Got Curb Appeal?

On West 29th and Glenview in Austin, Texas there is a home that has a polka dot yard!

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Photo via www.keepaustinweird.comAnd, on Oak Knoll Drive in North Austin, Mr. Gabriel Trinidad decided to “Hook ‘Em!” in his front yard with his curb appeal!
Look for our Green Clean Machines all over the Austin area!Everyone has their own style but hopefully dead grass isn’t your “style.”  Before the summer heat approaches in Texas, let’s get a plan in place that doesn’t take too much time but leaves a wonderful lasting impression on your neighbor’s mind…Curb Appeal!

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photo credit: meg’s my name via photopinccMy home sits on the corner of a four way intersection.  I try to keep a company car placed outside so all that stop at the stop sign take a second glance at our Green Clean Machine. I call it my sneaky marketing approach.  I can guarantee you that if my yard looked like a weed infested jungle most people wouldn’t want to do business with me.  (Even though I don’t own a yard care service).  My yard is not perfect – but I do take into consideration how people view me before even stepping inside my door by the way the outside of my home appears.  I like to take the same approach in yard care that most modern home magazines take in their pictures…Simple. 

Check out these simple steps to grab some curb appeal before the summer heat approaches.


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photo credit: colemama via photopinccWe are in much need of many more days, nights, and weeks of rain; however, we just have to take what we can get for now.  Most neighborhoods here in the Austin area are on a water restriction plan where you are only to water on certain days depending on your street address.  Click here to find the day(s) that you should water according to the LCRA.  

Green grass is the first approach to curb appeal.  Now is the time to lay down some Weed And Feed (please make sure you use the one specific to your grade of grass) and water at least twice a week (if restrictions allow). 

Cut your grass using a high setting on your lawn mower so that the length of the grass keeps the soil moist longer.  

Edging grass is a task that I myself have not mastered but I love to see perfectly high edged grass.  Your local hardware store has many tools to help aide us in getting that perfect line.

A Pop Of Color: Times Two Please

If you have a flower bed, add some color into your green.  Remember green is the main color and one or two accent colors that pop from a distance can really make your home look nice and inviting.  

It was so nice stopping by one of my client’s homes last week and noticing her new pops of color.  She chose purple and white hanger baskets and placed them in large containers outside of her front door.  Purple and white represent her son’s decision on attending TCU and that was her personal touch on her curb appeal. How nice is that?  Her home looks beautiful from the outside to others, but at the same time when she sees the colors she smiles knowing that there is a personal reason she chose those flowers to brighten her doorway!  

If you want to keep your watering costs down and don’t have time to water flowers in planters everyday, try choosing planter containers that are bold in color.  Then add a green plant or even a cactus that needs less water than the dog and your pops of color should be good until next summer!

Brighten That Driveway And Sidewalk

You will never really notice it until you do it, so I suggest you do it…. Hire the Pro’s at Austin Steam It with their huge power washer.  They have the largest pressure washer in the state of Texas and they’ve named it “The Beast.”  They can turn your driveway and sidewalk brighter within an hour by removing all the dirt, grime, oil, pollen, and other stains that have built up over the years.

“The Beast” – The largest pressure washer in Texas owned by Austin Steam It!

Welcome, Please Come In!

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photo credit: goingslo via photopinccSummer is going to come with some heat this year!  Add a pop of color or new varnish over the old wood to give it some pre-summer life.  

Nice planters outside the front door that are in view by the passers-by are always welcoming.

Summer is a time of fun.  It’s a time to gather together and enjoy the wonderful outside.  Let’s get our homes ready to welcome friends and family!

Does your car miss your garage?

Austin is expected to have another one of those hail storms some time tonight and as I drove home today I noticed so many garages were open and full with clutter instead of cars. I can see insurance quotes in a lot of my neighbors future this week.
Take the time to go through boxes, crates and containers. Spring is just around the corner and most cities offer spring clutter curbside pick up. Google your local cities garbage pick up website to see when it is offered for you and then pick the Saturday before to de clutter your garage. Your cars will thank you!

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Earth Day 2012 Countdown tip

Small changes in your everyday living can make a huge difference in our Earth.

Today’s small change is related to your egg buying. It’s quite simple…When buying eggs at your local grocery store choose the cardboard egg carton rather than the polystyrene carton. A polystyrene carton takes HUNDREDS OF YEARS to fully biodegrade and a cardboard carton can decompose in about 3 weeks.If you are into architecture then feel free to use some of your free time to make a replica table like this one that was made of Eco Friendly Egg Cartons!

May Air Filter Reminder

Every month I try to remind our clients to change their home’s A.C. filters however this month I am adding another filter to the list. First let’s start with the usual reminder of changing your homes air filters. This will keep the allergen count down in your home and also help the A.C itself to run at the usual pace. When a filter is dirty it causes the A.C to not only blow dirt and allergens back into your homes atmosphere but it also causes the A.C to work extra hard.

Did you know your vacuum has a filter as well. They are usually the type of filters that you can rinse and let dry however some are the kind you have to buy. If you have pets its best to check that filter monthly as well.
A clogged vacuum filter causes the vacuum to have a foul odor when in use. It also causes the vacuum to have to work the motor extra hard which in the long run burns the vacuum out completely.

So think about the filter in your vacuum the next time to go to clean. You may be doing more harm than good while vacuuming with a dirty, clogged filter.

About 80% of our clients have Dyson vacuum cleaners so please make a note of the air filter attached to this reminder email so you can buy a few to keep on hand in your home.


Happy Last Day of Spring

Happy Last Day of Spring! It’s not as hot as it was this time last year so don’t make excuses on the spring cleaning, clearing and de cluttering. IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

If you have realized that after work the only thing you are good for is the couch and on the weekends the only thing you desire to do is relax then call us. Even if you are a regular customer we can come over and devise a plan on slowly but surely cleaning, clearing and de cluttering closets, pantries, and cabinets. You know the areas that have doors where we shove all the clutter in when company comes over! Let’s do something about it because summer is walking up to the front door ready to ring the doorbell.Keeping Austin and it’s surrounding counties clean one home at a time the Eco Friendly Way!

Get your home 4th of July Ready!

4 Tips for 4TH of July House Cleaning Let’s make this 4TH of July Fun and Simple.  If your guest see you stressed and running all over the place they will not feel comfortable at your party.  Let’s prepare the days before so that the day of can be filled with fun!


There is no need to go into full force cleaning mode if you are having 4th of July guests!  It should be a celebration for you as well as your guests.  Let’s make the house clean the simple way.  Now let me assure you that after the 4th of July you will most likely want to call on us for the clean up! 


Bathrooms will need a full cleaning

Kitchens including oven and the fridge will need a full cleaning

Don’t spend to much detailed time on cleaning your floors!

3.  Delegate tasks. 

Get the kids involved.  They can each clean a bathroom  while you clean and clear the kitchen.   Team work makes the dream work!

4.  Think ahead. You’ve cleaned your oven now it is  time to pull out those serving platters that you most likely use once a holiday!  I can guarantee they need to be wiped down. Pull those out and clean them now so that they can be filled with fun party items the day of!

Check the grill! It may need to be cleaned and oiled so the Chef can grill without the cleaning prep Spread out your to do list from now until the 4th so each day something can be accomplished making the day of just a cooking the main dishes and enjoying the fireworks day.

.  Keep it simple. 

Enjoy yourself and your guests will enjoy your 4th of July party.

The weekends are for FUN!

We are all so busy during the week that we save the weekends for cleaning. However we forget that the weekends are for fun and to reward ourselves for the hard work we have accomplished throughout the week. So put that chore list away! Your family deserves to enjoy their weekends. Give us a call to take care of your chore list and your home will be sparkling clean come the weekend. You deserve it!

Are your teens sleeping with Pizza?

One statement we hear over and over again from our clients with teenagers is to “Please excuse our teens room we rarely go in there” However they leave the dirty work up to us to go in there and we find the most disgusting things in the most beautiful homes. I understand they are in the teen phase and don’t want you, their parents ,invading their privacy but I strongly suggest you do it! Don’t wait till they move out to discover pizza and dirty socks under the bed. Every week it saddens us to see teenagers destruct their rooms because they have lack of respect for their homes. They haven’t been taught the value of their rooms and just eat, sleep, watch T.V and clean only when you make them. Take a moment out to speak to your teens about the value of their rooms and if they leave trash and left over food particles they most definitely won’t be sleeping alone for long. It’s hot and the bugs and other animals outside are not only looking for a cool place to nap but to eat as well. Trash goes in the trash can and dirty laundry goes in the hamper. Two major rules every teen should master

Keep it Local Y’all

Many people in Austin and surrounding areas are loyal to the local businesses and ventures however some of us don’t even consider keeping it local when making a purchase.When shopping for birthday gifts I like to buy from the local artisans at Pecan Street Festival or any of our locally owned shops. It not only makes my gifts to my friends and clients unique it keeps my money in the Austin economy. When doing business with a local business rather than a chain the local companies tend to care more about the services and products provided and they become more personal with their clientele so that you can tell your local friends and family to also use their services or buy their products. We buy our Miele Vacuums at Longs Vacuum and Appliance and also Barron’s Vacuum in Cedar Park. Both of these stores are local and they fix our vacuums right in the shop without having to send them off for repairs.I like to tell our clients about Z&M Jewelry in Round Rock as they repair and sell jewelry at an affordable price because they also do all of their work locally. Let’s all participate in the local economy!