How To Clean A Burnt Pot Easily

These two items aren’t even sold in the cleaning aisle but work magic to clean a burnt pot.

burn pot on stove
How to easily clean a burn pot

I’ve also used this method on a cookie sheet, crockpot, or any pot I don’t want to scrub.

We never know exactly what we may walk into when it comes to providing downtown Austin cleaning services. So having these time saving tips helps us work efficiently. Our Austin maid service clients are usually blown away by the amount of work that we do in the time we spend cleaning.

The Two Ingredients to Clean A Burnt Pot

1. One or two non used Bounce Dryer sheets.

2. Hot water.

Add about an hour or two depending on the amount of burnt on issues you have and let the dryer sheet break down the grime for you.

The Burnt Pot Cleaning Trick

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2 Cleaning Products That Are Magic Together.

If your white sink ☕️🚰 is stained this blogs for you. If you’ve ever blown a candle 🕯out and the black soot left marks on your counter this blogs for you. The list goes on and on, but I can show you better than I can tell you.


The above white sink transformation was from the after clean up of one of our favorite clients projects. Check out her bright talent at She also teaches you how to put your own personal touch on your own chair too!

Now I can admit that the after look of the sink is not spotless, but you have to understand that this sink has been used for paintbrush cleaning for years.

This tip is not only for white sinks. From stainless steel sinks with stains, white tennis shoes, hard water build up on shower doors and faucets and more!

The Two Cleaning Product Magic Trick

  1. Magic Eraser (SAVE MONEY💰tip and order from
  2. Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser (SAVE MONEY 💰 and poke a hole in the removable seal under the lid, because it pours out a LOT of unnecessary product if you remove the seal, and you don’t need a lot)
  3. Wet the magic eraser, add a dollop of Bar Keepers Friend on the magic eraser and scrub to remove stains
  4. MAJOR TIP🚨Don’t let the product stay on the surface for longer than a minute as it can damage the surface! Rinse with water and dry with a dry rag.

Our coffee loving clients moved into their new Luxury residence at The Grove Atx http://Thegroveatx & chose a beautiful white sink in their kitchen. One day the homeowner asked me why she could not get her sink as clean as we do, and I shared with her the above tip. The Two Cleaning Product Magic Trick is a game changer for scuffs, coffee marks, stains that you never thought you could remove, and cleaning without damaging a surface.

Covid has made cleaning popular and has pushed me to share some of my best cleaning Smarter NOT Harder cleaning tips and trick we use. Check us out on Instagram for more.

Tarrytown Cleaning Services with a detailed personal touch

5 Do’s & Don’t Do’s of Lysol Wipes & What We Recommend Instead.

Two months deep into this pandemic and stores still can’t match the demand for Lysol wipes and sprays. It’s a shame because most people are thinking a quick wipe or a spray will sanitize their home.
Oh so far from the disinfecting truth.
The truth is
no ones home can be sterile but everyone can use these tips to keep their homes high touch areas disinfected often.

5 Don’ts of Lysol Wipes

1. Don’t use it on a porous surface!
For example:
Granite is porous. Even if it is sealed. It’s sealed for protection but, these wipes can actually eat away at the sealant damaging your granite surfaces!

2. Don’t Use a wipe to clean everything!
I know that sounds weird but it’s not meant to clean.
Soap and water with a microfiber rag will agitate the dirt and clean.
​The wipe will then disinfect a small area. (One wipe can only provide adequate disinfection to an area of around three-square-feet or less)

3. Don’t use these wipes on anything your mouth will touch.

4. Don’t use these wipes to wipe the leather in your car! The wipes will strip the leather of its natural oils causing it to brittle.

5. Don’t flush a wipe in the toilet

5 Do’s of Lysol Wipes

1. Do KNOW your surface before wiping!

2. Do use a wipe rather than a spray on REMOTES. Just take the batteries out as to not mess your settings up.

3. DOORKNOBS (especially the entry doors to your home.) you haven’t had a chance to wash your hands inside yet so doorknobs are icky.

4. LIGHT-SWITCHES get used more than cleaned in the regular cleaning routines for sure.

5. DOOR HANDLES such as the frequently used handles on the fridge, faucets, cabinets and drawers.

What To Use If You Don’t Have Lysol Wipes

Got an empty Lysol Wipe Container?

Cut a roll of paper towels to match the length
(bread slicer works fine 😉)


  1. select-a-size paper towels.
  2. 18 ounces 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  3. 5 ounces water.
  4. 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.
  5. 45 drops essential oils. Tea tree, eucalyptus, and thyme were actually studied for their antivirus properties and we use them in our own Austin Home Cleaning Service office made cleaning solutions.


My 2 Pennies Worth🤷🏻‍♀️

Disinfecting wipes are a good go-to for disinfecting small areas.
Check the manufacturer’s guidelines but most keyboards, remotes, game controllers, and phone cases can be safely disinfected with a wipe. (Please don’t swipe a wipe off on your iPhone with one!) Some cell phones have a protective coating on the screen that can be harmed by certain chemicals so check before you clean.

The Essential Cleaning Products Every Home Needs.

By the look of the cleaning aisle in H-E-B, it seems that everyone seems to think that every cleaning product is essential right now. This couldn’t be further from the truth because the surfaces in everyone’s homes are different, not everyone has COVID-19 in Austin, and you don’t have enoughspace where you store your cleaning supplies as it is.about:blank

A Ph Neutral Cleaner/Degreaser (disinfectant added in is a bonus)

Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, grime, built up dirt, grease and body oils need one cleaner that can remove dirt without removing the finish off of the surfaces in your home.
Personalize this to your own home. If your surfaces are mainly granite, marble or stone, find a specific cleaner for the specific surfaces. From that same ph neutral line, you will be able to find a specific mold/mildew cleaner too. Check our Instagram feed for the product we recommend for stone, tile, marble and granite.

PRO TIP: Buy the cleaner by the gallon and make your own spray bottles dilutions for the kitchen and bathroom. The most effective oh neutral cleaning supplies by the gallon cost less than a 24 oz spray bottle of regular All Purpose grocery bought cleaner.

WE CAN PERSONALIZE A CLEANING KIT FOR YOUClick the button above to have Penny come out and personalize a cleaning caddy for your home.

Essential Glass Cleaner/Polish

The essential cleaning product after this one is what makes our method more cost effective and easy.  You don’t have to buy or spray Windex, especially since windex and most other glass cleaners can literally strip the sealer off of your granite and marble as well as dull the shine. 
A very effective glass cleaner/Polish is simply a spray bottle filled with Distilled water and about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.  The key to this polish working effectively is the rag you specifically use which is why the next product is essential. 

Colored Microfiber Rags

 Providing cleaning services in Austin has us in and out of many homes with many different needs and issues.  Not everyone is going to tell us if they have been sick since we were there last.  We have to not only clean in a protective way for ourselves, but for the next Austin cleaning service client we attend to.  
Buy colored microfiber rags and assign each color to each cleaning task.
We use Green microfiber rags for glass/mirror cleaning
Blue for bathroom
Yellow for Kitchen ( We use two since the kitchen usually has stainless steel and other hard surfaces
Orange for hand dusting
We use one set of rags and floor microfiber mop heads when we provide Austin cleaning services as to not cross contaminate from home to home.

Essential Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Every one from our Downtown Austin cleaning clients to our Spanish Oaks cleaning clients should have clean toilets because the grocery stores don’t have toilet bowl cleaners lately.  I am glad we don’t rely on the local grocery store for our cleaning products!  
Pick a toilet bowl cleaner that has a great spout to put the cleaner directly under the rim of the bowl.
Pro Tip: Bar Keepers friend ( liquid formula only please) will also clean your porcelain toilet and it is in stock everywhere because a lot of people don’t know how it works. 

Essential Stainless Steel Polish

Please don’t try any DIY methods on your stainless steel to polish and clean it.  You should assign a microfiber rag for stainless steel polishing only to be effective. 

Wood Furniture Polish

Your wood furniture polish should have an assigned microfiber rag as well to polish and not spread the dirt.  Any wood polish that is orange based is an effective degreaser as well if there is built up grime on the wood furniture.  

Essential PH-Neutral or Specific Wood Floor cleaner

As much as we recommend taking your shoes off at the door, your pets can’t do that.  We do recommend your floor cleaner to be specific to the material the floor is made of as to not damage the surfaces. 

Essential Soap

Soap is preferable to bleach in fighting this coronavirus so why is there still any kind of soap left on the shelves but bleach limited to two a person for purchase? Total miseducation on this one and not enough deep understanding on how to break down what could be on a surface. 

Essential Disinfectant Spray

Again, unless you have this infectious virus, spraying a disinfectant could bring more long term health risks than good.  It is always best to have a disinfectant spray in your cleaning kit at home because you do never know when someone will get sick.  It is however not essential to spray if your household is not sick.  The indoor air quality can be worse than the air quality outside with all of the things that we spray, cook, body scents and more that are trapped in a four wall space to live in.

A Personal Note from your Local Austin Cleaning Service Pro

Keep in mind that there is always a what if  your household becomes contaminated in this COVID_19 pandemic. Don’t wait!  Prepare now with the appropriate specific surface things to sanitize your home in an emergency only cleaning kit that you should only use if someone gets sick.  Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance is one of my favorite quotes and needed at this time. 

Try to keep your essential cleaning products to no more than what can fit in a cleaning caddy that you can take from room to room to effectively clean and manage storage in your home too.  
If you are wanting to remove unwanted cleaning products, or have a Pro come out an personalize a cleaning caddy for your home, feel free to connect here.

How To Clean The Air In The 3 Most Odor Absorbing Rooms In Your Home

Austin weather is as abnormal as your teenager cleaning their room without you asking. So before we blame the itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing on the local weather let’s check our local hot spot. Home. Healthy air quality is a major….factor in keeping the pollutants out of the air in our closed boxes that we call home. You can change your air filters, buy air purifiers and air your home out often, but bringing your home back to the simplicity of nature is usually key.


This: In my bedroom I have a Plasma Wave that cleans the air. It turns colors when it senses the air quality is poor and somehow fixes it with its Odor Reducing Carbon Filter.
That: The Mother-In-laws tongue is known as the bedroom plant. (Did you laugh?) It’s known to give off oxygen at night and filters formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and other things I have no idea how to pronounce, but I know I don’t want to breathe them in.


THIS: Whoever thought that a perfume smell would mask bathroom odor was right! It masks it and then unmasks it to combine perfume and funk. Before you spray the air freshener check for Formaldehyde as an ingredient. Formaldehyde is an eye irritant, causes allergic reactions and is linked to nose and lung cancer.
THAT: Orchids remove xylene in the air and they are super low maintenance! We provide housekeeping services to a home in Spanish Oaks in Bee Cave, TX and our client Erin recommends buying them at Trader Joe’s. She always has the prettiest orchids surrounding her bathtub


THIS: The kitchen is a sticky odor filled room with not too many soft surfaces to hold onto odors but they still linger. Your vent hood fan just isn’t enough! Don’t let an excuse of no space stop you from cleaning the air with a little flare of a plant or two.
THAT: If you’ve ever burnt your hand in the kitchen then this plants for you! Aloe Vera soothes kitchen burns and purifies the air at the same time.


While teaming up with the staff of 1Hotel recently they explained to me how much indoor air quality meant to their hotels. If you are ever in Brooklyn stop by the 1 Hotel 🏨 Brooklyn Bridge 🌉 location! As soon as you walk in the lobby you will be greeted by plants naturally cleaning the air and creating a sense of nature without being outside.

5 Cleaning and Storage Tips for Common Household Problems

Every household has certain areas that seem to remain messy and unorganized.  Yes…that’s right, the clutter you have been trying to hide, thinking that you were the only one who needed better time management skills to organize everything…no, that’s everyone.

We at Penny’s Personal Touch Services clean and help organize a lot of homes and commercial properties.  So, we thought that it would be helpful to go over some of these common household problems.  It turns out that with some simple cleaning and organizing tips from the professionals, you will be able to relax in your beautiful home in no time.  Let’s look at each common household problem and it’s solution.

PROBLEM:  My Cleaning Supplies Get Lost Under The Sink!

The space under your sink is usually swamped with leftover flower vases, cleaning supplies you rarely use because you can’t see them, and maybe even a leftover plastic bag or two.

Place a clear shoe holder over the back of a closet door in the laundry/utility room and place your cleaning products in there.  You don’t have to worry about small children reaching them and you can actually see what you have.

PROBLEM:  A Spill, A Stain, Oh My!

Someone has spilled red wine, the dog threw up or had an accident, or the kids have managed to spill a juice box onto the white rug. Accidents don’t have to be permanent. But sometimes throwing something into the washer on high heat and drying it can make a stain permanent. SOLUTION:
Baking soda and white distilled vinegar are the perfect couple to react with stains on most colors and surfaces.  They won’t bleach the problem which can damage, but rather they cause a reaction together with the stain to gently remove it.  It’s a slow process, but works wonders.  Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and saturate the stain with the vinegar. Let it sit and gently rub or scrub the stain in a circular motion. Use a microfiber rag to remove as much vinegar out of the stain as you can. You will see that the vinegar takes the color of the stain until it is all removed.  Repeat the process over and over until it is gone!


PROBLEM:  My Home Has An Odor I Can’t Remove!

When you enter someone’s home has your nose been greeted before your hand has been shaken or your feet have walked through the door? Odors stick to soft fabrics such as carpet, drapes, soft furnishings, and fabrics.  Most use a spray to mask the odor, but eventually it comes right back.
Zeolite! Yes it’s a weird word, but it’s kind of like activated charcoal.  You can buy either scented or not and you sprinkle it on the musky area such as carpets. You will need to let the Zeolite sit for at least a day so we suggest you sprinkle it on before you go to work. Later, just simply vacuum it up. The odors are absorbed into the solution and once vacuumed up, so is the odor!  You can also purchase the product at Long’s Vacuum and Appliance on South Congress in Austin. 

PROBLEM:  How Do I Organize My Child’s Clutter?

Clutter isn’t always a bad thing.  Kids and our animals actually need to have the interaction of toys around to make their space livable to them.  There’s no need to always have a clear floor, but it’s nice to show the kids how to clean up their favorite area in a timely manner.

Place a designated tub or basket at the bottom of the stairs or in a closet and set a time before bed for each child to place their fun toys in the basket.  This assigns a task of responsibility and gives you a clear space at the same time.  Animal toys should also have an assigned basket. Just be sure the doggies and kitties can access their toys without your help.

PROBLEM: Cleaning The Baseboards, Blinds, and Fans

Life is too busy with work during the week and too full of fun and relaxation on the weekends to worry about fully cleaning and disinfecting your home.  Tidying up and cleaning are clearly two different things!

Outsource the work. Hire the pros who know how to clean professionally in a timely manner that will let you get back to work and also have fun without the dirt of life getting in the way of your busy days.

We would be honored to service your home so that you take back your time for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our “Green Clean Machine” come to your home, take care of the cleaning for you, and you can just walk in and relax?Give us a call today at (512) 248-0097 or simply click here.



I hope you didn’t think I was going to say that the candle above was the remedy. (lol) 
I ran into Walgreens for a last minute item and this candle caught my attention.  Now if you want your home to smell like Whiskey and Tobacco then light this candle and no need to read any further.​
But if you want to know the two words that can remove strong odors that are lingering behind your front door then read below for the remedy. 


A scent can be a memorable way of remembering someone. (I’ve got a good joke about that at the bottom of this post, so be sure to scroll for a giggle)  The minute I smell mothballs or CHANEL No. 5 I think of my Grandmother. She somehow combined the two scents and made it her signature scent to me.  Every home has a signature scent.  The more people in the home the more scents tend to linger.  Some of those scents turn to odors that we can get rid of with these two words…​



​While providing housekeeping services in downtown Austin Apartments or Housekeeping services in Spanish Oaks, one thing we have found is no matter the size of the fridge or home, some odors will linger. Fridge-It Cube works for up to 6 months in a fridge compared to baking soda boxes that usually last a month.   I meal prep weekly (mostly seafood) so the scents tend to linger.  I tried the baking soda in a bowl in the fridge, but after a month I forgot about the bowl and didn’t remember until I smelled the fish scent again. The activated charcoal worked so much better than the baking soda because Baking Soda only removes certain scents. My fridge isn’t too picky on the certain things it has in it so I need my deodorizer to act accordingly. 


We provided maid services to a bachelor in a Houston Medical District High rise condo and upon meeting the client he begged of us to get the smell of the last tenant out of his Houston Condo. Along with our regular cleaning methods we used this Natural Air Deodorizer and Odor remover found at Amazon. Not only did he mention the scent was gone but so did his girlfriend, so we were hired and he soon after got married.  Now we weren’t invited to the wedding, nor can I say our odor removal techniques caused the wedded bliss, but I can hope that at least they both can agree that our housekeeping services in Houston go above and beyond what the eye can see and the nose can smell.  We look for remedies in our cleaning techniques and not cover up methods. 


Joke but Fact…  Did you know that they have activated charcoal underwear, jeans and pajamas?Take a look at Shreddies and get a giggle.  Sounds like a great Christmas stocking stuffer. 

How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Dryer Fresh In The Closet

Dirty, clammy odors were not listed as the “in-style” smells for this summer.  I don’t recall seeing that being on the “hot list” on all of the designer style runways or in the latest fashion magazines.  But somehow most of our closets are holding onto those strange, foul-smelling odors.

The Texas heat is here and I am sure you are pulling out the lighter clothes and shorter shorts that you haven’t worn since last summer.  Most likely they don’t smell like they came straight out of the dryer (since they’ve been in an enclosed space), but they are not dirty.  Check out these easy and affordable ways to keep your clothes smelling fresh in your closet.  This way your clothes can stay fresh on and off your body.


Remove the carpet in your closet if possible.  Carpet holds odors, dust, dirt, and heat in.  If the task of removing the carpet seems too daunting, then vacuum the space as thoroughly as possible and at least monthly. 

If you are able to remove the carpet you will notice that your closet looks more spacious without it.  If you just really need to have carpet under your feet while finding the perfect shirt in the morning, place some long rugs that can be washed on a regular basis in there.

What’s lurking behind the closet door?

Try to keep your closet door open all of the time…unless it’s an eye-sore.  If your closet is positioned where it’s visible to you often, then try to open the door on the weekends or before you head to work.  If you have pets, please be sure to close the bedroom door so your pets don’t discover a new hiding space on (or even worse…IN) your favorite pair of boots!  Just like airing out your home in the cooler months is great for your house…airing out closets when you are not home is ideal for the small spaces. If you have a window close to the closet be sure and open it when airing the space out.  A fan placed right inside the closet door can move the still and stagnant air around as well.

What is that smell and where is it coming from?!?  Ew!

Some of the main reasons the closet has an odor is not only because it’s closed 90% of the time but because of the contents of the closet.  Some common culprits include:  running shoes, last year’s winter coat, undergarments, hats and maybe even an unfamiliar smell that you just can’t put your finger on but you believe is hiding in one of your old purses or gym bags.

Bags and Purses

Go through your old purses, bags, luggage, and totes to rid them of any half eaten granola bars or other items that may be literally dying inside the closed space. 


Let’s face it… a Banana Republic suit should not smell like Nike Cross Trainers!  Add dryer sheets or cedar shoe trees to remove odors out of shoes.  Cedar shoe trees are not just for dress shoes.  They work wonders in smelly, athletic training shoes and help keep the shoes true to form at the same time. 

Try to keep all athletic shoes out of the closet.  If the closet is the only option, then place the dryer sheets or cedar shoe trees in each shoe then place each shoe in a Ziploc Freezer Bag.  This helps keep the odors contained rather than spreading to your favorite dress. If you are an avid sports junkie, I suggest that you keep all athletic shoes in another place other than the closet.  If you have no choice but to keep them in there, buy some gallon-size freezer bags and some dryer sheets.  Stuff one dryer sheet in each shoe after a workout and Ziploc tight the bag until the next sweat session.

Natural Air Fresheners

I am a huge fan of cheap tricks that work so, when I think of odors, I automatically think of baking soda.

I mix 20 drops of a neutral essential oil into a jar or bag of baking soda that has some openings to breathe and place a few in each corner of my closet. Keep the essential oil to a pleasant light smell that your significant other won’t mind either.  (Hint:  Most men don’t like smelling like roses).  Keep all air fresheners out of reach from small children and pets.  They don’t quite understand that everything that smells good doesn’t taste good or is safe.

You can also use a mixture of uncooked white rice and your essential oils because rice is a humidity control agent.

If you are leaving your air conditioning to a temperature above 76 degrees and closing your closet door, I can guarantee your closed closet is more humid than your open bedroom.

There are also many store bought air fresheners that work – but try to buy some that don’t smell like fresh fruit or flowers as those may attract bugs.  Bugs like to eat just about everything…including your favorite silk blouse or little black dress!Our closets hold more than clothes.  They hold memories!  Memories of being a size 4 (c’mon…we all remember those days and swear that we’ll get back into that favorite pair of jeans again someday), wedding dresses, and more. Don’t just close the door on your style…keep it fresh!


The cleaning aisle can become overwhelming with options very quickly.  And some cleaning products can do more damage to the surfaces in your home, rather than good.  From sponges, to mops, to air filters and disinfectants – there are about ten options for each item.  Before you hit the cleaning aisle, let’s make an inventory list of what our home’s surfaces are and then let’s do a little research on what cleaning supplies we actually need.

In this article we will look at cost-effective ways to use the correct disinfectant, dusters, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, rags and sponges.  After all, it’s not only about finding the right cleaner for your home (although that is very important) but if I can save you money and possibly recommend healthy products as well – then I feel that I am giving you some helpful advice.  I hope you think so too.  Let’s get started…

photo credit: kleer001 via photopincc


Vinegar + Water + Tea Tree Oil + Baking SodaThe two main areas in your home that need to be disinfected on a regular basis (because of their grimy use) are the kitchen and the bathroom.  If you want to save money you can make your own disinfectant that will take care of both areas.  A mixture of White Distilled Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Water will disinfect better than bleach.  This solution, when diluted correctly, is also better for your health than spraying bleach or Lysol.

When you need to scrub and disinfect at the same time, just add a generous sprinkle of baking soda to the surface and then spray your homemade solution. 

If you don’t have time to create your own solution (because let’s admit it…we barely have enough time to clean our own homes), choose a disinfectant that is not harsh to the surfaces and the air in your home.  Remember that just because it smells like bleach doesn’t make it good for your home and it can be doing more damage than good.


Find a duster that grabs the dust rather than spreading the dust around.

Lambswool dusters, oil based products and microfiber rags are all you need for dusting.  Don’t forget to analyze and research your household furniture items before spraying something on it.  We recommend never spraying an oil-based cleaning solution directly on a surface.  Spray your cleaner on the microfiber rags and then attack the dust.

Floor Care Cleaners

From carpets, tile, wood, to specific kinds of flooring please be sure to buy a cleaner designed especially for your type of floor.

Keep in mind that everything you apply to the floors must be removed or it will build up over time.  Think of it sort of like applying nail polish to your nails for a shine….after time you need to remove the old clear coat to apply a new one.  The less polish you apply to your floors the better.  Try to keep the natural shine in all types of flooring simply by upkeep.  Vacuum and damp mop all floors at least once a week to keep them looking new. 

Cheaper is not always better when it comes to your vacuum.

  • If you suffer from allergies then the first thing you need to look for when purchasing a vacuum is a HEPA filter.  
  • Don’t buy a used vacuum – ever!  
  • Change your vacuum bags on a regular basis and wash the filters out on your vacuum because they do clog with dust. 

When choosing a mop we believe a microfiber floor mop is the way to go.  They have removable mop heads that are simple to wash in the washing machine and dry in the dryer.  No one wants to see or smell a cotton drying mop hanging in the garage or on your apartment balcony!

Glass Cleaner

Good old vinegar and water diluted correctly will give all glass and mirrors a streak free shine. Most people don’t want to take the time to make this version; however, once you see the cost to make it compared to buying the store brand you may change your mind.  Vinegar can be as low as 12 cents and water is free.  If you buy a gallon of White Distilled Vinegar it may last you half a year (depending on the glass cleaning use in your home).  So compare 12 cents to your average $3.99 store bought cleaner.  I say save the money and use the extra change to buy a latte! 


The item that you use to clean with could actually be spreading germs!  Use a different color of sponge and rag for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas as to not cross contaminate.  Throw your sponges in the dishwasher upon every wash cycle.  We also recommend throwing them away weekly or biweekly.  Rags can be washed separately from clothes on a very hot cycle in the washing machine.  Keep a rag and sponge under each counter of your bathrooms and kitchen or specify a cleaning bucket for your home’s cleaning needs to keep your supplies.

If under your kitchen cabinet is filled with cleaning supplies that you really don’t use, don’t be afraid to let go of them.  Dispose of them by dropping them off at your local recycling center.  We also offer pick-up of harmful supplies from our clients to rid their homes of harmful sprays and toxins.  Place a cleaning bucket with the cleaning solutions needed and keep it either under your kitchen cabinet or in your specific cleaning supply area.  No need to rummage through years of old supplies….Just grab your cleaning caddy and attack the dirt when needed.WE’VE GOT THE RIGHT SUPPLIES TO GET THE JOB DONE! Choosing the right cleaning supplies for your home can be overwhelming.  I hope these tips have helped as you choose the healthiest, most cost effective, and best products for your family’s needs.  Are there any products that you simply can’t live without in your cleaning routine?  Please let me hear about them in the comments section below.  Or do you have any specific cleaning questions that I can answer for you?

Choosing the right supplies can be difficult – but finding time to get your home clean can be even more exasperating!  If you find that you need a little help getting that chore done so that you have time to take care of all of the many other “to do” items on your list, please give us a call at (512) 248-0097 or click the above link.  And, don’t worry, we know just the right cleaning agents to get the job done right for your home!

How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances and Sinks

So you’ve purchased your brand new shiny appliance and, of course, you chose the stainless steel finish because it’s popular, looks good, and is shiny.  Well, it takes the right products and cleaning methods to keep your new appliance shiny so let us teach you the easy way to keep it sparkling.

Most likely your appliance came with a sample liquid cleaner of which the manufacturer suggests you clean your new appliance.  Stop! Wait! Don’t use it!  The manufacturer most likely did not consider that you have kids, a dog, and a husband…all of who may open the shiny new appliance with sticky, grimy, dirty hands.  The cleaner they have given you is a polish only – and not a cleaner.   Follow these easy steps to clean and polish your new or old stainless steel appliance.
First let’s analyze the stainless steel. It actually has a grain to it like wood does.  We are going to clean in the direction of the grain.  So, if the grain looks like its starts from the top and goes to the bottom that is how our cleaning/wiping will go.  Remember in this case you never want to go against the grain.

The Do’s Of Stainless Steel Cleaning

PPT can make stainless shine!

  • Do use a microfiber rag to add a soapy water solution.
  • Do keep a microfiber rag that you will assign only to your fridge cleaning.
  • Do use an Eco-Friendly cleaner and polish.  We recommend going to your local Whole Foods or other store that sells Eco-Friendly products and figuring out whether an oil-based or a liquid polish is better for your needs.
  • Do use baking soda to remove stains in your stainless steel sink.  We only use baking soda to remove food or liquid stains from sinks. Sprinkle baking soda and add a little water to make a paste and buff in the paste to remove the stain.  This is a non-abrasive way to remove any stains from stainless steel sinks. Coffee tends to be a major problem in discoloration of sinks.

How Do I Clean My Stainless Steel Appliances?

  1. Simply add a small amount of soap to a rag and water.  (If your home has hard water, DO NOT use it to clean the appliance).  Hard water leaves water deposits on the stainless steel that has to be buffed out to remove. Because you don’t need a lot of water, grab a bottle of distilled water and pour a little on the rag with soap.
  2. Going in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel clean the dirt, grime, and sticky spots with an up and down rubbing motion.
  3. Take a dry, microfiber rag and then spray or pour a small amount of cleaner to the rag (not directly on the stainless steel) and wipe in the direction of the grain until the residue from the cleaner is gone.  We don’t want an oily surface because we are polishing in the cleaner.
  4. Add more cleaner as needed but don’t overdo because we want to keep the oil to a minimum.



The Don’t’s Of Stainless Steel Cleaning

  • Don’t use hard water to clean stainless steel.  This is the most important thing to remember as sticky substances can always be removed – but hard water residue is much harder to get rid of.
  • Don’t ever use the hard scrub side of any sponge to clean stainless steel.  That may seem like an easy way to clean a stain but it will scratch the surface.

I hope these easy tips on how to clean your stainless steel appliances were helpful to you.  We all like our kitchens to look nice and shiny.  So, with just a little effort (and the right professional tips and know-how) you can keep your appliances shiny and ready to create that perfect meal for your family.  Enjoy!

Do you have any questions about cleaning your stainless steel that I can answer for you?  Please leave them in the comments section below and I will be happy to get back with you.  I’d love to hear from you!