4 Hidden Clogged Home Filters And How To Clean Them

I was so shocked to do a walk though of a freshly cleaned 4 million dollar condo for sale that just needed a “touch up” (A realtors favorite line to use for hiring an Austin maid service). I had to take photos to convince the realtor that the new homeowner wouldn’t be thrilled once they discovered these things after unpacking.

The Austin Skyline is booming with views of every side of Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) that realtors are staying busy listing and marketing the newest view on the market.

However housekeepers see the homes in a more personal way than realtors do. Our heads are deep in cabinets vacuuming up the last homeowners dog food that got lodged in the crevices of the cabinet. Or removing the trapped hair in the shower filter that no one knew was there for years.

The top things that housekeepers discover when cleaning Austin residences for sale is the lack of care of filter cleanings.

After speaking to many of our current downtown austin cleaning service clients, they made us aware that they truly didn’t know a lot of these filters even existed. We also believe that a lot of other cleaning services that may not be familiar with a lot of the downtown Austin condo buildings are also unaware of these filters.

After 27 years of providing cleaning services in Austin we have learned a lot of details that need to be maintained in cleaning and I’m here to share a few shocking ones.

We use so many things to clean for us around our homes that we forget those appliances also have filters. In order for them to continue to work for us efficiently, we need to understand how to find and clean them routinely.

Here are the 4 Hidden Filters that get clogged and how we recommend to clean them easily.

Dishwasher filter

How To Find and Clean The Dishwasher Filter

  1. Google The type of dishwasher you have to find where the filter is located unless you still have the manual
  2. Open the filter and remove any debris that is stuck that cannot go in the drain.
  3. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gently clean the wire filter
  4. Clean the outer casings of the filter area before wiping and replacing .
  5. Repeat monthly. Check out our Instagram showing how we clean our client’s dishwasher filters!
Hidden Shower Drain Hair Catcher Filter

How To Find and Clean the Hidden Shower Drain Filter

If you have a newer modern shower then you most likely have instead of a small round drain, a long drain as shown in the video above or a small square drain. Did you know you are supposed to lift it and clean it? It may shock you when you do!

  1. Use a flathead screwdriver or skinny sharp object to carefully lift and remove the filter cover.
  2. Remove and clean the filter
  3. Remove, clear and clean the hair trap filter inside
  4. Scrub, rinse and replace the filters, covers, and drain area
  5. Repeat monthly because this place builds up slime and grime that over time clogs and smells horribly! Check out our viral video on this tip.
Washing machine filters

How To Find/Clean The Washing Machine Filter

If your washer isn’t draining properly, there is most likely a clogged filter. We’ve seen something as small as a hairpin stop the flow of a washing machine. Here’s how to find and clear it.

  1. Check your manual first or google the appliance you have to find where the filter is. This small door in the picture above is usually at the bottom of the machine that houses the filters.
  2. Open/remove the door and grab a container to place under to fill all of the water.
  3. Locate the small hose and release the water into the container. (This usually stinks!) Replace the cap on the hose and place back.
  4. Once all the water is drained you can move to the filter and twist to pull out. Remove the debris, and grime to clean, rinse and replace.
  5. Here’s a shocking video of how to find, clean and repeat this step monthly.
Hidden Rangetop Filter

How To Find And Clean The Range top Filter.

This filter area is usually under the microwave or above your range top. When cooking we press this filter/fan on to remove grease and odor particles. If not cleaned often it just can’t work efficiently and will become blocked.

  1. Google your appliance or read the manual on where to locate the filter.
  2. Remove
  3. Soak in a sink of hot sudsy amazing grease cutting dish soap like LemiShine or if it is too caked on we recommend the method in the above video.
  4. You can also place these in the dishwasher monthly to clean
  5. Repeat monthly if you cook often.

Purchasing a home is usually the biggest investment most of us make. We are overwhelmed with manuals when we first move in that we just shove them in a drawer. I would be honored to help you in any way personalize a routine hidden filter guide for your home. Feel free to email me and let me know how I may be of assistance to you for this.

5 Factors To Consider When Washing Your Sheets

It’s said that the average person will spend over 30 years in our beds over our lifetime. Sounds shocking, but whether it’s watching tv, scrolling through our phone, having personal time or actually sleeping, it sounds about right.

But what’s wrong, is the amount of time in between the frequency of washing our sheets. There are a few factors that make frequency in sheet washing a must. Let’s take a look at 5 factors to consider when washing your sheets.

Factors To Consider In How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets

1. Do you sleep in the buff?

2. Do pets get on your bed?

3. Do you sleep alone?

4. Do you have allergies?

5. Is your facial skin care a big priority?

All of these factors have a big impact on the frequency of washing your sheets.

What Is In Your Sheets?

The shocking truth about sheet washing is what you can’t see on your sheets.

Dust mites, their carcasses and fecal matter live off of your dead skin cells. And our friends over at Denise Bell Skin Care shared with us that we shed 50 million skin cells every day. So what you can’t see, dust mites can, and they eat it. Then you sleep in the remnants of that night after night. This isn’t a good thing for your skin care routine no matter what product you’re using.

When we sleep naked to free ourselves from the entanglement of clothes, our bodies release body fluids and fecal matter.

So taking a shower and getting into a couple weeks worth of entanglements just doesn’t sound relaxing to your skin and breathing does it?

Another Factor To Consider When Washing Your Sheets

Pets seems to love human beds more than their own. They alone shed dander and more which adds to what we are also shedding in the bed. Now that’s just an added reason to sneeze in the morning just reading this.

So the shocking truth is that you are most likely not washing your sheets enough.

Weekly washing is a must.

PRO TIP: Pre-treating stains that you can see before tossing them in the washer is a bonus.

SHOCKING FACT: Avoid the fabric softeners too. They add a residue that builds up over time and decreases your sheets breathability causing you to feel overheated in your sheets.

My personal touch note: I absolutely love a bamboo lyocell sheet. They combine softness and breathability. Leave a note if you’d like to know a few of my favorite brands.

5 Mistakes That Make Your Home Dustier

Good ole allergy season is sneaking into the dust piles of our homes, but we can easily prevent it from setting up shop in our homes by….. learning the mistakes we may be making while dusting.

The welcoming Austin weather has made it more inviting for us to chill outside more. Oak seems to be the first welcoming host though. Whether we are masked up or not, what we do outside can still have a lasting effect on the dust we bring inside of our homes.

Dusting is already a tedious task, and yes I’d rather chill outside than dust, but we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to make dusting more efficient and easier and I hope it helps your home dusting techniques become more efficient for you too.

So if you’re an allergy suffer or can’t understand why your home may be dustier than usual, let’s see if these mistakes may be part of the cause.

Fluffy Fuzzy

Those cute fluffy fuzzy floor rugs that really can’t be vacuumed thoroughly are a dust trap.

Fluffy fuzzy is not good for the allergies because they harbor more dust than flat rugs or carpets.

This also goes for curtains, pillows and throws. We use them often, but clean them thoroughly rarely.
✅Dry clean the drapes
✅Toss the pillows in the dryer
✅Schedule a professional rug cleaner for your hard to clean rugs.

Dusty Dingy

Cleaning with thin rags or old dusters are the best way to just move around dust. Use thick microfiber rags and lambs wool dusters that attract and trap the dust you wipe. The rag shown above is a good example of a rag that’s not effective in dusting anything. A rag needs to have thick fibers to lock in the dust. While providing our Austin Cleaning Services, we use specific color coded rags that are replaced very often to stay efficient

Skippy Sloppy

Don’t skip over putting an entry mat outside your front door, and then also inside your front door. It can be the first stop to trap dust from entering from shoes. Think of all the slop you’ve skipped around in all day, including that green Austin pollen. A nice swipe on your door mat from your shoes is better than skipping over and slopping that all into your home.

Crusty Musty

I really look forward to attending the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden Party in June again. There’s so many reasons to just enjoy the outdoors more after the turmoil we all have faced. But remembering to remove our shoes once we get home is just as important in scheduling fun outdoor activities that you can look forward to. It’s a must to keep the outside dust from becoming crust in your floors and carpets.

The person that got gas before you probably spit on the ground that you’re now stepping in.

Then you go home and stomp crust that into your floors and more.
Carpet odors and shoes go hand in hand.  After trampling through the outdoors, we walk that into our carpets indoors in an enclosed box we call home. The smell of musty carpets has nowhere to go but to hover around until you can vacuum them efficiently to remove the dust. CLICK FOR US TO DUST FOR YOU

If you’d rather spend more time collecting moments outside, we can sweep on in and routinely care for the dust before it piles up. Our Miele vacuums have the best HEPA filters, and our procedures are detailed in trapping dust to remove it.

Suck at Sucking

Using a vacuum that has leftover dust and debris from the dog and more can clog your vacuum over time causing you to spread more dust out while using it. Check and change your vacuum filters and bags before every use to ensure they don’t suck at sucking the dust up.

The Inside Scoop From An Austin Home Cleaning Service

Let’s be real honest here..No one wants to clean their own house so it takes a special person to want to clean other people’s homes for a living! After being in business for over 23 years, I’ve gotten to know many households and many housekeepers. No one thinks how hard it is to keep staff wanting to clean and deal with so many other people’s dirt. I’ve got the inside scoop on who, what, why, and how the Invisible Worker feels, and what they deal with. Since the customer is the Boss, it’s usually an unspoken truth within a person that ends up making or breaking a housekeeper.​​

It’s Personal Beyond Your Dust and Dirt.

Although we try to make every customer feel personally special, you are not the only client they have! In our business, we send out two ladies that are to care for up to 4 homes a day. That’s four different homes filled with personalities and needs that they have to personally cater to in one shift. Now we may not meet the people in person, but cleaning after someone will tell you about their personality. Imagine having 4 spouses and 4 families 😵. So if a housekeeper you usually see has now come and gone, it may be a personal issue with them, or another house they care for that made them leave the job. Cleaning is personal to the housekeeper once they establish a routine and relationship with the client’s home, pets, and belongings.  It’s O.K to be personal with the person touching your personal things.  Saying Hello and Goodbye, thank you and I appreciate you will help all relationships, especially this one.  ​​​

Why You Should Cancel Your Routine Cleaning Appt.

Being sick costs more money than anyone wants to spend on missing work. Please alert your housekeeping company if someone has been 😷 sick (minus allergies as that’s way too common in Texas), had 👀👱🏼‍♀️ lice, or a pet 🐕🐾had fleas. Now let’s go back to the thought that you’re not the only client! There’s not enough disinfecting 🛑any housekeeper can do to stop the immediate spread of untold illnesses.We want to disinfect the next home and not infect the next home

Pets Don’t Like Vacuums! 🐾

Our pets are part of our family and we all take up for them as if they wouldn’t harm a fly. What needs to be considered is that pets are territorial. 🐾 Nearly everyone’s home has pets and your housekeeper is carrying the scent of the last home (including the pets of that home) all over them. So please introduce your pets to the housekeeping company before handing the dirt over. That way they have been properly introduced by you the homeowner to let them feel peaceful about the people with the vacuums.​

The Client Is The Boss And They Can Fire Everybody!

Here’s a quote that comes to mind for this one. “Cleaning the house with people inside of it is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos”. Since you are pretty much the housekeeper’s Boss, imagine if your Boss was around while you were working on a project with a demanding deadline! If it’s a must that you are home to work, be courteous to personally state where you will
be working to stay out of their way while they are also working. While providing Home Cleaning in Austin, we have many clients that do work from home. We make sure to give them a routine as to how we will clean their home so that we can work safely and efficiently out of each other’s way. It’s all in the communication and respect of each other’s jobs.

Extra Costs Extra

Life gets hectic, and that’s usually the reason you hire help! There are however times of bathroom explosions that occur or messes that you just didn’t have time to pick up and that’s just life. A kind tip with a personal note of appreciation goes a long way when someone walks into an extra mess with no extra time being paid to clean it.
“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”
This quote could also be told backward. A person who is expected to do more but is not appreciated will usually do less…

The Housekeeping Industry can be a very high turnover field fueled by some of the reasons above.
Its very intense daily, and housekeepers are the Invisible Workers that are expected to do more but appreciated less.
Being a housekeeper first, before I was a business owner, helped me empathize with everyone I hire in our RoundRock home cleaning service.
I personally hire individuals that need a little push to their next phase of life. 
I also learned awhile ago that I actually don’t own a Cleaning Service, I own a mentorship program for people to grow through. I help our staff in areas of their life outside of cleaning that can help them grow to the next level.


4 Unsexy Pillow Talk Facts You Need To Know.

There’s nothing sexy about this pillow talk but it could save you from being sick. While no one has timeOr cares to take their pillow to a microbiologist, sicknesses usually creep up on us and make us make time for ourselves.

Most of us are so attached to our pillows and how we think our sleeping has personalized them that we are forgetting one thing. Our sleeping 5-8 hours on the same pillow for more than two years can build more than a comfy relationship. It can build a nesting ground of sweat, organic matter, bacteria mold, and dust mites.

Why Do Pillows Have Yellowish Stains?

If you’ve ever lied down with wet hair, had a sweaty night in bed or noticed your nighttime facial cream on your pillowcase then you should be washing your pillow at least twice a year (depending on the type of insert the pillow is made of)
We wash our sheets and pillowcases, but as you can tell from a mattress without a mattress cover, things seep past the sheets. So just imagine what’s seeped past your pillowcase? Bacteria and Mold grow in moist places. Our body heat on a soft surface for at least a few hours creates a very moist place. Then it’s covered and sealed by a pillowcase.

Why Does My Pillow Smell Moldy?

Have you ever taken a spare pillow out of a closet in a hotel and it just didn’t smell fresh? That would never happen at www.1hotels.com Closets can be hot boxes if not left open for air to come through. If you are storing pillows then I suggest always having them in a sealed bag with a dryer sheet.

Can My Pillow Make My Allergies Worse?

Unsealed Pillow Case equals a dust mites party central. Dust mites eat flakes of human skin and love humid conditions. If your room gets dusty, then can you imagine where the dust is settling in your soft pillow? Then you add the sweat, and non-washing and 💥 bam. Dust mites!
I suggest covering every pillow with a pillow protector. I like Suregaurd Protectors which can be purchased on Amazon. This will save you the time of having to wash your pillows and the stress of possibly getting sick from what’s sleeping in your pillows.

How Often Should I Replace My Pillows?

Pillows should always be replaced every two years, especially if they don’t have pillow protectors on them.

While providing cleaning services in Austin,TX we have noticed that most homes have about 3-4 beds. We recently did a poll on our Austin Instagram Story to see how many pillows most people had on their beds. The average pillows in Austin Homes were 5-10.
We see many different pillows, and and leave our client’s personal touch notes when we notice certain things that could harm their health. Austin’s allergies are a complete year-round struggle for most of us. Taking the time to understand, while providing home cleaning services in Austin that dirt isn’t always visible is part of our detail cleaning.

3 Reasons You SHOULD Hire A Cleaning Service & 3 Reasons You Should NOT!

To help you really figure out if it’s worth it, see if any of these categories apply to you. It’s kind of like a BuzzFeed Quiz to determine if this is a cost you will value in the long run.

Is A Cleaning Service really worth it?

The answer to that depends on the person. I mean I like donuts but I don’t like donuts from just anywhere. So just because you like a clean home doesn’t mean that you’d like a clean home provided by just anyone. It’s personal! It’s going to boil down to cost and the value that you personally get from it. Everything is not for everyone and we are not here to judge who thinks they don’t need to hire out cleaning the toilets and would rather do that themselves. Let’s break down the Pros and Cons of it and see where your life fits the answers.

TIME TO GET PERSONAL (Or you can just quit reading now and click the button to hire us) wink wink 😉

3 Pros of Hiring A Cleaning Service



1. The value of your TIME is major and cleaning takes time. Especially if it’s been avoided for a few weeks. It could take hours or even days depending on the load of dirt, laundry and organizing needing to be done. If you find that spending time with friends and family brings you more joy than cleaning your home then SPRINKLE ON THE JOY
​and hire a Pro. Personally I’d rather spend my day off enjoying a cocktail at the amazing bar at Eberly in Austin or Sunday breakfast at Walton’s on 6th St (Oh my gosh their shrimp and grits is yummy) rather than cleaning.
The Pro about providing Housekeeping/ Maid services all over Austin is that we stumble upon some truly local gems to eat and drink at. I’m sure many can agree with me on this Pro.


. After spending 8 hours working for someone else sometimes just the thought of coming home to chores is stressful. If you understand that feeling of peace by walking into your clean home after a long hard work day then you will value the money spent on outsourcing the stress of the chores.


3. There’s no need to question who’s going to clean the bathrooms this week when you’ve hired someone routinely to do it. Hiring a cleaning company can bring more peace to the household. No one wants to marry their mothers argument into adulthood of ” Why didn’t you clean your room” life. It’s time to grow up and make the adult decision to remove cleaning from the argument list.
We may even be providing cleaning services in your Downtown Austin building and can provide you with a building Discount! Now there’s another reason to avoid the argument. Save money and the stress!

“I’d rather come home to a clean home that my wife didn’t clean so she can be more relaxed about relaxing with me”
-Your Dream Husband



​1. If you enjoy the old school Saturday Chore music and cleaning time then go for it! Sometimes going old school on your home chores is a stress reliever. Just don’t pull out the bleach! That stuff is horrible.


2. If a background check and company reputation isn’t enough to make you exhale into the feeling of leaving someone in your home to care for it then don’t! Your home is personal and it’s a personal decision to allow someone to enter your home when you’re not there. Especially when a cleaning person will pretty much touch and know where most things go in your home that you use on a day to day basis. It’s all about trust!


3. They say don’t have expectations of people but you should of a company. If you’ve had Cleaning Services in the past and you’ve honestly just been let down over and over again with the quality and lack of attention to detail then yes I agree that you should just do it yourself. However keep in mind that it’s about the research. Estimates over the phone are so impersonal. Everyone lives differently in their square footage so pricing should reflect the personal space and preferences not just the size. You are building a relationship so communication is key. If you don’t lie something let them know. They may grow into the best decision you’ve made after a few bad ones. Kind of like a husband. You had to kiss a few frogs to find that prince right? (Wink wink)

​Keep it simple on this decision. You work all day for someone else. Make your money work for you by hiring a pro to take care of your dirty work that most of us avoid. The return on investment is peace and time. The world needs peace and we are running out of time every day.

5 Life Changing Things To Know When Staying Away From Home

How safe do you think you are while renting a home or hotel? While using the bathroom on a recent stay away from home, someone opened my hotel door! I had barely checked in 20 minutes ago and was scared beyond a feeling of walking in House of Torment in Austin. I rushed downstairs ( of course after washing my hands) and asked the staff to check my concern. In a nonchalant tone of “Oh it was probably the Housekeeper or maintenance” I asked to move rooms. I still didn’t feel safe so here’s what I decided.


I am trusting a hotel, AirBnb or HomeAWay to keep me safe, but someone always will have access to my room or house I’m renting to protect them on their end. So it was time to protect myself and self check how I trusted. If you have hired a Housecleaning service in Austin you know you are handing your keys over to a company/person that will clean a home filled with all of your personal possessions.  If you are given a key while on vacation you are trusting that the Homeowner of the AirBnb, Hotel or HomeAway takes safety and privacy as a big of a concern as you do in your own home right? WRONG! 

1. The 🔐 Lock

Addalock is a portable door lock that fits in the palm of your hand. I bought mine on Amazon. If someone uses a key to open the lock you locked they cannot open it until you remove the Addalock from the inside. I now have a few of these and they stay in my luggage. While providing housecleaning services in Austin we notice that only 75% of our clients use a security system. So while traveling I think about the turnaround in the home or hotel I am renting and no longer put 100% trust in who I am renting from. No security system, and I don’t know who may have a code to enter is enough to make me Addalock.  


Encourage? How about require? Well that’s what I get for trusting again. I recommend that you pack a mobile carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or heard and is the silent killer.
A mobile smoke detector should be added to the list as well. You can also buy a mobile Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector all in one kit.


Let me tell you about the time I stayed at the Four Reasons…..If you don’t get it…. then don’t worry! Well one season while staying at the Four Reasons 🤐 I pulled the sheets off for the housekeepers to make their job easier and I found a surprise. Under the top mattress pad was a soiled bed that looked resembled a bed someone abandoned in an apartment we cleaned in Austin, TX. I alerted management and they stated they were going through a remodel. Well this mattress was far beyond remodel timing! Before resting your head on the bed do these two things. Pull the mattress from the wall and look in the seam of the mattress for bed bugs. Don’t trust the star level of the hotel you’re staying in or the raving reviews online for the HomeAway site. Then check the mattress to make sure it’s clean or has a padding to protect you from what can seep through the sheets.


Wouldn’t you rather light a flame of love rather than a home or hotel on fire on your next stay away from home? Well if you plan on breaking the rules and lighting a candle on your next stay away from home be aware! Check to see if there is a fire extinguisher close by, and that it’s date is not expired.
Better safe than sorry!

Keep the lock, smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your go to luggage because sometimes it’s hard to even trust ourselves to remember. Checking the bed and fire extinguisher situations will help you rest assured while lighting a flame of love or peace.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Housekeeper or Cleaning Company

It shocks me when potential clients reach out to us for service and they just want a blind estimate over the phone based on square footage and a little information they can give, in their opinion, of the things that need to be cleaned.  Price is most definitely a deciding factor; however, I think the company’s knowledge in what you need cared for should be an even higher deciding factor than price. Does the term “You get what you pay for” sound familiar?When you hire a service provider you trust that they are knowledgeable in the areas that they service.  You are either hiring them because they are accredited and licensed in their field or you simply would rather hire someone rather than to do it yourself.  But there’s another saying that goes “If you want something done right you’d better do it yourself!”  In order to get your Housekeeper/Cleaning Company to do things your way you’d better set a time to meet them before handing over your key. This way you can go over your specifics so that things will be done the way you want it.  Let’s look at 5 questions you should ask a cleaning company or housekeeper before you hire them to make sure that things are done right!

1.  What Type of Cleaning Products Will You Use?

Just because it’s in the cleaning aisle doesn’t mean it should be used in your home.  Some cleaning solutions are cheap, overly fragrant, and used by many cleaning companies.  Try to get an exact understanding of what supplies they will be using so you aren’t alarmed by their idea of the scent of clean when you return home after a service day.  Cleaning solutions, if not diluted properly, could also leave a residue causing more work to be done in the long haul of removing the product applied that was supposed to clean!

2. Are You Knowledgeable About The Caring For Certain Types of Surfaces?

When we buy our homes we put a lot of thought into the types of tile, carpet, wood, and even the sink faucets.  If you hired a company to install or upgrade certain surfaces in your home, they most likely left you with a list of recommended products to use to keep those surfaces looking next to new.  If those recommendations are not followed you may also void the warranty on them.  So make sure to be extremely clear of your cleaning company’s knowledge of the surfaces in your home before they put their finger on the spray trigger!

3.  Are You Using My Vacuum or Yours?

Cleaning teams can clean anywhere from 4-6 homes a day.  You may know your cleaning ladies come in with a smile and do a great job – but are you sure they are using a vacuum that you would approve of for your rugs and carpets?  For example, if you have a shabby pile rug in your home, make sure their vacuum can match your rug’s needs in order to clean it without ruining it!  There are thousands of vacuums out there and no two are really alike.  If your cleaning company is going to be using yours, be sure to alert them of any settings they need to know in order to use the vacuum efficiently!  As you might expect, our vacuums get a workout.  We use them to make sure that our client’s rugs and carpets are well-maintained. 


4.  Do You Know What Goes In the Dishwasher, Washing Machine, and Dryer – And What Doesn’t?

Cast iron skillets, expensive knife units, delicate wine glasses…these are all things that get used often, but not everyone knows that they can’t be washed in the dishwasher.  So, if you have inherited your great-grandmothers cast iron skillet or invested in a lovely set of kitchen knives be sure to educate before you have to compensate

When washing clothes, towels, and sheets does your Housekeeper/Cleaning Company understand the settings on the washing machine and dryer and how they apply to the fabrics in your home? Everything can’t be washed on Super High Heat!

5.  Are You Insured For Damages or Accidents?

Accidents happen and they tend to happen a lot when using water.  Make sure you ask the company the “What If?” questions before hiring. If a housekeeper falls, cuts, or breaks something – how does the company handle the expense or do they do anything at all?  Not only are you hiring someone to care for your home, but you are trusting that it is done with a professional approach when the “What If” and “Oops” moments arise (which they may).

Educating Our Staff Improves Our Service To You!

Continually educating our staff of new products and routines is crucial to stay on top of the understanding factor that it takes more than glass cleaner to make your home shine.  Homeowners are constantly buying new items for their homes to either upgrade the home or re-design a room.  So, the knowledge to keep those items in as new a shape as possible is quite important.  Cheap isn’t always best – especially when hiring someone to care for your home.