toilet with blue water in it

How I cringe when I get to a clients house and see that they are using the blue tablet quick fix in the toilet. The manufacturers of these products fail to tell you that those tablets turn to a blue sludge like form and do more harm than good for the longevity of the toilet. A new nightmare for a client was that they had just moved into their new home and it had a 2 year warranty. They decided to throw those blue tablets in the toilet and over 6 months or so the toilets were not flushing completely and running constantly. They called the builder to quickly fix the toilets since the home was still under warranty and he quickly declined them. Fine print of the warranty told them not to use those blue tablets or any accessories that are left in the toilet to clean it. They also failed to listen to my warnings! We have serviced many homes and seen many plumbing problems so please adhere to our advice when we say stay away from the blue tablets and just take 5 seconds and scrub the bowl on a regular basis.Also, if you have hard water the chemicals in the blue tablet will form a reaction with the hard water. Over time it will create a blue ring around your toilet bowl where the water settles.If you have already deposited the tablets in your toilets then take our advice and scoop the blue goop out immediately! Here are some ways to remove the blue stain if it has already formed.
First you can try to empty a can of coke in the toilet and let it sit for a few hours. The acid in the coke will eat away at the stain as much as possible.
You can also try scrubbing with a pumice stone or even better drop a few Alka Seltzer tablets in the bowl and watch the fizzle work.

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