dripping or sweating on bathroom wall

Why Are My Bathroom Walls Sweating After A Shower?

After posting about water seeping and dripping on bathroom walls on our Weekly Home Tips Instagram Feed (@weeklyhometips) and it went viral with a flood of questions, I knew I had to share more about what I know and what a paint pro shared with me too.

Now let’s clarify here because bathroom wall drips happen in a few ways…

1. One is literally getting out of the shower and drying off. Flinging hair and water randomly just tends to happen. You usually see this at the halfway area of the walls in the bathroom.

2. However, the issue most people are boggled with is the drips on your wall that usually start at the top of the wall and drip down.

Immediately people begin to assume that this mainly happens after a steamy hot shower in a not so well ventilated space. Now, this is part of the issue but not the whole issue.

What Are Those Drips on the Bathroom Walls?

The drips actually have a name called surfactant leaching. Surfactant leaching is a combination of moisture condensing on the walls and extracting surfactants or other soluble compounds from the paint film. Sometimes they can just be washed off and eventually leach out completely. But if you do wash it off a few times and notice it coming back then it’s time to start fresh.

How To Remove Drips on Your Bathroom Walls

Spencer Wieland a Sherwin Williams Representative reached out to me on Instagram after seeing our viral post and shared this knowledge. He said,

“If you have washed it off and then continue with a consistent fan going and proper ventilation in the area it should not come back. But if it does, don’t do another coat of paint because that will bring it back and reintroduce the moisture in another layer of paint.”

He then suggests to, “scuff and sand the surface and repaint with a proper bathroom paint such as Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald. Anything with moist resistance really helps in the long term with paint choice with low ventilation and for people that take super steamy showers.”

How Penny’s Personal Touch Austin Housekeepers Clean Your Bathroom Walls

So, how do our Penny’s Personal Touch Austin Housekeepers remove the wall drippings on bathroom walls for our clients? We mop the wall, friends! Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it is the most efficient and effective way to clean these high areas.

How Do We Remove the Bathroom Wall Sweat?

As shown in the video, our experienced Penny’s Personal Touch housekeepers are mopping the walls with a flathead mop and a scrubby type of microfiber bar rag that has soap and hot water on it.

We mop the walls with the intention to remove all of the stains and then turn the bathroom exhaust fan on as it dries. (PPT Fact: Actually, we always turn the clients’ exhaust fans on since we are spraying cleaning solutions and using hot water constantly as well. This helps to clear the air and dry the surfaces faster).

Help for Bathroom Walls Seeping

On a personal note, I sure hope this post helped answer such a weird cleaning to do list item on most people’s minds when they randomly see drippings on their bathroom wall. We may notice it at the weirdest times. Sometimes the sun shines in and shows us the walls in a brighter way or we may be relaxing in the tub and look up and wonder, “what the heck?” I hope I’ve removed the “what the heck” from your mind and helped you better understand what the bathroom wall drippings are, how to clean them, and most importantly how to stop them from consistently coming back.