Your toothbrush is living in germs

Is $35 enough to pay to keep you away from using your sick days at work. Well that’s how much it costs for s touch less UV toothbrush holder. How often do we think that we could be getting sick by our toothbrush? Most of us put our toothbrushes in a holder that retains moisture and begins to form mold and many germs at the bottom if not rinsed out each day. If you don’t believe me take the time out after reading this email to look at the cup or container that’s holding your toothbrush. Yuck right!? Also if one person in your house is sick and we are all putting our toothbrushes in the same holder where it is moist…. Bacteria and mold begin to grow immediately. Look at the bottom of your toothbrush, the part that you hold, does it show signs of black mold? I suggest buying a touch-less UV toothbrush holder. It eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria that can start growing on a toothbrush in 7 minutes. The UV-c lamp also known as a germicidal UV emits sufficient doses that eliminate dangerous microorganisms that make us sick. They are sold at many places like Wal-Mart and target for under $35.

Tips on making our indoor air cleaner

I have bought a boeske sky planter which enables me to hang my plants upside down. But did you know that having indoor plants helps reduce our indoor pollution? Household plants are a great Eco friendly way to clean our indoor air quality. They help rid air pollutants and toxins in our homes. Research has shown that These plants are the most effective all around in counteracting off gassed chemicals and contributing to a balanced internal humidity Area palm Reed palm Dwarf date palm Boston fern Janet Craig dracaena English ivy Australian sword fern Peace lily Weeping fig Austin maid service Round rock maid service