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With the New year coming in, we begin to plan for many changes that usually fall by the waste side by February or March. Although our homes are usually the biggest lifetime purchases we make, they tend to get forgotten too in the New Years resolutions. However by using calendar alerts and reminders on our cell phones and computers, it can also be easy to stay on track with these new found goals for our homes. For example: Just type in on your calendar for February1st to change your air filters. Life will become busy ( I can guarantee that!) But you are on your computer and cell phone daily,so when you least expect it….A reminder/alert will pop up that you put in, in the beginning of the year. You are now reminded to change your air filters!

Here are a few things that tend to get forgotten. Take the time to mark these in your calendar alert system today so that you are reminded throughout the year.

ALERTS/REMINDERS Get air conditioners and heating systems checked

Have air ducts cleaned

Clean behind the dryer and inside the dryer air vent

Have the chimney cleaned professionallySteam clean the carpets

Clean out the gutters

Take the comforters, duvets and curtains to the dry cleaners

Have the area rugs professionally cleaned

Schedule window cleaners

Set reminders monthly to change air filters on air conditioner units