you always wonder why your fruits and veggies rot so fast? It may be a sign of ethylene.  Ethylene is the kind of gas that speeds up the ripening process of veggies and fruits.  So if you have even only one little veggie or fruit that is going bad it most likely is causing your fresh produce to rot soon as well. 

When cleaning your fridge I am sure you will clean the shelves and the drawers but go beyond what the eye can see.  Mold and other yucky items that you don’t want in your food hide in crevices such as the door seal, behind the drawers and in between the glass.  If while moving some items you notice it has left behind a sticky residue or part of the cardboard container has stuck to the shelf, DON’T SCRUB!

I know it’s strange to hear a cleaning blog say not to scrub but sticky items and molded onto the glass items wont come off with scrubbing they will just smear.
Take a cup of water
Put it in the microwave for 5 minutes
Pour a small amount of that water on the area of the fridge that has a sticky situation or cardboard leftovers.
Let it soak
Then wipe it up!
Comes clean every time!
I suggest using a mixture of equal parts White Distilled Vinegar and Water to clean and disinfect the fridge. 
The vinegar odor will dissipate after a few minutes but will also take the odors from the food that you don’t want left in your fridge out.
Take each glass shelf off carefully, even the ones on top of the drawers and disinfect and wipe those clean.  Usually they get sticky in the place that connects the glass to the drawer. 

The good old fashion trick of sticking a box of baking soda in the fridge still works however it’s quite hard to remember that the box has expired! I recommend slicing a lemon and placing it in a small open container or bowl
You will visually see that the lemon is getting old and once you see that, throw it away and slice another.  It still averages about the same price as using a box of baking soda but stays fresher longer.

If you can’t remember when you bought those tomatoes I doubt you will remember when you bought the baking soda box!

Now that your fridge is clean you can organize your items in the same like order.  Try to place everything in rows with labels facing the opening of the fridge so you don’t have to shuffle items around causing them to spill when looking for something.  I always liked how on MTV Cribs when they showed celebrities homes they always showed the inside of the fridge!  I always laughed because I know the inside joke to that is that their lovely housekeeping team or MTV production staff most likely stocked it and organized it for show.  Most celebrities aren’t home enough to have clean organized stocked fridges.  I don’t know about your household in the summer but mine is full of children opening and closing the fridge way more often than during the school year.  So this is a great time to get it cleaned, deodorized, organized and stocked!

No one wants to eat anything out of a dirty fridge!

If You Blow, It Up Clean It Up

In the next week, we’ll be celebrating America’s Independence Day and Canada Day – which means, parades, barbeques, and for some of us, fireworks. People are always preaching about safety when “lighting off” fireworks (which of course is 1st priority), but we must not forget that although they look beautiful in the sky, they can leave a huge mess of debris in our streets. And since we’re all about the clean.

The Maids and I just wanted to take a second to remind you…if you blow it up, clean it up! It’s so important to dispose of your fireworks with safety in mind because even after fireworks have been used, you still run the risk of getting burned or starting fires.

Here’s what you need to do the job right.

Let your used fireworks cool for a couple minutes before starting your clean up. Use a broom to sweep up all firework debris, wrappers and packaging into one large pile. Don’t forget to pick up the strays from the neighbor’s yard, they’ll love you for that.

It’s a good idea to keep a bucket of water handy in case of emergencies, but at the end of the night, pour it on your fireworks pile for a few minutes to make sure all of the embers have been extinguished.

Finally, dispose of everything in a trash can NOT the street drains. This will prevent littering and possible water contamination from the gunpowder residue. Make sure the trash can is kept outside, away from the house over night.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week of celebrations, but let’s remember what we are celebrating for. It’s our country, and we need to honor it by keeping it beautiful. Have a Happy and SAFE Holiday!

– See more at: http://www.maids.com/blog/fireworks-safety-first-cleanup-second/#sthash.I5PV3fYF.dpuf


Wipe Out Summer Grime

1. Schedule a carpet and tile cleaning service. Most carpet cleaners offer tile and stone cleaning services as well as upholstery.  Email me directly for the best Austin carpet cleaning company I know and work with one on one.  We tend to put more emphasis on cleaning our carpets and forget about the tiled floors.  Take a moment to look at your one white grout and think if you can even imagine what it used to look like.  There are many summer germs in that tile that only a professional company can get out.  This is the week to set up that appointment!

2. Comforters and summer grime
Take the comforters off the beds and send them to the dry cleaners.  Kids ate in bed for breakfast, lunch, snacks and probably had the doggy and kitty with them joining in the fun while you were at work.  Look into discounts that dry cleaners run for cleaning of comforters to get the summer soils out.  Did you know Austin has an Eco Friendly dry cleaning company?  Email me directly for their information and discounts we can offer if you choose to use them as well.

3. Look beyond the shower curtain
Shower curtain liners most likely need to be replaced.  With the summer heat and mold build up in small places like the bathroom we rarely see the inside of our children’s showers unless we ourselves are showering in there too.  If your children’s bathrooms also become the guest bathroom when company arrives change the shower curtain liner today to eliminate your guests seeing it before you do.  If you currently use our services we can pick a new shower curtain liner up for you and add it to your monthly invoice.

4. Pantry clean out.
Make it easy for your children to find what’s needed for making their own lunch by assigning a shelf for lunch and snacks throughout the school year.  It’s also a good idea to line your pantries with shelf liners.  If your trash can has found a place in the pantry I would highly suggest taking it out and finding another home for it.  We don’t want trash and food smells in one on tomorrows dinner menu

5. Schedule a professional cleaning company
If you have a cleaning company ask them to pay special attention to door knobs, light fixtures, around door frames, fridge handles, under kids beds and the laundry room.  Pay your household staff extra to take care of these extra tasks this month so that the cleanings can go back to normal routine service in the next few weeks after the children are back in school.


Two people in love combined with candles, wine, and oils can lead to a messy, fun night. 

Let’s pre-plan the clean up now so when you accidentally spill a little wine or candle wax the night of the festivities you don’t ruin the moment by trying to “Google” how to clean it.
Cheers to the night whether you choose red or white.  You may have a spill or two that could give you a fright.  (Especially if it happens on the lambswool rug!)  Don’t worry – let’s plan ahead…

You Spilled Red Wine on a Fabric

Blot the fabric with a dry, microfiber rag.  Microfiber is wonderful for extracting water without rubbing.  The more you rub the stain in the more it settles into the fibers of the fabric. 

Two Glasses of Wine Can Lead To Such a Good Time….


Baking Soda and Vinegar

Sprinkle enough baking soda on the surface to cover it completely.  Spray white distilled vinegar to make the surface wet. Keep blotting your microfiber rag on the stain until it is removed.  You should fold your rag into four sides so that you can blot, switch sides, spray Vinegar solution and blot again.  Continue this process until the stain is gone. 


You Got a Little Creative With The Candle Wax – But That’s Fine!

Maybe you blew the candles out too hard. (They do sell candle snuffers – but who is thinking that fancy tonight?) Or maybe the candle wax was used as a prop…I don’t need to know all the details in how or what – but I know we have a waxy situation that isn’t sexy. So let’s pre-plan for the accidental spill!


Let It Dry! Don’t Wipe It Immediately!

I know it’s totally opposite of what you may think, but candle wax is easier to remove when dry.  If you try to clean it when it is still hot, it will just smear and make the problem worse. This is an accident that you can deal with the day after. 

If it spilled on a hard surface use the plastic top of a water bottle and scrape it off.  It will most likely come off in the same shape as it dripped.  Then use an orange oil cleaner to degrease the oil in the spill and it will wipe up as if it never existed!

On Fabric Spills

Again, let the candle wax dry before attempting to clean it.  Then take a dull knife and scrape as much off as you can. 

You will now be left with a wax stain on the fabric. Grab your iron and put it on a medium setting. Put a microfiber rag or towel under the fabric and then two paper towels on top of the waxy stain.  Iron the top of the paper towels and don’t forget to again turn the paper towels to different sides as the wax melts off of the fabric and onto the paper towel. 

The Massage Oil Oiled The Sheets More Than The Body!  Oh My!

Now let’s be adults and say the sheets may need the most attention before and after the Valentine’s Day Clean Up Session.  I would suggest having a set of sheets on the bed that are silky, sexy and that you don’t mind getting oily.  These may be your once a year sheets or your special occasion sheets.  Once the oils set into the fabrics it’s kind of impossible to remove fully. However there are some options to try! The day after, take the sheets off and spray the areas that have the oil stains with white distilled vinegar.  Then let them soak in the bathtub or washer with hot water and add baking soda and an orange degreaser to the stains.  You can add about 10 drops of essential orange oil which is a degreaser to the washer cycle. Wash the sheets and, before you dry them, check the stains.  If the stains are still there, repeat the first process before applying the heat from the dryer.  They heat from the dryer will make the stains set in for good. 

Remember that the pre-planning makes the plan go smoothly.  So restock the White Wine, Red Wine, White Vinegar and Baking Soda.  Add a little love into the evening and the Valentine’s Day Clean Up should go smoothly.  Have Fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 Easy Tips to Spring Clean The Bedroom

Studies show that the average American spends more than 7 hours a day in their bedrooms. When thinking of spring cleaning this room, most people think of simply removing clutter and changing bed linens from the winter, heavier comforter to a lighter duvet for the warmer nights.  We are going to break down spring cleaning the bedroom in these 5 easy steps.

Let’s detail our spring cleaning into the areas that are most overlooked until we get to this “every now and then” cleaning ritual.  Spring Cleaning is mainly about removing the dust built up since last Spring.  The bedroom is a soft place for us to land at night after a long day – right?  Well, with that comes a lot of soft surfaces!  Take a moment and think about all the areas in your bedroom that have soft surfaces and imagine how much dust they have collected since last Spring? Soft areas, such as the ones we are going to cover, hold onto dust and cause severe allergies during the Spring season.  Most of us think spring allergies are just based on outdoor allergens; however, indoor allergens are trapped in soft surfaces of our homes and it’s time to address them. 

Curtains and Blinds

photo credit: jafsegal via photopincc

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Curtains and blinds keep the sunlight out and give our rooms privacy; however, they are the closest thing to the windows and they hold onto dust and are rarely cleaned.  If you have allergies it’s quite important to dust thoroughly the soft surfaces in your bedroom.  If you have an easily removable curtain it’s best to place it in the washer on a delicate wash and then allow it to air dry afterwards.  Most curtains however are either custom made or too heavy for a simple washing machine wash.  Take the curtains down and take them to your local dry cleaner for professional cleaning.  Here’s a helpful, cost-saving hint:  check your dry cleaner’s website for coupons on spring discounts first!

Once the curtains are down, let’s address those blinds.  If you have the standard wood vertical blind use a microfiber rag and dust them from the top to the bottom on each side.  If you notice that it is not doing the job effectively, use your vacuum tool with soft bristles and vacuum the blinds on both sides and then use the microfiber rag to remove any leftover dust. 

Comforters, Duvets, Blankets and Mattress Covers

photo credit: sbcustomdesigns via photopincc

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I’m sure you wash your sheets regularly (at least once a week); however, when was the last time the comforter was taken to the dry cleaner?  If everything else in your room is dusty just imagine the dust you are cuddling up with at night as you catch your zzzz’s!

Comforters are another soft surface in your bedroom that need special attention in washing.  Most comforters need to be taken to be professionally dry cleaned.  (Again – check for coupons with your local dry cleaner!)  I know you don’t want to be without your comforter for a night so keep in mind this tip… Most places offer same day services. If you drop your comforter or heavy blanket off in the early morning it’s usually ready by 5pm.

Take any heavy covers and comforters in to be dry cleaned before putting them away in storage so you are not storing last year’s allergens into next Spring. 

Mattress covers that are not zipped should be washed along with your sheets every time to keep the dust mites to a minimal amount.  Wash the mattress cover on the highest heat setting and we recommend air drying it so it doesn’t shrink (depending on the material).


Now that all the layers are off of your bed that have been holding in dust, let’s tackle the hidden dust keeper…Your mattress!  

  • Take a mason jar (or any container with a lid).
  • Add at least 2 cups of baking soda mixed with Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus Oil (about 10 drops for every 2 cups).  
  • Then shake the contents together and use a sifter to sprinkle the mixture all over the mattress.
  • Let the baking soda mixture set on the mattress for as long as possible….(at least 5 hours).
  • Then use your vacuum attachment and vacuum the mattress on both sides if possible.   

After doing a thorough cleaning of the mattress we recommend, whether you are an allergy sufferer or not, to use a zippered mattress cover to minimize dust mites.

Lamp Shades

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Lamp shades require dusting; however, they can be very delicate so follow these steps carefully so you don’t damage the shade.  If your lamp shade has ridges or is made of a harder material that doesn’t seem to bend inwards when you gently wipe it go ahead and use a vacuum attachment.  Most vacuums come with attachments that have soft bristle brushes for removing dust and dirt from areas that are delicate.  If your lamp shade is a softer material, you can use a dry microfiber rag and gently wipe the shade in and up and down motion all the way around until all the dust is gone. 


We vacuum our carpets often but sometimes it’s best to call in the professionals who have the equipment to remove dust, dirt and grime that the average vacuum can’t get.  If you are not cleaning your vacuum roller spool on a regular basis you may be re-depositing germs into your carpet after each use.  Carpet fibers get about as much wear as the mattress; however, they aren’t covered by comforters and sheets so it’s best to have them cleaned at least once a year by a professional.   I recommend to Keep It Local and call Austin Steam It who services a lot of our clients make-ready properties.

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I hope these simple tips for spring cleaning your bedroom will jump start you in the right direction.  Do you have any tips that I didn’t list here that you have found work well for spring cleaning your bedroom?  Please leave them in the comments section below.  By taking the time to do some deep cleaning now of this important room in your home, you can rest easy knowing that you have removed a lot of the dirt, grime, and allergens.  Now doesn’t that make it easy to get a good night’s sleep?  

Sleep Tight!

How to Load The Dishwasher

Are you tired of emptying the dishwasher only to find that half of the dishes are still dirty?  Well, before you check out Consumer Reports on new dishwashers, let’s do some self-checks to see if the problem lies in the dishwasher or in the dishwasher’s loader.

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photo credit: nicola.albertini via photopincc

Family Meeting

The dishwasher has one job and that’s to get your dishes clean.  However, the dishwasher loader also has one job and that job is the most important one…to understand and apply the loading process.  If you have many people in the house and don’t want to shine the light directly on who you think may be the one doing a bad loading job, try this handy tip. 

Tip:  Print out the “How to” portion of this blog and place it in an obvious reading place in your bathroom.  Since everyone that uses the dishwasher also uses the bathroom, the message will get delivered to everyone before the next rinse cycle.


I know most “new” dishwashers state that you don’t have to rinse dishes; however, if you have had fish, or some other strongly fragrant food, I highly recommend rinsing the dishes first. This helps keep odors and germs under control.

Tip:  Before dinner is served, fill one side of the sink with hot soapy water.  Then, allow your dinner guests to simply place their utensils and plates in the water.  This step saves water and saves you time in rinsing each plate off individually.  The hot water will help remove any hard or stuck on debris or film without your personal scrubbing attention needed on every item.

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photo credit: David Locke via photopincc


Yes!  There is a method to loading a dishwasher and if you don’t do it right you are wasting your time and the dishwasher’s time as well!  So, what is the correct way to load a dishwasher?

  • Plastic ware and glasses should always go in the top drawer. If you have delicate glasses, place them between the tines so they don’t crack while the water is being sprayed.  If you have mostly non-delicate cups and plastic cups, you can load them between the tines and not over so you have more room to fit more rows.
  • Bowls should be loaded in every other tine format so there is a gap between each for the water to spray each one effectively.
  • Dishes should face forward to the middle of the dishwasher as most spray nozzles in dishwashers are designed for this method of dish placement.
  • Mix the silverware in each compartment so they don’t stack on top of each other (like they do in the utensil drawer).

Tip:  Don’t wash your pots and large pans in the dishwasher.  It’s best to soak and handwash these yourself.
CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US FOR CLEANING SERVICES!Final Tip:  Buy a magnet that states “Clean/Dirty” so that everyone in the house knows what’s in the dishwasher before they open it.

Hopefully, by encouraging all of your dishwasher helpers to use these simple loading techniques you will find that your dishes come out sparkling every time.  Your dishwasher can only do part of the job.  The person loading has to do their part as well – by knowing how to load a dishwasher.  Now they do! 

Now, what’s for dinner?  I’m hungry.  If you cook…I’ll do the dishes!