colorful paints in cans with a paint brush laying on top

I walked into a potential clients home recently and the fumes from the paint gave me a severe headache. I asked her when the house had been painted and she said 3 weeks ago. This could have been avoided if she would have opted for Eco friendly paints. They are not restricted on the colors or finishes so why not choose this option for your health. Make sure to do some research on the paint that you are choosing even if it states “environmentally friendly”. You must first understand what VOC’s are (volatile organic compounds) and how they make a difference in our personal surroundings. VOC’s are carbon containing, unstable compounds that evaporate in our air and react with other chemicals in the air to create the ozone layer in our homes. This of course causes air pollution in our homes making us sick with issues like breathing problems, headaches, eye and skin irritations and in the most extreme cases cancer. I have another client that was having her home painted while our company was servicing her home. We did not detect a paint odor at all just because the home owner used Eco friendly paint. So before you paint that nursery for your newborn baby or any room in the house, think of your health and your families health. Round rock maid services. Austin maid services